Copywriting “How to Sell Your Product or Service in Writing!”

Salesmanship in Print
It is vital in any online business venture that you come up with a plan to market
your site and your products to the world. Without advertising, it is quite likely
that no one will ever even know that your site exists, and the consequences of
that are obvious. You will make few if any sales, and your venture will probably
fail. But there are tools you can use very effectively to market your business
and get sales rising fast. Which tools you use and how you decide to use them
will depend on many things. But no matter what you decide, there is one musthave for the advertising campaign of your online business.
It’s called copywriting.
History Fact: For anyone not familiar with copywriting, it is commonly referred
to as “salesmanship in print”. John E. Kennedy, a Canadian law enforcement
officer, called it “salesmanship in print” in 1905, and that label has stuck to it
ever since. Copywriting is an essential tool for Internet Marketing, not to
mention any other form of business advertising. The reasons are numerous,
and the results are hard to ignore.
One of the greatest things about copywriting is that it is an inexpensive form of
repetitive advertising. Repetition is vital to the success of a marketing strategy,
since you want to reach as many people as you can, as many times as you can.
It is, after all, the repetition that causes consumers to remember your product
and to think of it first when they decide to make a purchase. You can work out
several different articles that have related messages, all describing the
products you are selling. Each of these articles will reach the consumer and
catch their attention a little differently than the last one. But, in the end, one
thing will be remembered as the same: your product.
Thanks to the advantages offered by e-mail, you can easily send out your
articles to all of your customers at whatever frequency you feel appropriate.
Over and over again they will be reminded of the product you are selling. Some
will be convinced to buy from you, while others were not intending to buy until
you convinced them they needed the product, and they will buy from you.
Salesmanship in print is a reminder that, while you are not verbally delivering a
sales pitch to a customer in person or over the phone, you are still pitching
your product. To be effective, you will have to be repetitive. You will also have
to establish a sense of trust, effectiveness, reliability, affordability, and all of the
other elements that can turn a “no, thank you” into your latest sale. Because of
its form, copywriting allows you to do just that.

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