You’ve GOT to get an Autoresponder!

Subject: You’ve GOT to get an Autoresponder!

Although they aren’t THAT expensive, most newcomers shy away from the inevitable… you HAVE to get an Autoresponder to be really successful. You see, your goal is to not only make sales, but to build up a list of followers to sell to time and again. You may form a bond with them, so that they become even more than just customers, but the point is, without them,  you can’t really be guaranteed to make continuous sales. Your autoresponder will be the place where you email lists will reside, and you will be able to send them messages from there.

The best Autoresponder for Internet Marketers has been touted to be Aweber. Aweber has the best deliverability rates, but has gotten a bit pricey as of late. You can still pay under $20 per month for their service, but as your
list grows, your costs will grow quickly as well. Nevertheless, it is the Autoresponder of choice. A close second is Get Response. Get Response does not have the incredible deliverability of Aweber in tests that we have performed, but is good enough to get by.

Once you get your Autoresponder service become accustomed to it through the in-house tutorials they have for you. It is vital you understand it inside and out. You will be able to send out “broadcasts” or “blasts” as they are called whenever  you wish to your entire list of leads, OR you can schedule them to go out in timed
intervals known as “followups”.

Don’t skimp on this. If you get roped into another Autoresponder, you not only are likely to end up with one of these two down the road, but you may lose your list when you make the switch.

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