“The Internet is like a Pet Rock. Don’t Waste your Time” What 26 years online has taught me about people and business.

When George Kosch and I set out 26 years ago to start an “Internet business” on a kitchen table in Edmonton, Alberta, we had no idea if our business would even work. The Internet was in it’s infancy and we knew zero about running a company. George was a Jet Pilot just out of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and I was a Behavior Analyst working in Social Services.

Someone told me at the time that the “Internet was like the Pet Rock, it’s a fad nothing more. Don’t waste your time.”

In 1994 when we spoke to the phone company about getting a listing in the YELLOW PAGES, they didn’t have a category for Internet business, so they listed our company under COMPUTERS. ( Irony of it is that the YELLOW PAGES for the most part, no longer exists in the past printed form, they are now a directory on that thing called the Internet.)

One of our employees told us pursuing video on the internet was foolish, it would never take off. We persisted with our plans, bandwidth got faster and cheaper and we released a suite of popular webcast and video conferencing software.  Fortunately,  YouTube and Zoom shared our vision of how technology was evolving or we may not have some of these video and broadcast services today.

As we put plans in place to open our online business, others I talked to, were excited about this NEW Internet phenomena!  The possibility of being able to access information sources of the entire world from one’s own computer was unheard of, mind-boggling! No more trips to the library to use the ancient Card Catalog to find books, or struggling with the Microfiche for research projects, or waiting to hear back by postal mail from researchers in other countries. Young readers will have no idea what either of those things are, but for those in my age bracket you will remember the tedium and time involved with both.

When we started Worldprofit Inc.,  Google didn’t exist. Amazon was known for being a rainforest not a mass multi-billion dollar supplier of goods. 
Mosaic was the only browser and FrontPage was the website editor of choice produced by Microsoft.

I didn’t realize it then, but I know now that there are 2 kinds of thinkers in the world.

The first kind of thinker,  I call the VISIONARY.
These people see the positive, they see or search for good where there isn’t any. They see the potential for change and a better outcome. They believe their own actions make all the difference in achieving their life goals and happiness. They accept responsibility for their life choices and destiny.   Thoughts convert to actions to create and accomplish that vision. Would you agree that Jeff Bezos is a visionary and Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs?

The other kind of thinker,  I call the self-created, DEFEATIST. 
This kind of person is characterized mostly by negativity. They accept without question that things are the way they are and nothing they do will make a difference. This negative attitude prevents them from DOING anything to change their life for the better.  They expect failure and defeat.  They can’t develop a vision for what CAN be as their mindset paralyzes them from ever getting started. You can’t run a marathon if you never lace up your shoes and cross the start line.

When we started Worldprofit Inc, we had the unbridled ambition of youth and optimistic vision.  We believed we could create a business in this new wired world where human beings were connected by the unmistakable sound of the dial up modem.  Admittedly we also had the very REAL fear that we HAD to make this business work having invested considerable time and finances.  That in itself was motivating to focus on what we needed to do to build a successful business.   We experienced incredible excitement about a growing industry none of us had ever known. We rolled up our sleeves, threw ourselves into learning about this new technology.  We made mistakes, we learned from them, we continued on with our quest.  We started by offering simple services, web pages and website hosting (but first we had to learn how to build webpages and how to host sites). From there we added more services, software development, ecommerce, webinars and put a focus on providing unique cutting edge services to our growing worldwide Member base.    We believed in ourselves, started small, were prepared to learn, were willing to put in the time and effort to achieve our business goals.

Now with nearly 3 decades of hands on experience in this industry we impart the same advise to our Members with a vision of growing their own online business. The formula all these years later is the same. Start small, think big, be positive, put in the time and consistent effort to achieve your own vision. Get the support and help you need along the way, you don’t have to do it alone, or learn it all at once.  Worldprofit is here to help you every step of the way.

Reflecting now, my hours spent doing research in the library was still time well spent,  for I refer to the practical  words of Mark Twain,

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”

This article is dedicated to those who believe in themselves.

Sandi Hunter
George Kosch

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