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Will Gov’t Shutdown Slow Down Your Tax Refunds?

Well, howard, so far they’re saying no.

The IRS will announce tomorrow it will start
processing 2019 tax returns on January 28,
under mandate ordered by the White House.

During the current the Federal Government
shut-down, the IRS is working with only 12.5
percent of its regular staff.
Have any of you suffered from 
       that so far? Didn’t think so.

By the way, due to that extreme staff-shortage,
the IRS has suspended all audits, except for
criminal cases. (Oh, darned!).

Uncle Sam has not released any contingency
plans, in the event the shut-down drags on.

Last year, the IRS kicked off tax filing season
on January 29. By the end of the first week
it had received 18.3 million returns and had
authorized $6.1 million refunds, with an
average payout of $2,035.

Could there be a delay in processing refunds?
Let me ask you a question – would any astute
politician who wants to be reelected in 2020
dare let a “small thing” like a government
shutdown delay refund checks from being
delivered promptly to 122-million voters?
(Oops, I meant to say taxpayers.)

Occasionally (but rarely) the self-interest of
politicians can actually work to our advantage.

That’s a Tax Tip You Can Bank On for
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Dr. Ronald R. (“Ron”) Mueller, MBA Ph.D. 
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Updated !!!The boy next door… the best of the Great Republic. You sleep easy throughthe night because of him… and millions like him. A Tribute!


I wanted to share with each of you this special occassion!

The boy next door… the best of the Great Republic. You sleep easy through the night because of him… and millions like him. A Tribute!

Author’s program note. When was the last time you considered the state of our Great Republic and did anything — anything at all — to sustain and improve it?

If you cannot immediately say and cannot recall what you did, if you have nothing but rancorous thoughts and feelings about our continuing great experiment in the governance and well being of mankind, then stop and focus your full, undivided attention on this article and its subject: Howard Hector Martell, Jr. For this day, like every other day over the past 20 years, Howard Martell has served us… you, me, the Great Republic, all of us able to live life as we wish because of him and his colleagues in every great service of our great nation.

To set the stage for this story, to provide the essential sound, I have selected music from one of the greatest public affairs programs ever — “Victory at Sea.” It is a documentary television series about naval warfare during World War II that was originally broadcast by NBC in 1952-1953. The stirring music was composed by Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett. Rodgers, well known for a string of iconic Broadway musicals, contributed 13 “themes”; short piano compositions a minute or two in length. Bennett did the scoring, transforming Rodger’s themes into a variety of moods, all designed to touch your heart and fire your imagination. The result was pure magic.

Find out for yourself. Go now to any search engine. Listen to a few of the “themes” to get you started. I like “Hard Work and Horseplay”, “Theme of the Fast Carriers” and, of course, “The Song of the High Seas.” However, to honor Howard Martell, listen to “Guadalcanal March.”  It is the essence of what a grand march should be… the kind of march Howard has so well earned… I’m playing it now as I write.

New London.

New London, Connecticut is a seaport city and a port of entry on the northeast coast of the United States. It is located at the mouth of the Thames River which locals demand you pronounce to rhyme with “James”, unlike the great river of London, England which rhymes with ‘hems”. The folks in New London insist upon their rendering; after all, they were part of the victorious Revolution that tossed the Brits out — and their eccentric pronunciations. As you hear this said, you begin to grasp the fact that New London is not merely a place of picturesque aspects; just what meets the eye. Rather, it is a place where young boys glimpse the great sea at hand, so beckoning, and dream dreams of faraway places and what life can be.

Howie Martell was such a boy.

He was born June 27,1973, attended local schools, graduating from Griswold High School. People remember him, if they remember him at all, as shy, uncertain; a boy who would smile at you… but only after you had smiled at him. Teachers with many students to instruct would remember him indistinctly and call him “average.” But such an appraisal would have been incomplete, inaccurate, failing to capture his essence, for this boy was a dreamer of great dreams… and New London, for centuries the home port of audacious mariners, offered him the means to live them, mere dreams no longer.

On August 10, 1992, just 19, he left the comfort of family, friends, the only place he had ever known, placing his future in the hands of strangers who would, in due course and short order, become comrades, a word civilians may know but so seldom understand. And so Howard Martell entered the service of the Great Republic, discovering a destination more important than any of the 48 countries he came to visit. He found himself… and became a man.

From this point, his resume tells the story… it is all USN, the resume of a man who studied hard, knew his business — the Great Republic’s business — and was esteemed by superiors who always found him ready to assist, eager to learn, and above all trustworthy and responsible.

In the process a man was shaped who was the complete Navy professional, respected by all, able to be, as events required, a man who could lead, a man who would be loyal, a man you wanted on your team, because he (and this touches the heart of this man) always stood for the success of his team, never just his own. As people came to know him, they saw this… and admired the man who put collective success above mere personal gain. Thus the Navy took Howard Martell, once a shy boy no one could quite remember, to its heart. He received one deserved honor after another… Navy Good Conduct Medal… six times… Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal… four times… Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal… Iraq Campaign Medal… two times. And most telling of all a plaque from his fellow First Class Petty Officers who thereby saluted one of their own. He was indeed the complete Navy man…  a man who twenty years before had made the right decision.

