George Kosch created a Virtual Sales Assistant for you!

George Kosch created a Virtual Sales Assistant for you!

It’s INCLUDED in your Prospect Manager which is available at NO extra cost exclusively to Silver and Platinum VIP members
(one more good reason to never let your Membership lapse).

It’s calledWorldprofit‘s Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA).

Here’s what your personal Virtual Sales Assistant means to you!

  1. You can enter a FOLLOW UP Date and queue an email letter to be sent on that date that includes an offer and a purchase link.
    2. You can use the email letters we have created already.
    3. You can create your own customized emails for your own programs.
    4. Stay on top of prospects who the timing may not be quite right now but may be interested in the near future.
    5. Shortly, you will also have the option of sending an EMAIL letter, or a VIDEO Email, or an AUDIO email to your prospects.
    6. Your Daily Prospect Manager Report that is emailed to you includes a section that summarizes your scheduled Virtual Sales Assistant Messages.
    7. Your scheduled Follow up letters will be handled by your Virtual Sales Assistant saving you time, keeping you organized and making it easy for your prospects to order with a direct sales link.
    8. You also get an ADMIN area where you can see an Activity Report for all your Letters to check if they are sent or queued and delete if necessary.

Application examples. (How this useable Worldprofit tool will help you grow your business in the real world.)

When you are talking to a prospect they might say, “I am very interested in Worldprofit’s program but I can’t do this until I get paid on the 25th.”  So you can enter into your Prospect Manager the date of follow up for this person and on that date, your Virtual Sales Assistant will send out an email with order link to that person.

As you know people in this industry will sometimes drop out of one program and try another. If your prospect tells you that they are in another program right now but they might look at Worldprofit later, you can set your Virtual Sales Assistant to send them a follow up email in 30 days, 45 days or other date you specify.

Perhaps one of your Dealers has to resign his or her Worldprofit Membership for personal or financial reasons but they tell you they will rejoin Worldprofit at a later day. You can enter this information into your Prospect manager and set your Virtual Sales Assistant to send a follow up email with purchase link on the date you specify.

Now, if you are involved in your own affiliate or MLM program, you can CUSTOMIZE the email letter and order links for your own programs. Just enter the details of the prospect the program of interest and the follow up date. Customize your follow up letter, select and save it and your Virtual Sales Assistant does the rest.

YourWorldprofitVirtual Sales Assistant helps you…

-organize your leads with important follow up details and dates so you never lose track of a prospect and possible sale!
-use if for your Worldprofit prospects by using the pre-written ready to go email letters
-use if for ANY of your other programs by using the customization option to write your own email letters
-add branding to your messages and personalization with the option to use standard email, VIDEO or AUDIO in your follow up emails.

Watch this BRIEF video that George Kosch has recorded for you so you can see how easy it is to use your Virtual Sales Assistant and how powerful this tool is for you to use.


Here’s how to access your Prospect Manager that INCLUDES your Virtual Sales Assistant.

NOTE: There is a HELP VIDEO in this section that we urge you to watch BEFORE getting started.

  1. On the TOP MENU in your Worldprofit Member area, select PROSPECTS.
    2. Where you see your Prospects listed, click on VIEW beside the name of the person of interest.
    3. When you have opened the record of that prospect, mid way down the page is a YELLOW menu, click where it says ALL ACTIONS.
    4. There you will see the options available to you to use with your Virtual Sales Assistant.


Unabashed Capitalist? Millionaire Bootcamp Video Reveals How To Get Really Rich. Millionaire Bootcamp Video Reveals How To Get Really Rich

Unabashed Capitalist? Millionaire Bootcamp Video
Reveals How To Get Really Rich.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I’m a self-made multi-millionaire. I’m sharing
this fact with you not to brag, but to let you
know that when it comes to making money I know
what I’m talking about.

A good part of my fortune came from learning
how to profit online. Unfortunately, I didn’t
have a mentor. I had to learn the ropes by
myself through trial and error.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it the same,
inefficient way. You can get into the Millionaire
Bootcamp, the world’s only professional course
designed for people who want to stay home and
get rich using the Internet.

Meet and Self-Made Multi-
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The Millionaire Bootcamp is offered by
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Since 1994 they’ve assisted thousands of business
people and entrepreneurs learn to use the Internet
to profit. To these folks they’ve offered domain
hosting, custom website design, and a line of low-
cost, easy-to-use, no-software-to-download video

Having developed these video services, they decided
to check out who online was offering real people
like you and me the detailed information they
needed to get rich. George Kosch, inventor of some
of the most useful applications for business
online, did a detailed search online for money-
making training programs. The results were dismal.
No one was offering the kind of step-by-step help
aspiring millionaires need to get rich. Result: under George Kosch created the
Millionaire Bootcamp.

