Are you putting all your eggs in one marketing basket?

New affiliate marketers often underestimate how much promotion is required to generate leads.

To get leads that convert to sales involves knowing the best places to promote as well as how to promote.

One of most common mistakes we see is marketers who focus on just 1 method of promotion.
This single focused approach limits your marketing reach and your results.
Don’t put all your eggs in one marketing basket.
Each type of marketing may have limitations so if you rely on more then one method you will get better results.

Another common mistake is not being consistent in your marketing efforts.
Too often we see people promote like crazy for a few days, then do less and less until they are doing virtually no marketing.

Finally newbies often make the mistake of trying to BUY a totally automated INSTANT results approach to marketing.
This isn’t realistic and leads to disappointment, frustration and cursing.
Being profitable in affiliate marketing is like any offline business, it takes time, effort and commitment.

If you want your business to GROW and GROW you need to plant the seeds, then nurture it with water, feed and focused attention.
This requires consistent effort and ongoing plans and application to reach new markets, tap new customers, attract new eyeballs to your offers.

MORE is BETTER when it comes to promotion.

Proven Strategies to start and grow your brand, so you get leads, traffic and sales!

If you’re a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP member you already have access to the foundation for your marketing strategy and that includes, lead and traffic generation, list building, landing pages, social media and sales and commission.

The suggestions included here are already a part of and integrated into your comprehensive Worldprofit marketing system so that’s ready for you now.
Your job is to focus on the promotion.

Start by setting daily goals, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
Establish an amount of time you are going to devote to starting and growing your business.
If you’re going to devote time, effort and expense into growing your online business spend the time to create a plan so you can assess progress.
Your goals should be related to these numbers, note that the first 4 on the list are directly related to your SALES.

  • lead generation
  • advertising sources / site traffic
  • brand awareness and exposure
  • list growth
  • sales

When promoting it’s important to use as many DIFFERENT kinds of promotion as possible.
This will expand your reach, your market, find and target the right market, build your brand and your influence.
Start with one or two approaches and over time, add more, do more.
Study your results, your click rate, your leads, list growth and sales to hone in on what is getting the best results and is worth more time, effort, ad dollars.

Safelists and Exchanges – earn credits for free advertising.
No or low cost option for someone just getting started. How to do safelist and traffic exchange marketing is covered in Worldprofit’s training program.

Article / Ebook marketing
Lead generation is best accomplished by offering something free to encourage a sign up.
Ebooks are easy to compile and on endless topics.
Worldprofit members you have access to free ebooks, and articles and PLR products that can be used in your offers.
Or write your own and use our Ebook Creator and integrate your ebook with our Landing page builder.

Build your brand and your following by posting to your blog. If you are an expert on a topic, or niche, post it.
Include key words or hashtags identifying what your blog is about for the benefit of search engines.
For best results host your blog on your own domain name.
Worldprofit members you have access to this, this way you are promoting YOURSELF and your domain not a free blog service that may disappear one day.

Video Blogs – Not much of a writer?
Then put some time into creating your own video blog. Videos should be relatively brief, and offer value to the viewer. Work from a script, tidy up your background, ensure you have good lighting and talk into the camera looking directly at the viewer when possible. YOU are the start of your own VIDEO Blog, make a good impression. Encourage comments, follows,  feedback, include your website address, contact details, social media channels.

Worldprofit Member resources
Silver and Platinum VIP members, you have access to both free and paid advertising options in your member area.
Those services include Solo Ad Blasts, monthly traffic injections, safelist memberships, rotator advertising, featured ads, classifieds, promo codes and more.

Social Media (Facebook; YouTube; Twitter; Instagram; Linkedin)
If you don’t already have accounts at these social media giants then get one, and start posting.
If you need help with graphics, Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP members have access to our Graphics Studio to easily create beautiful images.
Set up a Facebook Fan page or Business Page. Use Facebook’s Business Suite to study your reach and reactions and post to both Instagram and Facebook at the same time.
Set up your own YouTube Channel. Post quality content on a regular basis pertaining to your niche to start growing your followers.

Top marketers have specific lists of subscribers, people who have either purchased or expressed an interest in an offer.
Your house list, or marketing list is gold and needs to be given continual attention. The bigger your list the more potential buyers.
Worldprofit provides a Certified Email Delivery option, called Email Commander  that helps you get MORE of your offers into email boxes instead of being filtered to a spam folder.  Big companies have the same problem with spam folders as does the little guy, we can help you with solutions that work.

SEO (Google Analytics)
Worldprofit Members have access to several SEO (search engine optimization) tools in your Website management section.
We’ve made it easy for you to set this up. If you’re new to affiliate marketing set up your SEO then get back to actively promoting.
You have control over your ads, your posting, your social media campaigns and your direct advertising.
Newbies, don’t waste your time trying to outsmart Google to get first page status, instead put your time and effort into targeted niche specific marketing per this article.

Vendor Advertising (Solo Ads, Classified Ads, Featured Ads, Leads, Sponsor Ads, Rotators) 
Expand your marketing reach, put your offers in front of new eyeballs by purchasing advertising from trusted vendors.
We’ve compiled a list of trusted vendors in your Worldprofit member area, or use your own, either way – remember MORE PROMOTION is BETTER.
No promotion = NO sales.

Think this is a lot of work? Yup! 
Think it will take some time to learn? You bet!
Tackle it one day at at ime, do a little more every day, follow Worldprofit’s online marketing training system.
Need help?
Contact Worldprofit Support – we’ve got 25 years of experience in this business to help you grow your online business.

Author Credit: Sandi Hunter, Co-Founder, President, Worldprofit Inc.

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