Link Tracker Updates – Improved Real Visit And Conversion Tracking

We have made two updates to our Link Tracker.

The first update is an important one, where we have

  • redefined what we mean by Real traffic, and
  • improved on the surfing duration tracking system.

The second update is a new function that allows you to track the conversion using another Tracked Link.

Details below…

Update #1: Important Change in Real Traffic Definition and Surfing Duration Tracking System

Most of you should know that our Link Tracker can tell you whether the traffic you’ve received is a real visitor. We do that by measuring visitor surfing activity, such as mouse movement, scrolling, finger touch etc. If the system detects 5 seconds of activity, the system will consider that visit as a Real Visit.

But that is history.

From now on, a Real Visit is defined as any visit with at least 1 second of activity.

In other words, we’ve reduced the time from 5 seconds to 1 second.

Practically it is unfair to expect human activity within the first second. What the system does in the first second is detecting browser visibility.

If a visit is bot generated, or opened by a real person but in the background, no browser visibility will be detected. The tracker will register zero surfing duration.

On the other hand, if the tracker detects browser visibility, 1 second of surfing duration will be registered and the visit will be considered ‘Real’.

The tracker will still continue to monitor visitor surfing activities every 5 seconds thereafter.

With this change, our surfing duration chart has been reclassified from ‘< 5 sec’ to ‘0 sec and 1-5 seconds’. See the new Surfing Duration chart below:

Why do we change the Real Visit definition?

Some of you may ask, why change the requirement of Real Visit from 5 seconds of activity to just 1 second?

The main reason is because we want to enable Real Visit tracking for uncloaked links.

Previously, because of the 5 seconds rule, we were unable to track Real Visit for uncloaked links. But now we can!

From now on, if you want to track a link that cannot be cloaked, i.e. the link cannot be contained in an iframe, you may do so and still be able to find out whether the traffic is Real.

This is done by redirecting the traffic to the actual site after 1 second of tracking.

To a person, the difference is hardly noticeable, but to you, it is a great way to track if you are getting real visitors.

Update #2: Using Tracked Link As a Conversion Page

The second update is a feature request from our member, Richie.

The best way to explain what this feature is about is by showing you his request:

I would like to suggest a feature with the tracking links that would consider it a conversion when a visitor go from Link A to Link B.

In this case, Link A and Link B are both LeadsLeap tracking links. First, the visitor arrives at Link A, reads it and eventually clicks on Link B.

I think this is a nice way to track conversions, and to know which traffic sources are most converting.

Example: Link A is a splash page, which leads to clicking Link B which is the main site.

– Richie

Previously, conversion tracking was only possible for self-hosted conversion pages, because the conversion code must be added to the html source code. But with this new feature, you can track conversion even if you do not host the page.

Implementing this new feature is simple.

Considering the example from Richie, you have a Tracked Link for a splash page (Link A), which leads to another Tracked Link for the main site (Link B). All you have to do is copy the Conversion Tracking Code from Link A and paste it into Link B as shown in the screen shot below. That’s it. Nothing complicated.

In a nutshell, here is a summary of the changes as a result of the update:

  1. Real Visit is now defined as a visit with more than 1 second of surfing activity, instead of 5 seconds.
  2. Surfing Duration chart now shows traffic with 0 second and 1-5 second of surfing duration, instead of combing all under < 5 seconds.
  3. You can now track Real Visit without cloaking the link.
  4. You can now track conversion using another Tracked Link.

By the way, our Link Tracker is free for all our members. It is packed with many advanced features that are not even available in many paid link trackers. If you haven’t used it, perhaps it’s time to get started.


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