GETTING OUT OF DEBT Where to Turn When There’s Nowhere Else to Go


Where to Turn When There’s Nowhere Else to Go


If you’ve heard Dave Ramsey on the radio with any frequency or read any of his best-sellers, you know what advice he’s likely to give most of the time.

If your financial life is upside down, Dave will encourage you to try everything to climb out of that pit without resorting to bankruptcy. That is seen as a last resort at Financial Peace University(FPU).

In FPU we teach doing whatever it takes to get out of debt. It takes gazelle intensity and a willingness to sacrifice now for success later. Sometimes the hole is too deep and the shovel is too small for even the most determined person.

A recent survey sent to 4,000 FPU members revealed that 12% had already filed for bankruptcy before starting FPU and 9% more had seriously considered it. If that’s where you think you are headed, we can help.

The money mistakes you’ll regret most are those you make too quickly. A decision based on knowledge and wise counsel is always your best move.

Fighting your way out of financial trouble requires all of your energy. Don’t make things worse by fighting blindly. Find out what your options are and put together the best possible plan.


More than 5 million have beaten debt this way. You can too!

Begin right now by tapping into the wisdom and experience of Dave’s financial coaches. Their live video webinar, “Surviving a Financial Storm,” is available right now. The webinar will cover the steps you need to take today to evaluate your situation and create a plan of action. Our coaches will show you how to:

  • Successfully deal with collectors while defending your financial life
  • Evaluate all your options
  • Know the truth about your credit score

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