Negative Ned. Have you met him?

By Sandi Hunter

Have you met Negative Ned?

How about Negative Nancy?

I bet you have.

They are the ones who have nothing good to say.

He’s the one who rains on your parade every chance he gets.

She’s the one who sours your dreams.

They are the one’s who’ve tried it before and try to convince you it will never work.

They always know better than you.

She’s the dream dasher.

He’s the one who takes something beautiful and makes it ugly.

What do you do with these people?

Avoid them.

Go the other way.

People treat you as you ALLOW them to treat you.

Let them talk about why something will never work while you go out and make it happen.

Everyone who has ever accomplished something great has met Negative Ned and Negative Nancy.

Let their negative energy keep you focused on the positive, and on what IS achievable.

Say Goodbye to Negative Ned and Negative Nancy.

Don’t let Ned, Nancy or anyone else for that matter, suck the life out of your dreams.

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Howard Martell


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.