The Most Important Announcement In Tesla’s History?

The Most Important Announcement In Tesla’s History?


Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily


Dear Howard,

My job is to bring you the underground financial truth the rich don’t want you to see… unskewed by the mainstream media.

For a special edition of today’s Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily…

A colleague uncovered something incredible regarding one of the most talked-about companies right now: Tesla.

It’s something that he believes could have a massive impact on your life as soon as next week — Tuesday, September 22nd.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit Tesla seems to be all hype – increasing 10x over the past year to become the most valuable car company in the world.

So when this colleague shared his latest prediction…

Our team was skeptical.

But when he showed all of his research…

The backstory behind this situation…

And our experts got to investigate the opportunity…

It absolutely blew our team’s mind.

You now have to decide for yourself.

Below, you’ll see a message from this man’s publisher, Aaron Gentzler…

I urge you to take a look and determine if this opportunity is for you.


Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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Dear Howard,

Hi, I’m Aaron Gentzler, publisher here at Tech Profits Daily.

And I have an urgent announcement about our business (and our long-time editor, Ray Blanco.)

You see, we’ve just uncovered brand new research that could send shockwaves across the tech industry…

As soon as next week Tuesday, September 22nd just minutes after 4:30pm.

That’s when Elon Musk will take the stage at the Fremont, California automotive plant and make the biggest announcement of his career at Tesla’s Battery Day Event…

An announcement that could have a MASSIVE impact on your wealth, if you know how to take advantage.

Here’s the deal…

Battery Day is when it’s expected Elon will release the details of a brand new “million-mile” battery.

The media has already confirmed it.

Yahoo reports that “Tesla is set to unveil the new million-mile battery…

And Barrons reported that Elon is “Slated to announce a number of potential game changing battery development…”

Inverse said “this could be the most important event in Tesla’s history”.

However, according to Ray…

The media is missing what could be the MOST important part of this story.

The story of how a tiny $2 battery company founded by a former Senior Tesla battery engineer already holds the key to the million-mile battery…

A technology that’s already protected by patent application #3069168.

According to Ray, if Elon Musk mentions the name of this tiny company on stage… There is no telling how high it could go.

If the stock jumps by just $2 dollars, investors could double their money in a matter of minutes.

As you can see, this situation is extremely urgent.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Ray has agreed to drop everything, and cover this fast-unfolding story.

And in the days leading up to Elon’s announcement, we will blow the door wide open on the full story.

Ray is compiling his research as I type. And starting tomorrow…

You’ll see the proof…

The patent…

The incredible upside in one tech “sub niche”…

And recent examples that show this type of high profile investment opportunity have already produced a ridiculous amount of cash…

To give readers like you front row access to this unfolding story…


(And you’re going to want to mark your calendar…)

Your editor, and America’s foremost tech expert will do something he’s NEVER done before…

He’s going live on Monday September 21st precisely at 4:30 p.m. EDT.

To make the boldest prediction of his career…

And SHOW live on camera the “smoking gun” details about this $2 company.

A full 24hrs before Elon Musk takes the stage at Tesla’s “Battery Day” event.


In 2020 tech has made smart investors an absolute fortune.

You simply CANNOT afford to miss this event… on the eve of Tesla’s big announcement.

Watch your inbox tomorrow for more details. Ray will tell you how he’s managed to find the incredible research for this HUGE story.

Watch your inbox tomorrow for more details. Ray will tell you how he’s managed to find the incredible research for this HUGE story.

If his prediction comes true, Ray believes that this moonshot opportunity could double your money in a matter of minutes…10X your money in the coming three months…. or even 100X your money over the coming years…

What would that kind of money do for YOU?

Think about it,

Aaron Gentzler

P.S. I’ve got a favor to ask for Ray, in the meantime…

He wants to know…

What would you do if you could make a small fortune from the tiny tech plays that no one is talking about? Or the next big thing for Tesla, Apple, Amazon or others?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say you could double your normal return?

Or on the high side, what if you could 10X or 100X your money in the next 3-5 years?

What would you do with that extra money?

Would you finally have the money to buy the retirement house of your dreams and kick back?

Maybe pay off debt and finally get on with living the life you and your family deserve?

Would you buy a fancy new car?

Pony up the money to really make your house a kingdom here in quarantine?

Buy a vacation house so you can escape to luxury whenever you want?

Or, maybe, along with enjoying some of life’s finer things you’d also put half of that money away for safekeeping?

Whatever it is…

I want you to tell us.

The more details, the better. And don’t worry, there’s no right answer.



Your response is super important to Ray. And incredibly motivating for our mission, here. So please, let us know right away!

Watch your email tomorrow for a special email from Mr Blanco himself… in the next few days he’s going to blow the lid off of this HUGE opportunity for everyday folks like you…

P.P.S. In the days ahead, we will reveal more details about this “smoking gun” story. Please, don’t forward this to anyone. Most people (even our own staff) don’t even know what’s on the horizon.

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