The need for service in the age of selfishness.

It is a truism that older citizens will engage in endless rodomontades which detail the innumerable outrages perpetrated by the young against society. How they are ill-educated, lazy, unkempt, unclean of body and language. How they cannot be depended upon… how they flout all established behavior, video game obsessed wastrels who cannot be trusted and will never amount to a hill of beans. Thus goes the jeremiad; you can catch a whiff of it whenever two adults of fifty or so gather. From the very start of the first civilization each man steps into this argument in his maturity, as easily as he dons casual clothes. It is one of the perqs of aging, and no senior citizen will ever give up this sacred right to pontificate. I shall not give it up either and so I give you some pungent thoughts on the matter of service, a concept that alternates between being an afterthought and the salvation of the nation. What we require is calm reflection and sensible policies on the matter. And so I choose to use my words not to grumble but to exhort… to touch a shy boy or girl reading this article and help them both select the responsible path, the path trod by Howard Martell and generations of young people before… the path of service… and the abiding need of the Great Republic for… you!

Young friend, our way of governance, our core beliefs, the very future of our noble enterprise is not only challenged, but at risk. You have a choice — mindless dissipation and decay, or personal development and redemption through the bestowal of your time, mind and heart to the pressing affairs of the Great Republic. In short, you can ignobly remain part of the problem, or become infinitely more valuable as part of the solution.

There is nothing neutral about this decision. It is of the greatest possible consequence and can only be made by you. A great idea, the greatest notion of statecraft ever propounded, the Great Republic itself awaits your verdict, hopeful, expectant, confident. Howie Martell made the right choice. Will you?

… And now it is time to end Howard’s military career with all the pomp and circumstance he has earned… and which a grateful Navy can provide.

Stand forward Petty Officer First Class Howard Hector Martell, Jr.. For your service, your nation, your friends, family and comrades mean to honor you before the world in due recognition for what you have so abundantly given… above all the gift of loyalty and fidelity to a great institution so needed by this great nation.

And so through each of the hallowed retirement traditions all Naval personnel know so well… until this event, at once festive and solemn, reaches the Shadow Box. This is a symbol of a sailor’s many career accomplishments and recognitions. Shadow boxes contain a U.S. flag folded into a triangle, ribbons and medals, insignia and revered devices. They act as a reminder of ranks earned by the retiree and the awards received. It is a mark of the highest honor and cherished accordingly. Yours, Howard, comes complete with the unqualified gratitude of the nation you have served so well… none better… and the sincere thanks of us all. May God grant you sunshine and a fair wind to your many ports of call still to come.


End this article by returning to any search engine and playing the “Victory at Sea” theme. It remains glorious.

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How to stay focused and make money on days you DON’T feel like it!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Did you lay in bed this morning unwilling, unable to get up? Did every fibre of your body demand more time in the sack? Was it a struggle to open an eye… and get up?

Sure enough, if today wasn’t like this, some of your many tomorrows will be. You need to be prepared for such inevitabilities… because they can and will occur and can and will sabotage your ability to make money. Here are some suggestions that’ll help you rise and shine… suggestions I use myself when getting up and getting going are most decidedly NOT my first priority!

1) Create a “to do” list before you go to bed.

The key to making tomorrow organized, efficient, and profitable is what you do today. Make it a rule before you retire for the night to draw up a clear, clean, specific “to do” list. Write it, read it over, put it next to the bed… then turn off the lights.

While you’re sleeping your subconscious mind will be busily at work helping you organize and implement the items on your list. Even when your body is screaming for more sleep and all the creature comforts it can get, the brain — and your crucial “to do” list — will be helping you get up and at ‘em.

2) Take a cold shower.

The British empire, the largest the world has ever known, was practically built on a cascade of frigid water. Its young men, pillars of the imperium, were shipped off to prep schools and immediately subjected to the jarring temperatures which will work for you as well as it worked for them. Don’t stand there and debate…. turn up the cold tap and plunge! You’re about to be invigorated, rejuvenated, primed to run your empire.

3) Do some exercise.

Are you huddling in a corner of your kitchen, hands gripping a cup of joe, comfy in your bunny slippers? Whoa! This isn’t helping getting your act together. You need some brisk, bracing exercise… the kind guaranteed to send vital oxygen to that all- important brain.

Put the steaming liquid down and kick up your heels… or quick-step around your back yard or up and down your street. With every step your brain will exult. The key isn’t coffee… it’s oxygen. Move bristly and infuse it where it must go for maximum good.

4) Give yourself an easy, immediate success.

Don’t feel like doing anything? Then give yourself an easy, immediate success. This should, of course, have been indicated on your “to do” list. Before you go to bed be sure to post on your list an easy thing, a thing that will start today’s sequence of successes. Once begun, as we say in New England, is half done.

What could this “easy” thing be?

It could be calling a long-time customer to get a nice re-order or following up with a new customer to whom you’ve already sent a proposal and quote.

One success engenders another. Even a small success is sufficient. Start successful, remain successful. It all begins when you least feel like it.

