For every business the key to success is building relationships
with you customers. This is also true for any multi level marketing
business, in fact the importance of building rela-tion increases two fold
in multi level marketing as you as a marketer
has not only to retain your customers to generate repeat sales
but also building trust with them so that you can convince them
to join your team as a marketer and a future sales rep. So how
do you build rela-tionships online? Here are the basic tips that
you need to follow to build relationships online.
One of the best ways to retain your customers is to provide them
value consistently. In multilevel marketing one of the finest ways to
bring value to your prospect is to provide them the best product. When
your product satisfies the customers, it means that you have meet the
promises made to them and hence it develops your credi-bility and
people trust you and will come back to you repeatedly.
Is this it? No, remember we are talking about MLM marketing,
where your earnings are based on the sales made by your downline.
MLM Success Guide 35
Hence for a multilevel marketer it is equally important to build
healthy and lasting relationships with people in their down lines.
Your down lines are your assets. Always try to constantly train,
help and satisfy your down lines and always be there to resolve
their issues and problems. In this way you can not only raise
your own earnings but can increase your company’s profits.
As a lot of people are doing online multi level marketing
business and in order to stand out of your competitors and prove
your-self, it is essential to brand your self. The best way to do this is
to create your website or a blog that tells people about you. When
you do that you increase your credibility and beat your competitors.
A very common mistake which most of the MLM marketers
do is to leave customers once they make sales. Never do that. It
is very important to keep in touch with the customer, asking him
how he found the product, what else he wants in the product.
These tactics will help you retain your customers for long run
and ensure repeat sales.
Few marketers quickly get upset due to demand fluctuations
in the market. It is important as a leader to stay positive and be
persis-tent even you might not produce enough sales. The
reason behind if your loose hopes you cannot motivate the
people in your downline hence always stay positive and focused.


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