Build Your Funnel

Now we are getting to the good stuff. Are you ready for this? Pay attention
because I am about to drop some knowledge on you.
The real secret to making money with safelists has nothing to do with how
many credits you have or how often you send your ads. It’s all about what
you are promoting and the only thing you should be promoting in safelists is
Who? Yes… you!
Take a look at your safelist inbox. See all those ads from other people? Do
you really want to compete with that? The best thing you can do with a
safelist is try to convince people to get onto your own list where there is zero
Say it with me… The money is in the list.
Ok, now imagine a funnel. At the top of the funnel is you with your out
stretched hand offering a free gift to the weary safelist marketer. This could
be a free ebook (like this one) or any other free product that you think
another safelist user would want.
In exchange for this free gift the safelist user submits their name and email
address into a form so that you can email their gift to them.
Here’s where the fun starts. Once the member is on your list you can then
start to build a relationship with them. It starts with you offering them other
free gifts, marketing advice, and even a little personal information about
As people get to know you hopefully they will begin to trust you.
Safelist Marketing Tactics

As they start down the funnel you can then start offering them slightly higher
priced products.
All things being equal people would rather buy from someone they like and
trust. All things not being equal… people would still rather buy from
someone they like and trust.
So how do you build a list?
First you are going to need some products to give away.
The best product you can give away is one that you create yourself. Write a
free report that you think would be of of interest to other marketers.
If you don’t fancy the idea of creating an entire giveaway product from
scratch you can cheat a little bit buy using private label rights (PLR) to give
yourself a little head start. PLR products are books, reports, or articles
written by other people which you can modify and call your own. You can
buy quality PLR content from
If you prefer not to write at all you can also hire someone to create your
product for you. Check out sites likes to find people who are
more than willing to do all of the work for you… for a fee.
While it is definitely better to have your own unique giveaway product most
people start out using someone else’s product. My own Safelist Marketing
Tactics and Autoresponder Profit System ebooks would be a good place to
Once you have a product picked out you will need to create a lead capture
page that you can promote on the safelists. A lead capture page is very
similar to a splash page except instead of having a link for people to click for
more information there is a form on the page for them to enter their name and
email address.
You can create a lead capture page the same way you created a splash page.

The easiest way to do this is to use Adkreator. You will need to be upgraded
at Adkreator to use this feature but it’s still the easiest and fastest way to do it.
The final piece of your marketing funnel is to get yourself a quality
autoresponder to manage your leads. Your autoresponder is the most
important weapon in your Internet marketing arsenal and will be with you for
as long as you are in business. That’s why it’s important to get a good one
right from the start.
I recommend using either Aweber or TrafficWave. Aweber is arguably the
king of autoresponders when it comes to features and deliverability.
TrafficWave is a more affordable soloution which also offers the benefits of a
professional autoresponder service. You can’t go wrong with either one.
There is a bit more to list building than what I just covered in this chapter. I
highly recommend reading my own Autoresponder Profit System ebook for a
more in-depth look at making money with list building.

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