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“No decision” is a decision!

Thinking it over is deciding not to move forward.

One of our biggest obstacles is procrastination. Instead of comparing ourselves to our competitors, we should work on giving our prospects a vision for change. If they want change, motivating them to move forward with us is easy.

Do you have team members who speak Spanish?

Good news! 27 of the Big Al books are translated into Spanish, and one of the ebooks is completely free! Now our Spanish-speaking team members can learn the Big Al prospecting phrases and closing phrases in their native language. Here is the link:


But … but … what about team members who speak French?

More good news! 15 of the Big Al books are translated into French. Here is the link to all of the French books:


A bad first impression.

My worthless sponsor and I gave a presentation to my prospect. The next day I followed up with my prospect and asked, “So what do you think?”

My prospect answered, “Well, if your worthless sponsor is traveling around helping you build a business, then who is running Hell?”

Professionals pick the right words for each personality color.

It is not about our personal color personality. It doesn’t matter which color personality we are.

What matters most is which color personality our prospects are.

We are the ones that have to adjust our words, tone of voice, and mannerisms to remove filters and prejudices and deliver our message.

If prospects hear our message clearly, they can make good decisions. Prospects are smart. They want better lives.

All we have to do is use words to match their color personalities.

Also available in Spanish!

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