Why Have Your Own Domain Name?

So you’re working out your plans to start a new online business. You’re doing
everything you can to be unique in your chosen market. You know that the
more you stand out, the more noticeable your business is, the better your
chances are for success. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to
consider registering your own domain name. The advantages to having your
own domain name are hard to ignore.
One of the greatest hurdles you will have to overcome in order to succeed
online is that of trustworthiness and credibility. If you are just starting, nobody
knows your business yet, so they’re going to need some reason to believe it is
safe to visit your site. Having your own domain name will give you just that.
With a domain name chosen by you, you are separating yourself from the
clutter of sites that start with something like www.geocities.com/blahblahblah.
When a person sees the domain name of your site, its exclusivity will instill a
sense of trust in them.
Beyond trustworthiness and credibility is a sense of respect and
accomplishment. Just as if you had a store in town, and you knew it was
important to the image of the store that you keep it clean, orderly and wellmaintained, a unique domain name gives you that necessary image of
respectability. It also says to people who would visit your site that you have
accomplished something, and that you are not some grassroots startup that
can barely afford the basics.
If you can develop that kind of trustworthiness, credibility, respect and
accomplishment that customers are looking for, you’ve simultaneously won
over another group of people who will be of great importance to you:
advertisers. If an advertiser knows that people are likely to visit your site, he or
she knows the traffic will be good. The advertising dollars will come your way.
Convenience and ease are great benefits to having your own domain name.
Just imagine for a moment that Amazon.com was not that easy. Instead you
had to remember www.geocities.com/amazon_832576/. For most people such
a website address would be impossible to remember. However,
www.amazon.com is remarkably easy to remember and so traffic improves to
that site.

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