So far our discussion was based on understanding the basics of Multilevel marketing and one thing that is obvious through out our
discussion is that every multi level marketing
company aims at reaching more and more prospects and
generating more and more sales. Now just think for a moment in
the current era which is the best possible medium for reaching
maximum number of prospects investing minimum time and efforts.
The answer is quite simple, ‘the internet’. MLM companies by going
online can transform their business into success and can reach to
billions of customers by incorporating online multi-level marketing
strategies. Top-rated multilevel marketing companies execute
several online marketing strategies in order to generate more and
more business leads and then concentrate their marketing efforts
on the leads to generate sales.
GUIDELINES FOR EFFICIENT Online Multi-level Marketing
Let’s explore a few guidelines to make your online MLM
business a success;
• • •
The first and foremost step to ensure your online presence is
to create your website. Every online multi level marketing
system starts with a website.
No matter how good is your company, your product or your
website, its worthless if no ones know about it? Hence the next step is
to attract traffic towards your website. Now the question is how to do
that? The answer is advertising your-self. This can be done through
incorporating various online marketing strategies such as through
article marketing, viral marketing, blogging, video marketing, social
marketing, sponsored ads like pay-per click etc. In order to generate
maximum traffic to your website it is essentially important to use
effective key words and develop contents and tactics that maximize
your search engine ranking. All these procedures if employed efficiently can bring billions of visitors to your website.
Once you get traffic to your website it is now the stage where
you obtain contact information to build lists of interested prospects.
Lead generation and list building is the most important step. Further
in this text we will explore in details about ways through which
leads can be generated. You can do this through squeeze pages,
opt-in email pages, pop-ups etc. Hence in this way you can get
information about the person who is interested in your company
and in your product and may buy your product in the future.
Once you generate a lead, its time now to build relationship with
the prospect and develop trust and persuade him to buy the product.
Staying in touch with your prospect is crucial. This can be done
MLM Success Guide 33
through an auto responder, where you send predefined set of
emails to the prospect to build credibility and trust.
Once you do that you can now convince your lead to
purchase your product and turn the lead into a customer.
Remember to keep in touch with your customer so that he can
not only make repeat sales but you can also convince him to join
your team and finally recruit him as a sales rep.
By following above guidelines you as a marketer can reap
maximum profits and lead to success. However, it is essentially
important for a multi-level marketer to develop long term
relation-ship with its customers as it is the key for his long term
survival in the MLM industry. In the next chapter we will explore
the importance of relationship building.


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