The Key Advantages of The Digital Product Business Blueprint:

• 100% Digital / Home-Based – no office, travel, meetings or equipment
beyond an internet connection and a device to access the web.
• Total Flexibility – work at home or anywhere with an internet connection &
whenever you want
• Unlimited Income Potential – leverage your money rather than your time
• Automated – earn passive, residual income ie. work now and get paid
• NO Chasing friends, family and neighbors or bothering people on social
• NO Talking to people on the phone
• NO Product Inventory to buy
• NO Shipping of products
• NO Limits to the number of products you can sell or their availability
• High Quality Products that genuinely help people to solve their problems
* Some aspects of The Digital Product Business Blueprint might sound daunting
if you’re new to internet marketing. Please read all of this report though as I
will be covering several shortcuts and ‘hacks’ which allow you to bypass the
difficult tasks involved.
Important Definitions:
Digital Products:
Before you can promote digital products, you need to know exactly what they
are. Digital products, sometimes referred to as ‘Info Products’ are products
which are distributed and accessed via the internet, with no requirement for
any physical items to be transferred. They include e-books, reports, website
hosting, online advertising, website memberships, video training courses,
digital assets like domains, software, apps and licenses to sell other peoples’
Affiliate Marketing:
You may already be familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing but just in
case you aren’t, affiliate marketing is a system where you are compensated by
the vendor of a product for referring sales on their behalf. For example,
someone might purchase a pair of gardening gloves from Amazon after clicking
an advertisement on a gardening website. The affiliate who placed the
advertisement would then be eligible for a small percentage of the value of
that sale. A lot of affiliates promote physical products like those available from
Amazon, but I focus on digital products because the commission rates are
much higher.
ROI (Return on Investment):
*This is the ONLY thing that REALLY Matters for Building an Online Income*
Real online businesses require some form of investment to become successful.
In my experience, when people say you can make money without investment
they’re usually wrong or the amount of money you can potentially make is
insignificant. A return on investment is the percentage of your invested money
that is returned to you in the form of sales or profits. For a project to be
profitable this needs to be >100%. Financial investors rely on correctly
predicting whether a currency, commodity or stock will increase or decrease in
value. As digital marketers, we rely on optimizing a digital sales funnel so that
it will generate more revenue in sales commissions than it costs to advertise.
Digital Sales Funnels:
These are the most important part of The Digital Product Business Blueprint
and the component that you absolutely MUST get just right. Just ONE good
digital sales funnel can enable you to achieve total financial freedom. However,
optimizing a sales funnel so that it makes more money than it costs to
advertise is by no means easy. Nonetheless, promoting digital sales funnels is
the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me and I have tried A LOT of different
online income systems. The digital sales funnel consists of the following
• Lead Capture (Squeeze) Page: This is a page which has just 1 function – to
inspire your visitor to enter their email address so that you can market to them
in the future. This email address collecting process builds you your most
valuable business asset –your email subscriber list. For most internet
marketers, their email lists are their primary source of income. Your lead
capture page must grab your visitor’s attention, pique their interest and
convince them that not entering their email address into your subscription
form would mean missing out on something amazing.
• Lead Magnet: This is the product you are offering your visitor as a reward for
giving you their email address. Your lead magnet might be a report, e-book or
even a software product but whatever it is, it must be something that
genuinely helps your prospect. A high-quality lead magnet brands you as a
professional and helps you to build trust and rapport with your leads. That
said, you can use a lead capture system which collects email addresses just for
the privilege of seeing the sales page for your digital product. In this instance,
it’s particularly important to add value to your email leads via your follow up
messages by giving them useful information and explaining to them who you
are and why they should listen to you.
• Premium Offer: A digital sales funnel should ideally contain a high-converting
paidoffer of some sort which is presented to your new email lead immediately
after they enter their email address.
• Upsell(s): An upsell product is an additional product which adds extra value
to the premium product your email lead has already bought. Including these in
your digital sales funnel boosts your ROI. Most digital products you can
promote as an affiliate include upsells and downsells.
• Downsell(s): It’s important to make as much money as possible from each
buyer going through your digital sales funnel so presenting a cheaper
alternative offer to an email lead who has just passed on the upsell(s) is an
effective way to increase the ROI you achieve from your digital sales funnel.
• High Ticket Offer: One way to really boost the profitability of a funnel is to
include a ‘high ticket’ back-end offer. A ‘high ticket’ offer just means a very
high value product which is very expensive and, if you’re an affiliate, gives you
a lot of commissions for each sale. High ticket offers are usually presented via
webinar and usually cost between 500 and several thousand dollars. These
products are usually personal coaching offers from marketers who have a track
record of enabling their students to build very successful businesses. A good
place to put a high ticket webinar sign-up offer is on the download page for
your lead magnet.
• Follow Ups: People don’t tend to buy a product on their first exposure to it.
It’s therefore important to have an automated system for following up with
your email leads and presenting them with further opportunities to buy your
digital product(s). I regard this as an integral part of a digital sales funnel as it
really increases the profitability of your funnel.

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