Ways To Save For Your Vacation-In Hard Times


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In these hard times we have to be especially careful with our money. That is why you will hear so many people say they want to go on a vacation but they simply can not afford it. We all need a break to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves, but when all our money is going towards bills we can not spare the expenses, since vacations are not exactly cheap.

Even if you are living paycheck to paycheck, that is no reason why you should not be able to take some time off and enjoy yourself. To that end, here are some Ways to save for your vacation. We spend a lot more money then we realize and if you can start saving these added expenses, by the time the year comes to an end you can probably afford to go on a nice get away.

1. Avoid fast food. It is tempting to swing by the local fast food place to grab a coffee on your way to work, but these add up, fast. Instead of getting coffee from some place on your way to work, brew your own at home and drink that. It is just as quick since you can do it while you get ready and it is much much cheaper.

2. Avoid eating out. Similar to point one, but far more expansive. If you are looking for Ways to save for your vacation then this will likely be your biggest one. Simply grabbing a burger on your way home for work can be quite costly. Not only is it expensive but eating out is also bad for your health. Try to eat only home cooked meals, you can save money as well as take care of your body.

3. Clear out the house. We all have old items that we do not need or use anymore, that are lying around taking up space. Instead of letting these items sit there collecting dust, or throwing them away, sell them. Garage sales can bring in a surprising amount of money. After all, one mans junk is another mans treasure. Not only can you get rid of those unwanted items, but you can make a pretty penny from it at the same time.

4. Save your change. People like to ignore change, a few pennies and dimes, who really cares right? They might say “keep the change” or put it in some local charity jar. And while the former might not seem like a big deal, and the latter makes you feel better, ultimately you need to take some time for yourself and that requires money. All those pennies and dimes you discard throughout the year can really add up.

5. Cut out non-essentials. Even those with tight budgets will often buy things they do not need. They might get their hair cut, or rent a movie or something small like that. But why waste your money? If you are looking for Ways to save for your vacation then this is probably the best one.

Try to do as much as you can yourself, cut your own hair or find a friend or family member to do it for you. Just do as much as you can yourself, so that you can save that money for your vacation.

How to turn your child into a GUARANTEED Millionaire

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Do you love your children?
Would you do anything to ensure their life-long
Of course, you say!
Then, why aren’t you instructing them in how to
get RICH?
The plain fact is, the overwhelming majority of
parents have a “que sera sera” approach to
the crucial business of training their children
in GUARANTEED wealth building. This is a HUGE
error. Instructing your children in how to get rich
has at least as much or an even greater pay-off than
any immunization, sports mastery, or school
degree. Yet you’re currently not doing anything
about it!
That needs to change at once.
1) Start as early as age 5.
Becoming a GUARANTEED millionaire is as
much a function of time as anything else. Thus,
the earlier you get started instilling good wealth-
building habits, the better. Five is an excellent
place to start! Kids already older than five? Don’t
give up on that account! Just because you can’t
start at the ideal time doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t start at all.
2) Make wealth-building a game.
Growing a fortune means developing good
habits. But just because they’re good doesn’t
mean they have to be dull or onerous. Set
aside time each week for the “Let’s make
Bobby rich” game. Make getting rich light,
fun, and a great opportunity to get to know
your child better.
3) Explain the mission
Even 5 year olds understand that living well
has lots of advantages. More of this, more of
that. Your job is to show them how good
financial habits deliver the goodies — for life.
4) Open the pot with a couple of bucks
To start your child’s financial education and
the good wealth-building habits of a lifetime,
start off by putting just $5 in the pot. Make
it clear that this number will be steadily
augmented as the child helps around the
house: 10 cents for making the bed… an
extra quarter for walking the dog. It’s
essential that the child’s desire for “more”
be whetted as soon as possible and that
you incentivize as much as possible.
Never just give an allowance. Earning is
necessary in the real world… and the sooner
your children understand this, the better!
5) Put the money in the bank
As soon as possible, open a bank account in
your child’s name. Call the bank to ascertain
the minimum for this all-important first account.
Then go to the bank.
Make this trip an event. Dress up. Explain you’re
talking your darling to a VERY important place.
Make sure to say these people are helpful and
want to be your friend and help you achieve a
better life.
Note: call ahead to see who will be available
to see you. Explain what you’re doing. Bankers
are human, too (really!) and can get into the
spirit of this enterprise. After all, you’re bringing
future customers!
More: if you have several children, make sure
to bring the others with you. These visits are good
for refining manners and getting live account
6) Switch from bank savings accounts to
no-load mutual funds as soon as you have
the minimum in your account.
No load mutual funds (with automatic dividend
and income reinvestment) are a better way to
grow capital than mere savings accounts. Before
switching, talk to your banker about what he may
have available. ALWAYS take your children
with you when these discussions occur. The
more familiar they are with what’s happening with
their money, the better.
7) Don’t stop your meetings and don’t touch
the capital!
We have a useful expression here in frugal New
England: “Start as you mean to go on.” What
that means is, make time for this all-important
financial education. Don’t stop because you miss
a week, or even a month. That’s what they say
in diet classes… and the same is true here.
Remember, what you’re doing is essential for
your child’s well-being.
One More Thing
In so far as humanly possible, DON’T touch your
child’s capital, even for college. A college education
is NOT the objective. Being rich is. That means
regarding your capital as sacred.
Follow these steps, and you’ll have the satisfaction
of seeing your child rich, a bona fide millionaire.
Guaranteed! Uncork the champagne. You’ve earned
it. Your children are lucky to have such excellent
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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
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  • “You Were Never Lovelier, You Were Never So Fair.” June 2016.: Flower Power Vol. 3