100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Make
Money. You Will Make Money, Too — GUARANTEED

The Millionaire Bootcamp is just that. It’s a
place you go learn the fundamental information
you need to get rich using the Internet. Twice
weekly Instructor George Kosch (remember he’s
a self-made Internet multi-millionaire) delivers
live fact-filled presentations on making money
and building wealth.

Don’t worry if you miss the live presentation.
It’s recorded for instant 24/7 access worldwide.
All you need is an Internet connection.

I can vouch for these presentations. Despite
the fact that I’m a multi-millionaire myself, I
never miss one. Attending these programs gives
me ideas and keeps me in peak money-making
condition. They pay constant rewards.

However, what’s really great about the Millionaire
Bootcamp is not just the superior quality of
the presentations. It’s the fact that you get
constant support and professional oversight as
you work towards your goal. You learn what to
do, then get help as you get out there and do it.
As a result, you’re making money even before you
finish the course. What’s more, your continuing
success as a graduate is guaranteed. This is a
100% hands-on, results-oriented program in making
money, pure and simple.

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Howard Martell, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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(C) 2010 All Rights Reserved.

5 Unexcelled Ways To Kill Your Business!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

The key to increasing your business profits is to
get your existing customers to buy more faster. The
key to this is simple:  Make SURE what you do is
fostering this vital relationship… not killing it.
Once Upon A Time…

The other day, I called what its owners think of
as Boston’s “premier” silver business. You know the
kind: in business since “my grandfather served your
grandfather,” all simpering, condescending, and
(fatal) above the doing of “business”. Their motto:
“Business is inherited, never earned”, a tried and
true prescription for dwindling profits… and
ultimately a “business to let” sign in the window.
Lucky for you this owner’s self-defeating behavior
inspired this article. As a result, even though the
folks who inspired this article may not be saved…
you will be!

1) Be personable and enthusiastic when you
speak with your customers
Is this “elementary, my dear Watson,” as Sherlock
Holmes would have said? Absolutely not. Instead of
presenting a bright, chipper persona,  too many
business owners and their representatives appear
above your mere business, which they approach
with disinterest, disdain, even dismissal.  What’s worse,
the higher you go in the hierarchy, the more of this you
may see  — and hear.
Your job, however exalted, is to give the customer
a comfortable and serene experience. Your business
is never merely about what you do; it’s always about
how you do it, including the tone and temperament
with which you approach each customer… the
necessity to be pleasant even if you don’t feel like it.

2) Return Phone Calls
There is nothing that so infuriates customers
(and rightly so) as failure to return calls in a
prompt, professional manner.
In this scenario, the customer calls and
leaves a detailed message which is then..,
ignored.  Result? With every passing moment, the
customer gets more and more indignant… while
your chances of repeat business melt.
Cure: return EVERY pending call before the
end of business EACH DAY. If necessary, put a
note on your computer: “I cannot leave until every
customer call has been returned.” There would be
a lot less (justifiable) indignation all round if this
was the rule. Make it yours!

3) Keep The Customer Updated
Rome wasn’t built in a day… but I bet Caesar
Augustus was regularly updated on progress. If
it was good enough for the Caesars, it ought
to be good enough for you.
Thus, instead of making your customers chase
you down for (usually rushed and inadequate)
progress reports, be pro-active. Before you leave
your office EVERY DAY, call or e-mail reports.
These should include commentary on the most
important pending items, especially those which
may be most troubling and of greatest interest to
the customer. Doing things this way, providing
reports when least expected, make you the kind of
business person people most like to work with.

4) Live Within The Budget — Or Promptly
Explain Why You Can’t
Want a sure-fire, unbeatable way to kill even
the longest standing customer relationship?
Then over spend a budget… and don’t bother
to tell your customer beforehand, much less
explain matters clearly.
Everyone is touchy about money. No one
ever has enough. Thus, keeping your customer
scrupulously up-to-date on financial issues,
especially where increased expenditure is
necessary is vital. As soon as you have the
facts, inform the customer. Where the sum in
question is significant, call; otherwise, a prompt
email will do.
The point is: it is the customer’s right to have
this information in a timely fashion. And it is
your responsibility to provide it… or else!

