“I just don’t know what to say …”

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“How To Handle Objections.”

Turn objections into team members and sales!

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A short tip.

If you haven’t attended any MasterClasses, or if you’ve never read a Big Al book, here is a short tip:

Don’t target prospects. This means your intention is doing something to them for your agenda. This will show up in your communications.

Instead, consider that we may be asking the wrong question.

Ask, “Who can I help?” Now your communications will show that you have your prospects’ best interests at heart. Their reactions will be different. And this makes everything so much easier.

Double our income by becoming 100% better.

How do we become 100% better at what we do?

Get 1% better every day. In a little over three months, yeah!!! We are 100% better.

Enjoy the week!

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