Do Credit Safelists Really Work?

Depending on the type of website you are trying to promote there is a good
chance that the traffic you receive from safelists will not be the best way to
promote your site. The traffic you receive from using safelists caters to a
very specific audience and is not suitable for all websites.
One of the first things I learned when I started doing Internet marketing was
to ask myself two questions before promoting a site.
1. What kind of people would be interested in my site?
2. Where are those people surfing?
If you have a website that is trying to sell tennis rackets you would want to
target tennis players. What kinds of sites attract tennis players? Maybe there
are a few tennis players who are using safelists but I am guessing there aren’t
a whole lot.
So what kind of people are using safelists?
You can get a good idea of who the average safelist user is just by looking at
some of the sites they are promoting. About half of these people seem to be
promoting ways to make money online and the other half are promoting ways
to get more traffic. There will always be a few people who are trying to sell
tennis rackets but those people don’t usually stick around for very long.
All safelist members have one thing in common… They all want traffic!
So let’s talk about the people who are using safelists to promote ways to
make money. These are often people who are promoting a home business
opportunity that pays them to recruit new members. Many of these people
start using safelists because they are looking for a way to generate free traffic
for their affiliate pages.
Safelist Marketing Tactics

Since many of the people who use safelists are only doing so to promote their
own business opportunities it is very difficult to sell to these people. It would
be like trying to sell tennis rackets to another tennis racket salesman.
This isn’t to say that it is completely pointless trying to advertise a business
opportunity with safelists. The people who advertise business opportunities
on safelists are known buyers. If they joined one opportunity they might be
willing to join another especially if they aren’t seeing very good results with
their current business. While you may get some results from promoting your
business opportunity to these people this isn’t generally the best way to use
The second group of people who use safelists are the ones promoting other
marketing services. These could be other safelists, marketing ebooks, or any
other product/service designed to help Internet marketers.
We already know that the people who are viewing your safelist ads are only
doing it so that they can earn enough credits to promote their own site. It
makes perfect sense that promoting other traffic related products or services
to these people would get the best results.
Will safelists work for your site?
If you are promoting a business opportunity or a way for people to make
money online… they can work but you are going to have a lot of competition
to deal with. It might not be worth your time.
If you are promoting a website that sells tennis rackets… sorry, safelists will
not work for you.
If you are promoting something that would interest other Internet marketers,
especially something for free… Absolutely, but only if done correctly.

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