What Internet Marketing is Not

What Internet Marketing is Not
As with all things new, it is very easy for us to become wrapped up in the
innovation, the convenience, and the excitement we experience with
something never available to us before. Internet Marketing is no exception.
Despite the obvious advantages offered by this new medium for commerce and
business in general, Internet Marketing does have its limitations. It is also easy
for us to assume that a new product or technology can do more than it really
can. Following are some factors in considering what Internet Marketing is not.
First to consider is that Internet Marketing is NOT a replacement for the
traditional means of shopping and/or selling. Assume for a moment that you
are looking to buy a diamond ring for someone special. You go online, browse
through picture after picture, find some really beautiful and eligible pieces, and
that’s where you stop. You can’t feel that ring, nor can you take a close look at
the diamond. You have only a limited scope of what the merchandise will be
like when you physically possess it. Are you going to pay potentially thousands
of dollars for that ring, or will you go to a local jeweler instead, where you can
get a much better idea of what you’re buying? This is a key limitation to
Internet Marketing for many products.
Internet Marketing is also NOT a fail-proof system. Nearly everyone who
conducts any form of business or shopping online has experienced the
temporary unavailability of a website. The site goes down, and you can’t get
your business done when you had planned. Furthermore, you may not even
get an indication as to when the site will be operational again. It can be a
frustrating fact of e-commerce.
Another fact of Internet Marketing that many fail to consider is that it is NOT a
“get rich quick” scheme. True, many entrepreneurs have entered this lucrative
market and become millionaires. However, when you compare the number
who have had such wild success, with all the businesses who have failed or
never really taken off online, you will find that the “overnight” millionaires are
not the standard of what Internet Marketing is. Most of the business realities
of the brick and mortar world still apply to the virtual world. Success in Internet
Marketing requires a lot of hard work, just as any other type of business
venture requires.
Internet Marketing, finally, is NOT today what it will be tomorrow. As fast as
one model of computer replaces another, so do the options provided in the
world of Internet Marketing. Just fifteen years ago you could go online and find
little more than text-based product descriptions. Now look at what you can find
on the Internet. Entire stores exist online, and their number is growing.
Furthermore, laws on everything from personal security to taxation are
changing and promise to make a different landscape of Internet Marketing than
the one we see today.

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