5) Thank Early, Sincerely, Tangibly
Have you ever watched the way some business
people “thank” their customers for their life-(and profit) —
making business? No eye contact, perfunctory words,
a palpable wish to get it over — and you out — ASAP.
Maybe this customer was difficult; maybe you’re
just having one of those days when the milk of
human kindness turns sour. Even so, you owe it both
to customer and your prosperity to thank her
properly. If you can do it with true sincerity so much
the better; if not, simulate until  you can.
More, whenever possible give your all-important
customer a “little something” extra, the more so if
you have not followed the crucial steps above.
People like bonuses. Add one whenever you can.
Last Words
We all want repeat business. It’s the life blood of
business success. Many people wrongly think that
all you have to do to get it is be good at what you
do. WRONG! You must attend to the “little things”,
the things I’ve discussed in this article. After all,
as the song says “little things mean a lot.” Your
customer must always be treated with the greatest
possible care and consideration.  Empathy is
… which is why I decided to pass on taking my
business to the silver smith mentioned above.  He
didn’t earn it.

About The Author
Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed
visitors to the website of your choice! For details
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Dr. Jeffrey Lant An Open Letter to President Obama. We electors have spoken and here’s what you must do. Dr. Jeffrey Lant

An open letter to President Obama. We electors of these
United States have spoken. Here’s what we said…. and
what you must do.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Dear Mr. President:

The people of the United States have spoken… with
a message that must have been gall and wormwood
for you. Because you see, sir, these elections —
endless, expensive, full of expletives undeleted
and charges of every kind and variety… were all
about just one person… and that person is YOU.

You must feel today as Abraham Lincoln felt
when once handed his lunch by the voters: It hurt too
much to laugh, he said, but he was too big to cry.

(By the way, another Illinois politician named Adlai Stevenson
used this memorable line, when he too got sucker punched
by the voters and was denied the White House,
twice. It seems Prairie politicians should keep
these words handy, to be used when their own
native wit fails.)

Unlike Stevenson, however, you remain in the
Oval Office for at least two more years. And, of
course, you want to stay there beyond that as well.
That’s why I’m sending this letter… so you will understand
why you went at your inauguration from a man
revered by millions who thought you could walk on
water, to a man whose head is now barely above
water, dog paddling like crazy to stay afloat. First,
for the good of America, second for your own “legacy”
you must hear and heed what we just said via the
ballot box… and you must seize this moment of
humiliation, embarrassment and profound chagrin
to turn these bitter fruits into fuel for greatness.

Let’s review how you got to this place and what you
must do about it.

1) Your presidency has been more Harvard than Chicago.

On the opening day of the Kennedy presidency, revered
New England poet Robert Frost told the new chief executive this
memorable truth: “Be more Irish than Harvard. Poetry and power is
the formula for another Augustan Age. Don’t be afraid of power.”
Good, shrewd, succinct, New England advice. Take it.

I am writing to you today right across from the
Harvard Law School and its Law Review. You worked
hard to get both… but to save your presidency (and
propitiate an angry nation) you must now be more IIlinois
and Chicago than Cambridge. Cambridge is a
magic place, a civilized place… a place which draws the best
and the brightest from all directions. But Cambridge is a
bad model to govern from because we here produce
elitists… and you need kick boxers and jujitsu masters.

Yes, you can turn a neat phrase… but the moment for neat
phrases is gone. You must, in brief and again, be
more Chicago than Harvard… and this essential
transformation must start at once. Your presidency, sir,
and the improvement of America depends upon it.

2) You tried to do too much, too soon… and ended
up “jack of all trades master of none.”

Sir, we all know people who make promises they
can’t keep. It all sounds so good when you hear them…
but when you promise, then leave project after project unfinished,
you merely engender the very cynicism about
politicians and government you say you abhor; you become
your own worst enemy.

What the country wanted from you was jobs. Put
Americans to work, sir, with real jobs and we can astonish
the world with our range of skills and a “can-do” attitude that
still defines us. Yes, we need health care. Yes, we
need better schools… and all the rest of those good
ideas we all want. But, first and foremost, we need jobs….
and when you selected other priorities you showed us
all that you just didn’t get it; that you were more Harvard
than Chicago. Because, sir, in Illinois (from whence I hail
myself) they get it: jobs, jobs, jobs. You didn’t like Richard
J. Daly very much, but he kept his ears open and
knew that a man without a job is a desperate man, a
hurting man, a man without hope.

You should have commandeered the Roosevelt Room
in the White House and turned it into your personal
command post… where the total focus was on jobs,
jobs, jobs. For you see,sir, we are now in a world war
for the protection of our way of life… and that way is
based on putting Americans to work in ways meaningful
and timely.

