The U.S. Suffering from Economic Martial Law

The U.S. Suffering from Economic Martial Law

  • The whole thing is going down, like Hindenburg…
  • Prophecy finally coming true…
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Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily


Dear reader,

Go to school, get a job, work hard, save money, buy a house, get out of debt and invest in a long term and a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. Anyone following that advice is now suffering because this whole thing is going down, like the Hindenburg.

In 1999, I wrote Rich Dad’s Prophecy because I wanted to prepare people for the biggest stock market crash in history. I wanted to warn people and teach them how to prepare for and profit from it. Unfortunately, I predicted the biggest crash would come in 2016 but I missed it by four years. It came in March 2020. And I don’t think the economy is coming back. I think the world has been changed forever.

The prophecy is finally coming true. And the reason it took till 2020, not 2016 is because back in 1999, I did not foresee the desperation of Wall Street, the US government, and the Federal Reserve Bank. I had no idea they might create quantitative easing, which basically violated the rules of the economy of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Many people believe it is smart to save money. The problem is that today, money is no longer money. Today, people are saving counterfeit dollars, money that can be created at the speed of light.

In 1971 President Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard, and money became debt. The primary reason why prices have risen since 1971 is simply because the United States now has the power to print money to pay its bills.

Today, savers are the biggest losers. Since 1971, the U.S. dollar has lost 95 percent of its value when compared to gold. It will not take another 40 years to lose its remaining 5 percent. Remember, in 1971, gold was $35 an ounce. Today, gold is around $1900 an ounce. That is a massive loss of purchasing power for the dollar. The problem grows worse as the U.S. national debt escalates into the trillions of dollars, and the United States continues to print more counterfeit money.

As the Federal Reserve Bank prints trillions of dollars at high speed, every printed dollar means higher taxes and more inflation. In spite of this fact, millions of people continue to believe that saving money is smart. It used to be smart when money was money.

The printing of trillions of dollars in the last few months means that savers are losers. Why would you save money when governments are printing money? Saving money is losing money because the dollar is beginning to lose its purchasing power drastically.

We are definitely going into a massive recession, possibly depression, and quite possibly an economic collapse. That’s how dangerous things are today.

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States across the U.S. began going into lockdown following declarations of emergency at the onset of the outbreak of COVID-19 in early March of this year.

Following lockdowns, the U.S. saw 50 million people file for unemployment. Prior to lockdowns, the U.S. hadn’t experienced one week with over a million claims. These are 1930s scale numbers.

The mayors and governors, the public health authorities have ordered things to shut down, and closed businesses on a dime. What happens when you shut businesses down? Nobody can work. We have some serious chaos in our economy at the moment that we’re not going to come out of this mess very easily.

Industries are dying

I’ve written before about the massive changes we’re seeing since the lockdowns. Entire industries are being wiped out as working from home is becoming the new normal, or businesses realize their services are no longer needed.

One sector that is seeing the biggest impact is retail.

As a child, my father (and many of my friends’ fathers) went to Sears to do their shopping for anything from appliances to tools to clothes. At that time, Sears was considered one of the biggest retail success stories in the world. The Sears Tower, located in Chicago, was the biggest building in the world. There didn’t seem to be anything that would ever topple them.

But as we’ve seen over the last couple of years, online shopping has risen in popularity and forced many retailers to close. It appears the final stake in the coffin for brick and mortar retail was the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Taxes will rise

I see an increase in government controls and taxes to cover the increase in debt. While prices for food and energy will go up, housing prices will not rise as rapidly for two reasons, one being that debt or credit will be harder to come by, and tougher credit keeps home prices down, and the other being that with higher taxes, business growth will be slower, which means fewer jobs—and real estate prices are directly linked to jobs.

This is bad news for homeowners hoping for appreciation(capital gains) because they will not be able to sell their houses to get more money. But it is good news for real estate investors who profit from cash flow because they can purchase homes at very low prices and the rent will cover the cost of mortgage payments and maintaining the asset.

Our kids and grandkids will pay for this mess with raising taxes.

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U.S Consumer Loaded with Debt

Rising taxes, unemployment, dying industries only means that Americans will be taking on more consumer debt.

Rich dad said, “We’re all in debt to someone else. The problems occur when the debt gets out of balance. Unfortunately, the poor people of this world have been run over so hard by the game that they often can’t get any deeper into debt. The same is true for poor countries. If you have too much debt, the world takes everything you have, including your time, work, home, life, confidence, and even your dignity.”

Fed is Printing Trillions

Since March, the US Federal Reserve has printed a little over $3 trillion in order to counter the economic impact of COVID-19. The Federal Reserve can create dollars out of nothing. As you know, money printing is not new. We’ve just never seen it at the levels we’re seeing it this year.

Ironically, every time there is a bailout our national debt grows bigger, we pay more in taxes, the rich get richer, and our money’s value edges closer to zero. Every time our governments print more and more money, our money becomes less valuable. We work harder for less and less, and our savings are worth less and less.

Now they’re debating whether it should be a trillion and a half. In five months, they are planning to spend almost five trillion dollars trying to compensate for the enormous damage done in the economy.

The problem is that printing money has never worked. The cash heist that began in 1971 will eventually fail. You can’t spend and borrow your way out of a problem created by this enormous lockdown, a disaster in the economy.

The party caused by printing fake money is about to end. And the hangover—and it will be a horrific one—is about to begin.

Invest in Your Financial Education

Something must be done to reverse this trend. Since our schools do not teach us much about money, it’s up to you to invest in your financial education. The worst thing you can do is follow the old financial advice of, “Work hard, live below your means, save money, get out of debt, and invest for the long term in mutual funds.” That is disastrous financial advice. Why work harder when the government is raising taxes? Why live below your means when inflation is on the horizon? Why save money when the government is printing money? And why invest for the long term in the stock market when interest rates are near zero? All the Fed has to do is raise interest rates and the stock market will crash as money runs into the bond market. Rather than get out of debt, invest some time learning how to invest with debt.


Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

P.S. The End of The Middle Class (The REAL Truth)

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Fortune calls this group of unelected officials an “enlightened coterie of bankers…”

Former U.S. Representative Dr. Ron Paul told MSNBC, this group is actually more powerful than congress.

And their recent actions are already accelerating the death of the middle class and burying you under more and more debt.

As the Huffington Post said, this is already “making the rich richer and leaving you behind.”

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