Multi level marketing offers a variety of benefits. Listed below
are a few advantages associated with MLM business:
Multi level marketing like any other online marketing is an
egali-tarian industry to get into and it doesn’t have any pain staking
entry requirements. Also to start your career as a multi-level
marketer and to start a MLM business professionally you don’t
need to be highly qualified, i.e. you can enter into this business
without the need of a degree or any particular experience.
Compared to other businesses MLM business relatively has low
set-up costs. Although the actual costs vary substantially with the
type of compensation plan you offer for example few companies
require a substantial monthly investment in the products or services
MLM Success Guide 41
or few requires some additional charges like registration etc to
join them as their sales rep or marketer.
The focus of an MLM marketer is just to market the product
that is he has to concentrate his efforts in generating sales and
sales rep. All the rest is done by the company itself that is you
are only marketing an already manufactured product and ones
you make a sale you don’t have to worry about anything else
such as shipping the product to the customer etc.
You can run your business at any time you like. You have the
flexibility of choosing your work hours. You can work part time, full
time, in the evenings, from your home or any where. Also you do
not require a proper office or corporate area to work from.
• MLM offers Leveraged Income:
One of the major advantages on an MLM business is you basi-cally
put initial efforts by training and generating effective sales rep and
develop an efficient downline. Once you do that you can reap the
profits for the rest of your life. Because generally you are earning
compensation or commission on the sales generated by you as well as
your downline and the more efficient and hard working your down-line
the more money you can earn. This is the reason why MLM is usually
viewed as a source of leveraged income that is you receive a
continuing income from a single initial effort.
• Pre-Existing Systems
As a MLM marketer you don’t need to develop systems to recruit,
develop and train your staff. These are taken care of by the company
you are representing. All you have to do is to reach to people to
market your product and generate sales and to convince people
to act as future sales reps.
• Personal Growth and Development:
MLM marketing is also viewed as an extensive source of
personal growth and development of the marketer. Over time
you don’t only achieve professional selling qualities but MLM
helps you to increase your PR and enhance your marketing and
leadership qualities.
IN THE NEXT chapter we will discuss few of disadvantages of multi
level marketing

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