Americans would have cheered you to the echo if
you established such a command post and had
overseen the execution of a Manhattan Project for
employment. If you stayed with it daily… and let
America see you at this work you would have had the
hopes and prayers… and unconquerable skills
of a great nation at your side, as well as the rightly
earned gratitude and reverence of millions.

Consider this: when the Great Fire of London took place
in 1666, King Charles II was advised to flee the city and
save his royal skin. But Charles Stuart, king for all that, made
a better choice: he went into the heart of burning London
and helped move the water buckets. He was burnt
and singed like his fellow Londoners. In the process
he was raised to a greater dignity… the dignity of a man.
Uunsurprisingly he was the most successful Stuart of
them all… because he engaged with his subjects, including
the mundane, prosaic, and dangerous.

3) Show us what you believe in.

Sir, you are a lawyer, superbly trained as such at that esteemed
institution across the street. But lawyers, with their “have gun, will
travel” approach to life are not a good model for the remainder
of your at-risk presidency. You need core beliefs. Your party
senses and Republicans charge that you are a man who believes
in little beyond your all-consuming drive for yourself. Very well.
You are ambitious and have, in British Prime Minister Benjamin
Disraeli’s notable phrase, climbed to the top of the “greasy
pole.” That’s the beginning of your career, not the end.

Now tell us that you believe, what you believe, and what
you will stake your presidency on. We hope it will be jobs
and the revitalization of America. Diminished, buffeted though
your president is, you can turn it all around by focusing all
on your hurting countrymen. Your great moments are yet
to come if you will commit, focus, live for them… and bring us safely
through this unabated storm.

We have spoken, sir, we electors of these United States. Our
message is not ambiguous. It needs no Harvard academician
to decipher, though they may say otherwise. It needs one man,
supremely placed for good, to use all his powers, all his
considerable gifts to enhance America. Your countrymen have
shown you and dramatically so just how strongly they feel
about the wrongful moves and misdirections of your first two
years. Listen to them for in this cacophony of restive voices lies
the majesty of the people. You have been disengaged from
them. Now reconnect and resurrect your presidency. Do this
and you will come to see the chastisement of today as
the best thing that could have happened to you… and America. Do
this and we will in due course bless you for rising up like the Phoenix
and winning back our trust, love, and admiration. All other courses
you pursue at your peril… and ours.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed
visitors to the website of your choice! For details
on Dr. Lant’s 18 best-selling business books,
go to

Marketing Slowdown in 2010? Howard Martell Has the Answer for All Companies

The economic change that has created a marketing headache for companies has an instant relief pill on the marketplace via the innovative business model of a Virginia based entrepreneur.  “I have a complete marketing package that is providing immediate solutions for companies searching for revenue challenges, ” said Howard Martell.

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NOTE: Comes complete with special video recordings of the Author, Dr. Jeffrey Lant reading his work.
When you are a boy in the Midwest of America, oceans are not your usual occupation.
So of course, these seas and oceans become a primary part of what you imagine. The first notable lake I recall is where the Lady of the Lake resides. She was the one, you may remember, who took Excalibur from the dying King Arthur, and then disappeared holding the sword upright, and them submerged… just the image for a daydreaming boy, who wanted to see that lake, see that lady, and have his chance to grab that sword and be the undoubted King of the realm. Right from the beginning, therefore, I was hooked on the water borne adventures which could come if only you believed enough, and never stopped looking through all the seas of all the lands.
The first boat of any substance I remember seeing was the U-505, a German submarine captured in WWII.
As I looked on that small craft, just 252 feet, I wonder where it had been, what they had done, and to whom had they done it.
In short, I recognized that this was not just a piece of ancient metal, but the repository of one sea story after another.
After a summer of working on the farm to bring in the harvest and knowing my father and uncle had worked out a scheme for my agrarian upbringing, I had to exercise my substantial imagination. And so I began my first novel, age 15, written on shelf paper, the amount needed rolled out. On this scroll of paper, each evening I would write the latest installment in the adventures of Hernan Cortez, conquistador.
To this day, I retain an acute interest in Cortez, and all the waters he sailed on, from Spain to Cuba, from Cuba to Vera Cruz.
From that day, without precisely knowing it, I began to collect stories of the great seas, courageous crews or otherwise (think HMS Bounty), and the trade they carried, which took nations like England and Spain and made them rich, and richer still, for to the richest truly went the spoils.
From that day to this, my acquisition of sea stories, of all water stories, has grown apace. To me, these are not sea stories, they are human stories, and in my mind, I can tell you the large ships and little boats which have come through my life.
I sat down the other day to write about all the ships I’d studied, which supplied me with good material, and hours of pleasant reading and studying. As I brainstormed, I saw an unending flotilla, indeed a fleet, of the ships and boats I love so much. They ran from Queen Cleopatra’s extravagant royal barge, burnished with startling gold and the purple sails beloved of Shakespeare, to the African Queen, one of the most magnificent ships there ever was, because the Queen was a noble vessel indeed, and acted accordingly, right through to her noble end.
I studied the greatest battleships on Earth, like the Bismarck, which might have changed the war, but for that one in a million shot that disabled the rudder and damned her to revolve in uncontrollable circles on the sea, and therefore, a sitting duck. There was the story of the Sultana, a riverboat designated to bring home Union war prisoners, the most needy and frail of all, after the fall of the Confederacy. What a horror it was to learn that of 2,427 passengers, far above her capacity, 1,800 were incinerated, their shrieks like the entry way to hell.
There was the Mayflower, which transformed religious immigrants into snobs, and the Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship, in the Battle of Trafalgar, with its baffling kiss, requested by Nelson for Captain Hardy. And so the list goes on. Consider the Lusitania, which may or may not have been carrying weapons to the Allied forces. Either way, the rampant German submariners polished her off and brought the U.S.A. into the Great War.
There is now, and there always will be no shortage of stories of small ships and great. And to those who are drawn to such stories, we are happy in our work indeed.
Here you’ll find five yarns of ships, great and small with special readings by the author himself – Dr. Jeffrey Lant



