Afraid of selling?

  1. Taking advantage of what we offer, or
  2. Keeping their lives the same.
This view of selling removes most of our fears.

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The survival organ.

The human brain is a survival organ. Its purpose is to keep us alive. It generally does a pretty good job, seeing as we are alive now while we read these tips.

The brain has automatic programs, such as fear, to keep us safe.

Unfortunately, the human brain is not a good “thinking organ.” It hasn’t mastered that yet. We shouldn’t talk to the brain with facts.

Our brains prefer to learn through stories. Stories rock!

Ask ourselves, “How much of our factual presentation can we turn into stories?”

Look at the top leaders. Most of them are great storytellers. That could be a hint.

“No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story.”

– Daniel Kahnerman

It all starts with the first sentence.
If we get the first sentence right, it is all easier from there.

Starting a conversation about our business is the hardest part of network marketing.

Here is a step-by-step book on word-for-word first sentences for network marketing.

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