Throughout our discussion within this text we have highlighted
that a multilevel marketer has to attain two basic goals. One
is to sell the products or services of the
parent company and the other is to encourage the customer to
also become an independent distributor. Both these objectives
call for such actions that demands creation of maximum
business prospects also known as the business leads.
There are several ways of generating leads. Usually a marketer
generates his or her own leads through referrals from friends,
family members, and acquaintances. But are that enough?
Certainly no. hence the marketer has to use various tools like
holding event or trade shows, distributing pamphlets, others may
include conducting research or even the marketer can simply buy a
list from list building companies or other relevant sources.
Online multi level marketers also use several tactics to generate
leads. This can be done through squeeze pages, opt-in email pages,
pop-ups etc. These are basically common ways of collecting information from a visitor for example through squeeze page you provide a
piece of information in the form of an article or a video clip to the
customer and then asking customer to leave his contact details (usu-
MLM Success Guide 37
ally email, mailing address, and other contact info) if he requires
further details. In this way you can get information about the
person who may buy your product in the future. Hence, if you
have an online existence, you are in the position of generating
masses of business leads, which are basically your potential
customers. Once you get them it will help you maintain long term
relationship with them and you can reach out to them to offer
yourself, your offerings and your services.
Hence a multi level marketer should generate as many leads
as he can that is crucial not only for his existence but also for the
compa-ny’s survival.

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