by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

It is the beginning of April. A lovely time of year here in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I am writing you. The sun is brilliant; leaves are bursting out all over. It is going to be 82 degrees out today; it was just 30 last week.

These rapid fire changes are, of course, the norm in New England. Temperatures may drop sharply yet again, but the odds are we are now on the necessary path to deliver spring for sure.

I ought to be outside. I’m 70 now, you know, and I’m supposed to be retired. Instead I found that word almost ludicrous in the extreme. There is no rest for the weary.

One reason why is the stack of auction catalogs which I cannot quite reach by leaning backwards in my desk chair. Every day now, the best that major auction companies (and some small ones too) can offer is just about a finger’s length away. They taunt, they point, they arrange themselves in a seductive pattern on the floor, they teeter in makeshift towers which are anything but stable, and fall frequently, giving me yet another look at the bounty inside… bounty that I want.

I thought I’d write this article for you, to show you what you must do if you plan on becoming a major collector, or even an episodic superficial one. There are steps you must take. There are actions and procedures you must learn. As always, you must restrain yourself; it’s part of what being a connoisseur is all about. Focus on the best. Never be or remain satisfied with anything other than quality.

For many years now, I have regarded April, when the first major auctions take place, as the true beginning of auction season. The auction schedule is clogged for this month, May, and June. The loveliest things in the world go on the block during this period, and must sell now before the summer descends, when the unrelenting heat crushes our desire to sit inside and make learned remarks about things we probably cannot afford.

The first thing you need to know about auctions in this season or any other, is that homework is required. Collections are built through assiduous effort, constant viewing and reviewing of objects and offers, constant communication with your stable of experts, and frequent attaboys to keep your spirits up and, as they said in the Revolutionary War, to keep your powder dry.

Upon receipt, review your catalogs at once.

True connoisseurs, that is to say people who play the game better than anyone else, want information early, thorough, and precise. Thus, when a new catalog arrives (that could well be every single day), you must sit down and glance and skim every page. When you get good at this game, this review will only take 10 minutes or so.

As you skim, mark each page that contains something of potential interest. The best thing to do is when you have a little bit more time, create bookmarks by cutting up scrap paper and keep a jar full of them so you’re prepared when the catalogs arrive.

This preliminary review gives you a sense of what may become important over the next days and weeks before the auctions. The goal is not to make a decision now, it is simply to give you a bird’s eye view of everything that is coming up at the auction houses you follow.

Thanks to contemporary universal communications, you may have auctions you’re interested in in Stockholm, Vienna, Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, New York, and other major cities, whereas in the olden days, before the internet and computers, you probably couldn’t follow more than one auction house in one city at a time. These days it is perfectly common to follow both major auction houses (Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Dorotheum), and some localized regional houses.

Let’s be honest with each other: this is not easy to do. It takes sustained focus, and a willingness to do what is necessary so that you will not be intimidated when you look for goods in Sweden or Madrid. The worldwide communications revolution has quite clearly fundamentally altered communications, and they have made it possible to learn about, study, and acquire the lots of your highest interest. Craziness extra.

