“Keep Them POOR” (Speech That “Broke The Internet”)

Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily
“Keep Them POOR”
(Speech That “Broke The Internet”)

  • Getting OPT and OPM to work for you…
  • Rich dad trained me to be a capitalist. The world wants to train you to be an employee…
  • What would you do with $20?

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Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

Dear Reader,

My poor dad was what society would consider an A student: class valedictorian, and class president. He loved school. He graduated with a four-year degree from the University of Hawaii in only two years. He also attended Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University.

My rich dad never even finished the eighth grade; his father died so he had to take over the family business. Although his formal education was limited, he would eventually become one of the richest men in Hawaii.

My poor dad and my rich dad were polar opposites. Both were very good men, but they never did see eye to eye.

Looking back, I can see how my time with rich dad gave me an advantage in life, especially when it came to money. Between the ages of nine and 18, until I left for school in New York, I spent one or two days a week after school and two Saturdays every month working for free for rich dad.

Rich dad never paid his son or me with money; he paid us in training us to be capitalists. He did not pay us because he did not want to train us to be employees who worked for money. He was training us to be employers—entrepreneurs, capitalists who had OPT (Other People’s Talents), and OPM (Other People’s Money) working for them.

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Fortune calls this group of unelected officials an…

“enlightened coterie of bankers…”

Former U.S. Representative Dr. Ron Paul told MSNBC, this group is actually more powerful than congress. 

As the Huffington Post said, this is already “making the rich richer and leaving you behind.”

Look, deep inside, we all know something has gone wrong with our country…

And yet nobody seems to put their finger on it.

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Rich dad did not pay me because he did not want me to think like an employee. He felt the rest of the world would teach me to think that way. In other words, he was training me to think differently about money, which was priceless. He did not tell his son and me what to do. He gave us choices.

Rather than telling me to “Look for a job,” my rich dad encouraged me to think like an entrepreneur and instead “Look for opportunities.”

With that advice, I did many things to make money. For example, on Saturdays, I would be up at five o’clock in the morning to surf with my friends, since the surf is usually better in the morning. I would then go to rich dad’s office and work for him for a few hours. To earn money, I would then go to the golf course in the afternoon and work as a caddy, carrying a golf bag for 9 holes for $1. It was only a nine-hole course, so I could make $2 by carrying two bags. I could make more on a Saturday afternoon than the weekly allowance my parents gave me. On top of that, I got in shape for football season.

By looking for opportunities, rather than a job, rich dad was training me to look at the world as an entrepreneur, rather than an employee. Rich dad said, “You never want a paycheck.” Obviously, rich dad’s ideas about “work to learn, not to earn” angered my poor dad, who was more of a socialist than a capitalist.

School Does Not Teach You About Money

When I was young, I would ask my teachers, “Isn’t the reason for getting a job to make money? If money is the objective of getting a job, why not get right to the point and just teach us about money?” My question was never answered.

The fact that money isn’t taught in school, it leaves so many people, especially in today’s economy struggling when it comes to their finances.

The sad reality is that for many young people in America, their first expenses are rent, food, transportation, and entertainment. If they do not have the money, some moms and dads give them the money they need. This does little to increase their financial intelligence.

Many get married and start a family in their 20’s and 30’s and when the first child arrives, so do more expenses. And as most parents know, children become more expensive with age. When children arrive, many parents are forced to grow up.

By the time they are in their late 30’s, most young couples are trapped in the Rat Race of life. Life becomes a scramble to earn enough money to cover increasing expenses, with most people living paycheck to paycheck.

I knew at a young age that I didn’t want to wind up in the same cycle that I saw my parent’s living. That is why I embraced learning all that I could about money from my rich dad.

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