Big Al’s Awesome Tips #107

January 7, 2021
Final Score: Ikea – 1, Big Al – 0 …

I’m not a fan of IKEA.

Instant frustration, and that’s just the store, before I even open their disassembled box of alleged furniture parts. Oh, and those little plastic bags of screws and fasteners. IKEA are sadists.

I am already mad, and then realize there are only vague drawings and no real written instructions for this soon-to-be-discarded box of furniture pieces.

Censorship laws prevent me from sharing my true feelings. I am sure someone, somewhere has figured out how to assemble IKEA jigsaw puzzles, but I am not in that group of geniuses.

My solution? Hire a fourth grader who can figure it out.

And that is how our presentations look to our prospects. Frustrating, incomplete, nonsensical … and they just want to run away and pound their heads on the floor until they are unconscious.

My first presentations? They were so bad that even I got bored. I didn’t know that prospects don’t want to understand how our business works. They don’t want to know how special we are.

Instead, they have other more important questions. Questions such as:

  • “What will my friends think?”
  • “Can I do this business?”
  • “How much can I lose?”
  • “What skills will I need?”
  • “Do I have to convince strangers?”

Yeah, questions like that.

And none of those answers were in my slides or flipchart.

Prospects shouldn’t have to figure this out. We should tell them exactly what they need to know.

If we are not clear, we should not expect patience from our prospects. Life is too short for time-wasting, information-loaded presentations.

And for the record, it only took me 3 minutes to lose my patience with the IKEA challenge. Our prospects have even less patience.

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Work before rewards.

“Please pay me first, and then I will go to work.” Let’s say that to our bosses and see what happens.

We must remember that in network marketing, we have to do the work … first.

And what is our work?

Getting “yes” decisions, of course.

The decision doesn’t have to be big. All we want to know is:

“Do you want to take advantage of what I have to offer, or do you want to keep your life the same?”

This is a simple decision for anyone to make. And this decision is quick.

This is almost like cheating.

Say to our prospect, “What helps you know if a business is good for you or not?”

Our prospect will then tell us exactly what is important. Now we can serve our prospect better by only talking about what matters to them.

We can recruit like amateurs, or like professionals.

If now is your time to build, here is how to get new people on the team fast.

You can read the details of our Recruiting MasterClass here.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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