An angry email.

An angry email.

Here’s the short version of an angry email I received:

“You pompous idiot! How dare you suggest networking tips to me. We have a system in our group that works. We don’t want our group doing anything else!”

Somebody was having a bad day.

Who? Me.

I didn’t pass on networking tips with the intention to offend her. But apparently I did offend her. I certainly didn’t feel good about ruining her attitude.

Thinking of solutions here.

Solution #1: Ask the lady to please unsubscribe to these networking tips. That seems easy enough.

Solution #2: Explain that I am not here to tell her or the group how to run their business, or to interfere with their system. But for every step in the system, such as closing prospects or icebreakers, we will need some words and techniques. I pass on what works for me and others. They can choose which techniques they want to use, so each step of their system works better.

My plan of action? I decided to have a few donuts before I wrote her back and apologized. I don’t think I will send her the notice for next year’s new Mindset book.

This book excerpt should help us set our New Year’s goals.

* * * *

When we get the right goals.

Can we remember a time when we looked forward to something exciting? Maybe it was when we were children. How did we feel when we woke up on Saturday mornings? Happy? Energized? Two full days of fun with no school? This was the best time in our lives.

We did not have to force ourselves to wake up. We were not grumpy, tired, or unenthused. We couldn’t wait to get dressed and go play with our friends. Weekends were awesome. We lived for weekends! All week long we thought about our upcoming weekend.

Motivation and fun are automatic when our goals match who we are as a person.

We don’t have to chant affirmations, cut out pictures for our vision board, or meditate in silence visualizing our goals. When we know exactly what we want, every step along the way is fun and fulfilling. We are moving forward to our goals.

* * * *

Bottom line? Don’t set goals that require doing something we hate. Instead, adjust our goals to match our color personality and our personal values. Then everything gets easy!

Want to set goals that will make 2021 the best year ever? Here is the link to the book:

Available in audio, ebook, and paperback.
Also available in Spanish!
Have we ever had to tell a networking group what we do?

Instead of rambling, let’s have a plan. We should construct a 20- or 30-second description of what we do before we have to speak. Want some examples of short descriptions?

The diet products salesperson.

“Hi, my name is Mary Jones. I sell the Slimmer Body Diet breakfast drink and I live right here in Hometown, Texas. I show people how to lose weight just by changing what they have for breakfast. They just drink delicious milkshakes for breakfast. No more gym memberships or starving or counting calories. My ideal customer is someone who wants to lose weight, but is too busy to exercise and cook organic foods. Oh, and it is perfect for overweight children too.”

The cosmetic salesperson.

“Hi, my name is Heather Lee. I show women how to find and use makeup that works for them. I live here in Hometown, Texas. All women use makeup, but they sometimes end up buying makeup that doesn’t match. I can fix that. My ideal prospect is a lady who goes to work daily, wants to look good, but doesn’t want to spend hours messing around with makeup.”

We can pack a lot of good salesmanship into a few words if we prepare beforehand.

The Networker Zone Podcast, Episode 4.

Asking questions and getting referrals with Tony Miehle:

  • Focusing on the prospect, not your business.
  • Asking the right questions to have natural conversations about your business.
  • Using technology to fast-track results.
  • Getting to Level 6 communication.
  • Changing your focus to helping to solve problems.
  • Getting new distributors started right away.
  • How to get referrals (90% of his business) right away using the term “benefit.”
  • A comfortable warm market script.

Feeling the holiday spirit?

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Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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