Once you have accomplished your preliminary review, consult your bank book. As I so well know, being a connoisseur with a desire to achieve a splendid collection of international importance selected from the widest variety of goods, you must follow up your preliminary review with a more thorough secondary review.

It is a wise idea to organize this review by date. Remember, when you’re dealing with many auction houses worldwide, your life will be like a popcorn machine, with new sales popping up all the time. Thus, organize your catalogs in chronological order. Don’t just mark the objects you’re interested in, mark the objects you need help with.

I can recall one instance, for example, when I was purchasing Swedish silver sugar bowls from the 18th Century and before. Some of the best silver of this kind was produced in Stockholm, which was then a major political force in Europe. The silver bowls produced in Sweden, however, did not feature elaborate family coats of arms, or other heraldic markings. I was curious, because the objects would have been so much more dramatic, at least in my opinion, with these engraved devices. But it was not the custom to engrave silver as they did in every other major European power. Chacun à son goût.

So… review all your catalogs… mark the items you are interested in… and be clear on the sales date for each catalog you’re interested in. Here is where strategy comes into play. You may see, as I often do, a lovely item on page 1, that is not quite as lovely as an item on page 6, that is not quite as lovely as an item on page 52. Connoisseurs have a constant dilemma. Should you nail down the first item in an auction, even though that may constitute all your available resources, or should you pass on the first item to get to the second, doing the exact same thing to get to the third item. This is a conundrum, a puzzle, an ongoing test of your strategic abilities.

Very few of us have unlimited resources. We must, like I have done throughout the years, work harder, research more thoroughly, and enter the auction arena with nerves of steel. In the auction game, things change with lightning speed. Items which you think you couldn’t afford all of a sudden are selling for fifty percent of what you thought they would. You have to be ready to make the appropriate move, and you must never regret it if your strategy doesn’t work out. Learn from your failures.

By the same token, when you get something that you didn’t expect to get, and you get it below the low estimate, do a happy dance around your desk and whoop it up. Napoleon Bonaparte used to say “Give me the lucky man.” The more you play this game, the luckier you will get.

This brings me to the spring silver sales now underway. I have been spending the last few days in my usual state of anguish and anxiety. All three major European auction houses are having silver sales of the exact things that I crave and cherish. Two of the companies have their silver sales on the same day… different companies, even different continents… same day. This has happened to me on other occasions, where I have one company on hold on one phone and one company on hold on the other. Complete control and clarity are essential in this situation.

Mark the lots that you most want. Do this in all the sales catalogs you have. Do not give way to over-enthusiasm, to an “I must have” attitude. No matter how rare the item you want, there will always be a rarer item coming down the pike.

When I was a graduate student at Harvard, I lived like most graduate students. That is to say, I was a man of empty pockets and unyielding dreams. If some wise acre had told me forty years ago that I would be playing this game with some of the biggest international players, I would not just have disbelieved, I would have scoffed. Such things may happen in fairy tales, but not to graduate students without a schilling in their pocket. But my dream indeed has come true.

Just this morning, I purchased an early 19th Century Venetian seascape by Giacomo Guardi (1764-1835). It is a lovely picture hitherto down on its luck, needing TLC and lots of it. Luckily, it found me, and it now has a chance of life again, and grandeur. This afternoon I’ve been working on my silver collection. Each of these numerous items is an asset. As I have said for so many years, all assets in play. Do not just sit on an asset and look at its thrilling aspects. See it not just as a stationary thing, but as an asset to leverage more. To be a connoisseur is to be not just a finder of beauteous objects, but an economic wizard, seizing a thing, twisting and turning that thing, until you have another thing, and the process takes place all over again for the rest of your life.

Musical note from Grace Jones “Art Groupie” (1981)

I’ve turned to my friend Grace Jones for a comment or two on this matter. Grace is never less than totally frank, which makes so many people squirm, knowing that they may be the next one in her sights.

“Don’t ask me any questions,
My personal life is a bore,
Admire me in glory,
An Art Groupie. That’s all.”

“I’ll never write my memoirs,
There’s nothing in my book,
The only way you see me an Art Groupie,
I’m hooked.”

And so am I.


