The reality of our fear.

The reality of our fear.

Worthless Sponsor: “Big Al, you have to get rid of your irrational fears. Stop being a loser. Stop being scared of your shadow.”

Big Al: “I don’t have irrational fears. All my fears are rational. Everybody else’s fears are irrational.” 🙂

Worthless sponsor: “Big Al, you must face the fear and the fear will go away.”

Now that conversation was just about the stupidest thing I had ever heard. Even as a brand-new networker, this didn’t make sense to me.

Fear doesn’t just go away. Facing my fears reconfirmed how they would humiliate me.

We have fear for a reason. Why? Because fear protects us from danger, embarrassment, and disaster. This is part of our survival programs.

If we have fear, we are normal. This fear makes us rethink how we should approach others in a more socially-acceptable way. This fear motivates us to have empathy for the prospects we talk to.

Fear is okay.

Mindset advice always seems to come from those outgoing, brave, and super-successful leaders. They tell us to have instant confidence, just like them. They command us to force ourselves to push our agenda on others.

Thankfully, we can approach others in a less-aggressive way. It is by offering people options instead of forcing our solutions on them.

We can create a mindset for success that works for us.

Question: Do you have rational or irrational fears? If you do, what do you do about them? Do you let them hold you back, or do you have a plan to fix them?

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The story is all about them.

If we tell a story about ourselves or someone else, our prospects automatically imagine themselves as the lead characters in their minds. Awesome, eh?

This is why we love movies. We can imagine ourselves as one of the characters.

We should try to add more and more stories to our presentation. They are the best way to communicate with prospects and share our message.

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