When I first moved to Cambridge I encountered a disgusting display of what happens when civic “leaders” forget what they are in office to do, thereby leaving a disgusting eyesore in the middle of the city for all to see. I took action and I called the mayor’s office, I called the office of the city councilors, I called the parks division to do something, and do it now. I continued to call until finally one Cambridge mayor was produced. I literally took his honor by the hand and showed him where to look and where to sniff. He made a note of both. And so, the
great wheels of government began to turn, ever so slowly. I
said to his honor, the mayor, “Any official in any European city
our size would regard the absence of green grass properly
cut, trees properly tended, and pots of flowers in riotous
numbers as a disgrace.” But Americans seem to regard flowers
as superfluous, unessential, and a waste of money.

Slowly, improvements came to the great Common, where I might, by law, allow my cattle and horses to graze, should I ever get any.

The statues take a prominent place but you will look in vain for snatches of color, riotous color, color that thrills you. Flowers have that power, but we have no flowers.

Perhaps the City Fathers and City Mothers think the careless folk, little aware of how difficult it was to get the flowers here in the first place, might allow their urinating dogs to pollute them. I concur, that could well be an issue.Or perhaps they will think that hoodlums might do wheelies through all the color, for the shear joy of being destructive and “cool”. This, too, is a potential worry.

Or young lovers, of whom we have a plethora, an overabundance, might pluck the fairest blooms to give to a lover, who might be superseded in an moment or two for someone better in every way. This, too, could happen.

But we cannot deny the great majority of our fellow citizens the beauty of flowers… even if the first crop, and the second crop, and, yes, the third crop be destroyed by one menace or another. We must be tenacious and insist upon beauty as the goal, no matter how long it takes to achieve it.

Here, in this book, in this three volume series, you will find all the reasons you will ever need to put flowers in our Common, and complete the long pending task. For without flowers there cannot be, will never be a conclusion that is suitable for the people of this great, internationally renowned and much visited city, settled by Puritans for the work of God.

And if you do not think that planting flowers is the work of God, then you need to stop and look about you, for each flower is an emissary of God to cheer us in our miseries, as the stories in my three volumes show so well.

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Author: HO



Tales of All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Excerpt from the Introduction:
One Fall day, when I was a student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, a small party of my closest friends and I undertook to go out in the twilight fast falling, and see what we might see of the opening in the Earth’s crust where every sort of noxious, evil, malevolent creature was waiting to come forward and populate the night scene with doom and despair.We found ourselves in a small village, not a soul on the street, not a soul to be seen… but in one place: the cemetery. The cemetery was heavily overgrown with vegetation, heavy moss, and strangulating plants. The very aura of the place made us want to cross ourselves and implore “I beg of Thee, O Sweet Jesus, that at the hour of my death, Thou wilt show me mercy.”

There was something lurid about this place of the dead. And then we saw it. On an overturned tombstone, bright with creepers, this message: “Not Dead But Sleepeth”. At once, we felt sure that that was a message for us to retire as quickly as possible back to the haunts of man, who craves the congregation of our still quick neighbors.

I have never forgotten that day, the haunted aspect, the omnivorous plants, the overturned tombstones, and the frightful possibilities which we saw clearly might emanate from such a place where death stands forth each Halloween and the aspect for all is frightening.

This is Halloween, and this, my book, is composed of stories that make it all explicable. Halloween is an acknowledgment that evil exists, and that evil is daily in confrontation with God and the Cosmos. Thus, each All Hallows’ Eve, October 31st, the door to Hell swings open on rusty hinges releasing a terrible smell of burning flesh and brimstone, Prince Lucifer’s luxurious perfume.

