Get presentations with as little as five words.

Get presentations with as little as five words.

Anyone can grab a prospect’s interest by using the correct words. The bad news is that we don’t know the words for each of our 25 basic skills. But the good news is that we can learn them.

Now, to get someone to anxiously await your presentation, simply start with these five words:

“Guess what happened to me?”


Prospects lean forward. Humans can’t resist listening to stories. That is why we love gossip, books, and movies. We can’t go on in life unless we know how the story ends. Stories attract interested prospects.

The hard truth about networkers.

Networkers are human. And guess what humans do?

Humans invest more time in planning their New Year’s Eve celebration than they invest in planning next year’s goals!

Then what happens?

We lose a year.

What our prospects really want to hear.

Bill Jayne says it all in this famous quote:

“It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Your direct marketing should never be about the product. It should always be about the prospect.”

Consider these questions:

Q. How many minutes of our current opportunity presentation is about our company, products, and compensation plan?
Q. How many minutes of our current opportunity presentation is about our prospect?

Great recruiters know presentations should be about the prospect’s favorite subject — the prospect.

Amateur networkers can break away from mediocrity and become professionals by mastering the “two-minute story.” This is the highest-level presentation that professionals use.

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