Howardsuperstore Announcing Pre-Launch Special CBD Arabic 500 mg 4 Flavor Coffee and much more at howardsuperstore


My name is Howard Martell and I wanted to share with my viewers and subscribers some exciting news about how my superstore is not only saving people money like myself but paying us daily to share with each of you our different consumer-driven wholesale and retail superstore.


customer with my current partnership and have been product of the product ever since. The first product started with was Beacon technology which gets eyeballs on any of my landing pages on people’s cell phones.  Each day for a very low monthly price getting compounded views on all my ads across the country and globe.

Let’s move on to the next product that is saving me money in the Green Energy category its called Genenergy power saving unit and surge protection device.  I had this installed in late 2019 and after a few months already saving a reduction in micro surges and my bill has been going down as those kilowatts are now being reutilized for energy efficiency.

I moved on to another valuable product in my daily pain management its called GenEase Roll-on Pain Relief 1500 mg CBD with Xfreeze 90 ml. It was amazing when I started using it for my shoulder pain, also repetitive typing it helped alleviate this, knee pain, lower back pain, and a whole lot more. I am a disabled Service-connected Veteran who deals with pain a lot so this product is one of our best selling because it works and its priced lower than competitors.

The next product excited about is newest one GenJava we have some special running now more details can be found on my site at  Recorded Webinar 

Details are located also in this post but you must be a FREE member to qualify for this special pricing.

Because of the Glo bal Pan demic, a new division of the Home-Based Business Industry has LAUNCHED!

You’ll be able to earn gig antic “Front-End” and “Back-End” profits

You’ll be able to sell products at Wholesale or even BELOW WHOLESALE!
Products like…
CBD Products … Weight-Loss Products
Super Immune Products … Hand Sanitizer
Advertising Beacon Products … Pet Health Products
Power Savings Device Product
Skin Care Products … Beauty Products
and MORE TO COME like…
Eco-Toilet Paper
Energy/Weight-Loss Drink
CBD infused Arabic Coffee
Survival Gear and Food
High-Tech TV/CABLE Channel Device

PLUS you’ll receive a SYS TEM that will Enroll, Reward and Structure your Team to maximize your in come!

In May, I made over 2 Grand just in “retail profit” from products that sold for wholesale in my online storefront!
But That’s Not All !








I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.