Digital Products

E-Book: Prime example of a digital product. E-books exists only in digital format
thus there is no physical attributes such as that of touch, feel and smell.
Digital products offer another exciting opportunity for you to sell products
online. Thanks to the computer and ever-evolving technologies, this new form
of product is wildly popular because it is so easy to handle and transfer. Don’t
be mistaken by the name; digital products does not refer to items such as
digital cameras and camcorders, or anything else like that with the word
‘digital’ in the name. Those are physical products. Digital products refers to the
wide variety of products on the Internet that have no physical form, and exist
only as digital information.
One of the most common digital products available on the Internet is software.
Think of it. Every time you go to a website and browse, you probably will find
an offer to download some type of enhancement to improve something on
your computer. Many of these downloads are free and offer financial benefits
to the provider in other ways. Many, though, must be paid for. A great example
of a digital software product you might have to pay for is anti-virus. You hear
about a great new anti-virus program on the market, go to the company’s site,
pay for the product and download it rather than getting the disc for it from the
store. You’ve just purchased a digital product.
Another common type of digital product is all about entertainment. You can go
online and download anything from games to music to movies from the
website of your choice. It is becoming far more common, for a number of
reasons, that you will be paying for this type of digital product.
One more very popular type of digital product we should talk about is the
group known as e-books and e-docs. Basically this group covers written
material that is available digitally for you to download. Exciting opportunities
have arisen in this group because of the practice of selling Resale Rights. When
an author creates an e-book, he or she will add what conditions apply to the
resale of that written work. When someone else buys the work, that person is
authorized to resell the work in accordance with the terms of the author’s
Resale Rights. There are unimaginable opportunities for a person to make
money in this manner, either as the author or as the reseller.
Digital products also carry certain restrictions and rules as to how you may sell
them online. Such things as intellectual property laws and copyright
infringement laws prohibit certain practices in the sale of digital products.
However, as with physical products, these laws do not restrict you so much that
you can’t get into the business. So, as long as you stay within the guidelines,
you’re ready to make some money!

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