Here’s How: Make DEC your BEST MLM Marketing Month EVER

December is often a very
slow month for recruiting in the networking
business, HOWEVER – WHAT IF you had
an easy way to turn THIS December into
your BEST recruiting month EVER?

This email explains exactly how to do that.


Face it, it’s hard to get a prospect’s attention
in Dec., because their attention is on lots of
other things.

So, how CAN you get their Attention?
ANSWER: You give them information that…
▪ Has HUGE value to THEM (not you!);
▪ Has IMMEDIATE financial value to them;
▪ Time-sensitive – NOT available after Dec.;
▪ SOLVES a Major Problem they already have;
▪ Does NOT involve you “selling” them;
▪ Compels THEM to ask YOU for more info!
AND it does not (yet) have anyt hing to do with
joining your business – they will ask you for that!

HUH? Tell Me More About That…

You probably already know these (provable) facts:

▪ A home-business will save you more in taxes than
it will cost you to run the business.
i.e., Uncle Sam will underwrite your costs
▪ Just attempting to make a profit qualifies you
▪ Home-Biz Tax-Deductions are easy to understand
and to safely follow;
▪ Claiming these deductions will NOT increase your
likelihood of audit;
▪ A lmost ALL Start-Up Costs are fully deductible
in the tax-year a new business is started.


If a taxpayer activates a new business in DEC.,
before year-end, they will be able to deduct their
start-up costs* on their 2020 tax return, which they
will file in just a few months.

 *Start-Up Costs include start-up kit,
auto-ship costs, marketing ‘tools,’
attending business meetings, etc.

They are ALL deductible in 2020 but ONLY IF
the new business is STARTED in 2020!!!

Compare that to someone who doesn’t get
started until JAN. They will have to wait another
full year more, not getting their tax deduction
until April 2022 (for tax-year 2021)


Question: HOW do you get this very time-sensitive
information to potential prospects THIS MONTH,
before their 2020 deduction is delayed to 2021?


This short, 40-page, double-spaced, easy-to-
read booklet was written with the goal of
telling that story FOR YOU.

   Click HERE for Full Details

I left both inside covers blank for you to write
a personal message, such as:

“The information in this booklet is legally
and saving me, personally, THOUSANDS
in taxes RIGHT NOW.

After you read this short booklet, if you
would be interested in discovering whether
or not these huge tax advantages might
also apply to you, give me a call at
(insert your phone number).

I’ll be happy to talk you through the
surprisingly easy process; and, by the
way, there’s no charge or obligation,
and I do not have something to “sell you .”

“Although this new marketing tool was
first released less than a year ago, this
booklet has already become one of the
most successful recruiting tools in MLM
and direct sales history,” states Dr. Ron
Mueller, author of multiple IRS-approved
tax-savings guides for small-businesses
during t he past 20 years.

Click HERE for Full Details

Will this approach work for you?
Here’s my two-part answer:

1. I can give you countless examples of
people (prospects) who read this booklet
and then joined a business opportunity
even before they knew about the
company or its products!

2. Here’s my Iron-Clad Guarantee:
“If you are unhappy with the results this
booklet produces for the success of
YOUR OWN Business, I, personally,
will buy-back ALL unused booklets
for every penny you paid for them.”

So, YOU take ZERO financial risk!

You may still have questions, and they
are probably answered here:
Click HERE to learn more.

Go ahead and take a look right now!
There’s not a lot of December left, so you still
time to make this a December to Remember.

for more than 20 years,
Dr. Ron Mueller
Author, Speaker & Tax-Savings Coach

We’ll see you on the Webinar and…
at the TOP!


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