PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng Talks With Fox Business About Ransomware In The Age of COVID-19

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COVID-19 has brought about strong growth in the cyber security job sector. With more people than ever working from home, there are increased dangers that require more threat response. But what does this mean and why is it necessary?

Remote work presents its own security challenges. Many companies who sent workers home were not prepared. As we saw from our sample group in our COVID-19 Work From Home Survey, there were security holes and defects everywhere. As a result, more machines are vulnerable.

Phishing scams and open RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) ports are the most popular right now with hackers. As workers diversify from the safety of their office networks, the landscape for hackers is opened wide without proper safety protocols.

“VPN training and multi-factor authentication should all be part of the security stack when you’re doing remote access,” Mr. Cheng says. When asked what the number one thing a small business can do to protect themselves from cyber attacks, Mr. Cheng answered, “the number one thing is antivirus.” Mr. Cheng goes on to warn, “that is your last line of defense against a ransomware attack, and if your antivirus is free or not doing a very good job you’re going to get infected and the consequences, we’ve all learned, are very dire.”

Ransomware attacks are up 630% since January. The demand for security professionals is on the rise.

Growth Is Great

Growth is great. It should, however, should come in the prevention sector rather than the response. There’s a deficit of employable workers. “There’s a shortage of cyber security professionals in the nation, so people who get degrees in this are very employable,” Mr. Cheng notes. When asked about the qualifications necessary to fill these jobs, he said, “There’s numerous certifications you can get … the education system is investing in cyber throughout the entire nation.”

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You can watch the entire video here.

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