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  • Come to Cambridge! Birthplace of great ideas that changed the world


Of Cambridge, Harvard and the ghosts of the many diversified people who lived there.
They were experts in theology, education, trade, capitalism, literature, music… all these arts grew here in Cambridge, and at Harvard, often first, since we have always been years, if not decades ahead of the people elsewhere who foolishly make comparisons they cannot hope to win.
Folks come to visit me here in Cambridge, my place of choice. Me and all our artifacts, theories, stratagems, plans, great deeds, dreamt of then consummated… it all happens here in my neighborhood and has been happening here for hundreds of years, no end in sight. Those persons urging me to escape while the getting’s good have never of course lived in any place of such scope, brilliance, challenge, and ultimately veritas, truth.

Whatever the inconveniences (and they are not rare), these pale into insignificance by a single glance. What I see before me on days no matter what the weather, are the great people, the great ideas, the great dreams, the great challenges, the hope and spirit of a great people, everyone my neighbor.
for many years, I have been writing about my neighbors, my instructors, my friends, my lovers, my guests and visitors, and all the richness that they bring with them. I have lived here. I have grown older here. I have used the talents of people I encountered here to build enterprises of international use and merit. And in due course, I shall be buried here.
Now I invite you to amble through the following pages. I have selected a fraction of the articles I’ve written about this grand old city… what has made her… what has sustained here… what has made us proud… and the things we are still doing that will in due course make us proud again.

You will see Cambridge people of note in this book. You will learn of history that has shaped our lives and mental landscapes. I tell you about Anne Hutchinson, who despite every obstacle, brought us religious diversity and freedom of thought.

I’ve taken you to the homes of notable Cambridge people: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dr. Charles Follen, and George and Martha Washington, to name but a few. I’ve showed you how they lived at various times, and their Cambridge connections. They were just a part of the rich legacy.

Read this book carefully; do not skim it. You see, someday if you are very lucky, you may live in Cambridge too. If you do, you will be supremely happy, just as I have been for so many years.

Digital copy in PDF and Kindle epub format.


Hey, Internet marketing chump. Looks like you’ve been fooled again. You must like it!

