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We just introduced the BIGGEST VALUE STORY to ever hit the CBD Industry!

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Carolina Gold MAX
3500 mg
1 oz. Bottle

This product will be the TALK of the Industry…Not just because of its Ultra-High purity level, but because of it’s tremendous VALUE STORY!
You see, Full Spectrum CBD oil’s in the 3500 mg range average in the $349 range and up as high as $449! Well look at our pricing structure when it becomes available IN-STOCK:

Genusity Super Store Wholesale Price:  $99.95
Genusity Mem ber BELOW WHOLESALE Price:  $50

Three (3) 1oz. Bottles of
Carolina Gold MAX
includes s&h inside the USA
(in your support ticket, ask for shipping charge if located outside the USA)

That’s ONLY $33 per Bottle!

You can order as many of these SPECIAL Packages as you want…but don’t put it off as this offer expires 05/31/2020 or when we reach 70% of the ordered inventory as sold!

Send us a SUPPORT TICKET and tell us HOW MANY for the CAROLINA GOLD MAX Specials that you want.  If you want 2, you will receive 6 bottles… if you want 5, you will receive 15 bottles.  There is NO LIMIT to how many specials you can order.  Once you’ve sent your Pre-Launch order to us by Support Ticket, we will Reply to you with the amount for your Personal Check or Money Order to be made out for and we will include Priority Mailing Instructions.  Please look for our Reply in your “Read Support Ticket” section.

Are You Ready to make History?

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We look forward to seeing each of you on the Live Tuesday Webinar and, more impo rtantly, we look forward to seeing ALL of you AT THE TOP!

Take Care, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay In !

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Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas

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