The doors to Hell swing open, bit by bit releasing the unlimited number of sad and woebegone creatures packed within 364 days a year, and released to carry on their noxious work. It must be done before midnight of the next day. And so smart people stay locked behind closed shutters, holding hands, singing psalms, and praying to God Almighty for relief, mercy, and absolution. For if the Devil is around this night, God is surely around as well.

All Hallows’ Eve, most fervently celebrated by the Celtic peoples of Europe, is an indication that the great war between good and evil, between God and the Devil, is not finished yet. God ascends in triumph for all but 24 hours of the year. In these 24 hours, every transgression, every sin, every malevolence, is not only imaginable, but visiting your neighborhood to see who could be wooed to attend the macabre dances of Prince Lucifer, where burning flesh is the prevalent scent, because fire is the prevalent instrument.

We of course wish to think nothing on this terrible event which comes to call so many, and returns no one at all. Their motto: “Not Dead, But Sleepeth”. And they wake up with a vengeance and a purpose on All Hallows’ Eve.

This book offers five Halloween tales, each of which is intended to take you into this curious holiday, where the real meaning has been filtered out, leaving nothing besides sugar and delusion.

We start with the way Halloween was when I was growing up as a boy in Illinois, 60 years ago and more. In my role as a cultural historian, writer of many articles and books about human behavior and its various manifestations, I felt it my bounden duty to publish this story and show you what Halloween was like in bygone America.

The next tale deals with Ichabod Crane, a famous American character from Washington Irving and the Hudson Valley School of Literature. It makes Halloween come alive, although most of it is actually dead.

The next article deals with the quintessential Halloween fruit (yes, fruit), pumpkins. This tale takes you deep into the whys and wherefores of pumpkins, which come into this world with a clear objective: to frighten us to death when they are turned by deft carving into jack-o-lanterns, the fruit of our bizarre imaginations, and the pumpkins’ ability to portray them. Kicking a pumpkin to death is technically akin to “Get thee behind me, Satan”. Thus, those vandals who disrupt our coy holiday motifs may actually be doing God’s work. It’s a thought.

We carry on into the matter of witches. The Bible is very clear on the matter of witches and all types of sorcery:

“When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.” (Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

One aspect of Halloween which we wish not to consider is the matter of witches and their related colleagues in the black arts. We do not wish to believe what our ancestors so fervently believed… that witches are certainly here, that they communicate with the Devil, and are the handmaidens of his dark hours and purposes.

Finally, we end on a lighter note. It was not my intention to include this article, but Kris McNamara, my helper, said “Of course you must address the issue of candy. What do you think Halloween means to most people in the neighborhood and the nation. It means your God-given right to stuff yourself.”

Think for a moment, of who benefits from the candy avalanche in your neighborhood. Dentists cheer. Candy companies hold riotous parties on Halloween night, when profits zoom. People making flimsy costumes that mock evil, and make it seem it is a matter of children, when in fact it is a life or death matter for everyone.

So candy sweetens the brimstone, and perfumes the fire of flesh. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you… the Devil owns 100% of the stock in every chocolate and candy company around the world. He sells the costumes. He even charters the dentists, whose enamels are so easily chipped by the excessive intake of fructose.

So who is the Number One beneficiary of All Hallows’ Eve? Prince Lucifer. Remember, Lucifer was God’s right hand man before he was banished from Heaven, and he left with every skill he ever had, including making sure that no one is really frightened by his works, when in point of fact, they should be on their knees begging for mercy.

You see, Lucifer is a clever public relations executive. He wants maximum dollars for minimum work… a true entrepreneur. If he came out and ordered his gruesome minions to frighten the entire population, he would not be able to maintain his comfortable, lucrative occupation.

Who sweetens the candy? Lucifer. Who designs the fetching wrappers, which catch your eye? Lucifer. Who puts the children on the streets to collar as much deleterious sweetness as quickly as possible? Lucifer, of course. So now today, I tell you this: this is Lucifer’s day, and whatever you do, look carefully at every label. His expansive inventiveness will be apparent in everything pertaining to this long-standing tradition called All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween.

And when the crevice in the Earth, which opened to release the ghouls, begins to close on rusty hinges, you may be sure that all the loot that Satan has cleverly amassed in such a short time is on its way to its final destination… the bottomless coffers of Prince Lucifer.

“Our God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come” (from the hymn “Our God, Our Help in Ages Past ” by Isaac Watts. 1719).


This version is performed by Westminster Abbey.

Get your copy of “Tales of All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween”
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYVI08C

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