Multi-level Marketing is in fact a Distribution Revolution. The
evolution of multi-level marketing has fostered a business
paradigm shift that has changed remarkably
the traditional ways through which a product was marketed and
distributed to the end users. Multi-level marketing has eliminated
the need of requiring additional warehouses, wholesalers, and
retailers and advertising budgets making it as one of the lowest
cost marketing methods. Hence this new mode of marketing has
freed up a lot of money that was previously being eaten up by
huge advertising budgets and these funds can now be utilized
by developing better and innovative products.
The multi-level marketing technique incorporates multiple levels of
marketing spreading to masses of potential customers and this is what
actually all companies desire that is to reach to maximum number of
prospects. Especially with the advent of internet market-ing, the scope
of MLM or Network Marketing has reached the apex. Companies in
various industries like the health care products, beauty
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and skin care lines, cosmetics, and various others cannot actually
survive in the long run without actually implementing Multi-level
marketing strategies especially amid the course of their business.
Highlighting the scope of Multi-Level Marketing, Michael L.
Sheffield, the CEO of Sheffield Research Network, a Direct selling
and MLM consulting firm, in his Direct Sales Journal, issue of Feb /
Mar 1999, wrote an article titled “Comp Plan Conversion: Direct
Sales to MLM Compensation Plans” in which he maintained that
MLM has introduced a paradigm shift in the traditional direct selling
business and with the internet revolution the success of MLM
companies has raised many folds. He further cited the statement
produced by Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association
that MLM had gone from 25 percent of Direct Selling Association
membership in 1990 to 77.3 percent in 1999.
Multi-level Marketing is a career of uncountable opportunities
and growth prospects in the economy. Today multi-level marketing
is not only viewed as one of the most cost effective and efficient
sources of marketing and distributing your products and enhance
your sales, profits and business leads but also it is considered to be
a source of employment generation in the economy. As more and
more people are moving towards e-marketing and e-selling, MLM is
creating a buddle of employment opportunities and is considered to
be a source of residual income for a number of people around the
world including students, unemployed, and the women especially
the house wives. Not only has this, MLM offers a variety of benefits
to the companies to achieve maximum profits

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