Big Al’s Awesome Tips #106

January 11, 2021
When our friends are jerks.

New team member: “I don’t want to tell my friends and family about my new business. They won’t support me. They will criticize and discourage me.”

Is this true?

Well, we certainly could create this story inside of our heads. But the question is, “Is this story true?”

Most of our family and friends want to support us. Yes, we will have a few critics. But the majority will support us and celebrate that we are starting our own business.

Look at it this way.

We live in a small town; there are only two restaurants. We save our money and buy one of the restaurants. Yeah! We have now started our own business. In fact, we own 50% of the restaurant market, and only have one competitor next door.

And our friends? What do they do?

They slowly walk by the front door of our restaurant, smile, wave at us, and continue walking to eat at our competitor’s restaurant next door. Oh, and a few of our jerk friends tell us we made a bad decision as they also go next door to eat.

This won’t actually happen. People are generally nice. They are supportive. In fact, many of our friends and relatives will feel guilty if they can’t help us in some way.

Now, if this bad restaurant scenario does happen, we might want to look for a new family and relatives, and pick better friends. 🙂

So if we believe in the “Principle of Notification” from the Big Al books, we know exactly how to notify family and friends rejection-free. As sponsors, it is our duty to help new team members off to a great start.

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The best prospects?

Well, not my friends.

When I started in 1972, most of my 23-year-old friends had other things on their minds. Beer, dating, partying, etc.

But I started with my friends. Why?

Because my friends knew prospects that were looking to do something different in their lives. And that is how I initially made progress in my business. That is how I got out of my party circle.

I always remembered this: “No matter how uninspired my prospect is, my prospect knows inspired people that I don’t.”

The best brain programs to keep in mind?

As professional network marketers, we know we must talk to the programs in our prospects’ subconscious minds. If this seems new to us, then here are two big programs we can start with:

  1. Survival.
  2. Curiosity.
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What question should we ask ourselves before going to sleep?

“What is the one new thing I learned today?”

– Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

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