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Author’s program note. I can’t stand it another minute, Poopsie. I just cannot stand by and let you fail for even one more minute. Because today, like yesterday, and all the days before, you are going to fail; you are not going to make a single penny from that joke you call your online “business”.
Instead by day’s end when you’ve racked up another day of chump change, you’ll be worse off… a day wasted, a precious day you could have used to get ahead, now in the cosmic trash can… clueless on how to get out and make the money you say you want. Look at yourself closely in the mirror right now… that’s one poor puppy staring back at you…. pale, wan, hapless, helpless, pathetic, disgusting. And this is the guy you expect to lead the victory parade? LOL! LOL! LOL!
It’s time for your Internet marketing make-over… It’s time to own up to and grasp what you are doing (the stuff that doesn’t work) and what you must do (if you expect to have any chance of online success at all).
Let’s get started with a cool tune that pretty well summarizes the mess you’re in, the mess you’ll stay in if you don’t follow sensible advice and make a radical change.
“”Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It”)
Go to any search engine now. Find the tune and set it on the highest decibels, for you’re about to fly. Put up your collar… find those ultra cool shades you sheepishly wore just once… wear them like the symbol of insolence and impertinence they were meant to be … now move that arthritic body… for babeeeeee, you are about to astonish the world; Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers — plus one extra guy looking remarkably like… me — are about to help you out of the sad situation you just can’t seem to shake . The song is “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It”). Recorded in (1971, it was what rock was all about… attitude… edge… in your face… don’t tread on me, maggot… stand back world and prepare to be astonished, I’ve got the ticket to ride.
Now belt out the lyrics that pretty much summarize your entire Internet experience…
“Looks like I’ve been fooled again/ Looks like I’m the fool again/ I don’t like it, I don’t like it.”
Now hear this… you’re not just singing a tune… you’re announcing the advent of the new regime… the regime where you’re a successful online marketer, not just some luckless schlepper, kick-me sign always on your back side, the guy it’s oh-so-easy to ridicule, disdain, and dismiss. You can always feel sorry for these toads, but you can never, ever respect them. And that’s why you don’t just need to scream “I don’t like it”. You’ve got to do something to turn the fiasco you call Internet marketing around… and at once!
Try these suggestions on for size.
1) STOP doing what you’re doing. It doesn’t work. Can’t work. And the silliest thing is that you ever thought it would work. The great thing about the ‘net is how easily you can test your ideas, thoughts and suppositions to see how well they work, indeed to see whether they work at all. For you see, something that doesn’t work today is not going to work tomorrow. Thus, experimentation is and must always be the order of the day, every day. If you won’t test, you won’t succeed.
2) Get trained. In my role as an Internet success counselor at Worldprofit Inc, have had occasion to train, work with, and nudge thousands of people worldwide over the last 20 years.
Nudge? What that means is not just setting the objective and teaching folks how to achieve it… but to keep each student’s nose to the grindstone, keeping them focused, accepting absolutely no excuses, including absolutely no “special pleading” where the candidate offers “reasons” why she didn’t do what she was pledged to do: following each and every step, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Your nudge is an essential part of your success team, and though I say it myself, I am the best nudge on Earth, the least easy to deceive and hide from, unrelenting, never losing sight of the goal, more determined to see you successful than absolutely anyone except your mother. You’d be exceptionally lucky to work with me, and that’s a fact.
So, I ask you. Who’s helping you set goals, brainstorm means of reaching them, reviewing results to see what worked and what didn’t, and always ensuring you stay on track? Yeah, I thought so. You’re not doing it, no one is helping you do it. You’re not focused on results, no one is helping you get focused. Thus your results are non existent, just the way they have always been. What an embarrassment! Have you got any self-respect?
3) You have no list and are not doing the consistent, strenuous work it takes to grow one. This one’s a real killer.
For the last over 40 years now I’ve been telling my students, beating it into their often amazingly resistant brains that “the list is the business, the business is the list.”
How important is your list? Say there’s a fire in your office. What would you grab first to save? Inventory? No, inventory is easily replaceable. Your computer? No worry here. Easily replaceable again. (You do back up, don’t you?) That picture of your mother-in-law; you know the one that confirms her near perfect resemblance to a rare genus of ancient lizard? (Please try to be serious.)
The correct answer, of course, is your list. It is essential, irreplaceable, unique. It’s loss would be catastrophic, a body blow from which you might never recover. And that is why “the list is the business, the business is the list.” The $64,000 question just this: What did you do today to build your list and turn it into the huge money-making tool you require to make the big bucks you say you want and haven’t got a clue how to get. Self-deception, self-deceit, self-delusion. This is what you’re specializing in and your thread-bare results give ample testament about just how successful you’ve been… and will always be. That better make you happy, because that, lamb chop, is what you’re going to get.
4) How are your copywriting skills? Can you write the words that dance and thrill, the words that make people from Alabama to Beijing jump up and shout, causing even the deadest heart to beat faster, faster, faster still? You’d better be, because otherwise you’re in for a lifetime of significance expense, since top copywriters command top dollars… the dollars that come straight out of your pocket; so sad for you but absolutely necessary if you expect to have ad copy that pulls the more lucrative response.
Of course knowing you, you’ll try to conjure the magic words yourself; anything to save a penny. But that, as you’ll quickly learn, just won’t cut it… words without the wizard’s legerdemain, without the magic, produce dismal results… and that just won’t do unless you like endless outflow and driblets of income, few and far between. This is your certain fate when you turn down demonstrated experts and attempt to do their crucial job yourself. Sucker.
5) Trying to build a money-making business off of “free”? Are you one of the hundreds of millions of would-be entrepreneurs online this very moment who is making — and every single day, too — the critical, fatal error of trying to make money off “free stuff” to be found online? If so, listen up. That is IMPOSSIBLE, can’t be done, and only wastes your time and energy. Did you hear me? The extent to which you want Internet success without reasonable investment is the extent to which you will fail, absolutely, positively, guaranteed.
Now for the real craziness. Day after futile day would-be entrepreneurs and Internet marketers enter the Live Business Center at They are told, clearly, honestly, politely, thoroughly what they need for success… and go right out to do the EXACT reverse, ensuring failure, DOA. The Internet has empowered these sad creatures, each a candidate for spam, rip-off, certain loss and every variety of bamboozlement.
Why does this happen to so many so often with such miserable results? Because the typical ‘net entrepreneur is the very model of sloth, laziness, avarice. They want wealth without effort; magnificent results without knowing how to get them; falling victim over and over again to those who find victimizing these foolish people a piece of cake; integrity, honesty and old fashioned business standards and acumen the first to perish in such a pernicious environment; once gone, gone forever.
Must it be this way? Certainly not. Failure as much as success is a choice. Now it’s time for you to make the right decision at last.
Visit me in the Live Business Center at where we work together in a giant worldwide team so that you have expert assistance 24/7/365 advising, counseling, guiding, reassuring, all accomplished in an environment of professionalism and good fellowship. This is the proven way to substantial financial wealth, a unique place online for people who have not hitherto seen such benefits, much less so fast or certain. It’s good, isn’t it, to “see you think so much of me”? What’s more, unlike Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, you’ll never be fooled again, and you’ll surely like that!