5) Put on your head phones and engage with some stirring music.

Still need help getting into gear? Go to the play list on your computer and choose something rousing. What? You don’t have such a play list? Start it today. I can assure you, you are going to need it. Here are some of my sure-fire upbeat selections, guaranteed to get you going:

Wake up Little Suzie by the Everly Brothers (most appropriate, don’t you think?)

Think by Aretha Franklin.

Natalie Cole’s version of Pink Cadillac, and

J.P. Rameau’s always motivating Tambourins I-II from Dardanus.

Your list may well be different from mine; the important thing is to have a list you can access at once. Turn up the sound… and move your body. Your uplifting selections are moving you towards another successful day.

6) Visualize what you’ll get when you turn this day into a success.

All too often we work without conceptualizing why. We work today because we worked yesterday. This is not nearly good enough.

Remind yourself just why you’re working and what special thing today’s successes will help create.

In my case, for instance, I have a pile of auction catalogs stacked high next to my computer. I motivate myself on days when such motivation is needed by looking at the things I want from auctions coming up quickly. Getting myself focused and together is a precondition for maximum acquisition. Visualize success; then do what’s necessary to achieve it.

7) Still not alert and moving? Then take the day off formally and properly.

Like most people these days, you are working more and longer than either your parents or grand parents. We are the most leisure-challenged generation ever.

The plain fact is, you may be unable to get up and resolutely face the day because you’re just worn out. If so, take the day off… sleep in, sleep properly, sleep, relax and goof off without guilt. You’ll be the better tomorrow if you take what is necessary and do not regard it as an indulgence but physical need. Enjoy!

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Did he or didn’t he? Thoughts on whether Jesus married or not.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. I am writing today where I write every day; from my eyrie hard-by the Cambridge, Massachusetts Common, across the street from Harvard University, my alma mater whose motto — “Veritas” (“Truth”) — is everywhere apparent.

It is important, particularly for this article, that you understand something of the history of this venerable place, the city of Cambridge itself, its designated mission, what the Puritans aimed for, and whether they achieved it.

The first settlers to Massachusetts (arriving November 11, 1620) underwent the greatest possible travail and difficulty. They endured their acute miseries, even welcomed them, because they insisted upon their view of God and their direct and personal relationship with Him.

In their new land, there would be no bishops, no cardinals, no fathers Holy or otherwise … just a man, his Bible, his vision of God, and no overweening, dictating authority. On this basis they divided their new home into two parts; Boston was designated the administrative, governmental and commercial headquarters. Cambridge (then called Newe Towne, until 1638) was designated the theological center, including schools; most importantly the most celebrated educational establishment ever created, Harvard.

From its very first moment, it was clear that Cambridge and Rome would be the axes of two fundamentally different views of God and how men should regard, worship, and honor Him. Each side spoke well of the other when necessary, but each regarded the other as capable of any outrage. How could it be otherwise when one claimed infallibility and the other believed no man and therefore no human institution was infallible, a state reserved for God Himself.

From time to time the tensions, always latent, flared. My brilliant classmate Professor John Boswell (1947-1994), though a zealous convert to Roman Catholicism, was one who rocked the boat in one seminal study after another on the Church, its long, early acceptance of openly gay priests and same s** marriage.

Discerning people knew at once with the publication in 1980 of “Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality” that here was a clear, new, lucid, learned voice on some of Rome’s greatest problems. His National Book Award in 1981 was just the first of a cascade of honors. His tragic death from complications of AIDS was a huge setback for tolerance and a way out of Rome’s Gordian Knots. It was rumored then and after that the Roman Catholic Curia breathed a sigh of relief at his death, sotto voce claiming it was God’s will. So the Vatican acknowledged Boswell’s importance and the Veritas that was always his objective.

Now Harvard offers Rome Professor Karen L. King and the now celebrated text suggesting that Jesus was married… his wife being (a) Mary but as yet unclear which one; (there are three mentioned in the Bible). Even the possibility that the Son of God was married has generated a tsunami of controversy, learned (and not so learned) commentary, and knee-jerk reactions of every kind.

Now it is time for me to weigh in, on the principle that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, a phrase written by English poet Alexander Pope in 1709. It became the title of a well-known 1940 song, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, music by Rube Bloom. Bing Crosby, himself a fervent Roman Catholic, added it to his string of hits. You’ll find it in any search engine. I like the sultry version by Mildred Bailey.

Recognized scholars confirm the document is genuine.

The two essential questions: is the document authentic? And is what it reports about Jesus and his wife accurate, thereby proving the case for what would then be the most important marriage in all history?

As for the authenticity of this inelegant document, smaller than a business card, written in a coarse hand with a pen well worn and past its prime, one recognized scholar after another has been sought out by Professor King. Tellingly each and every authority who has seen and scrutinized the actual document has endorsed its authenticity; as the actual thing it purports to be. Exhaustive testing and analysis by the world’s leading experts have failed to produce a single dubious element, feature, or aspect. In short, there is not a single “red flag” to be had, although there are still plenty of doubters.

Professor King, historian of the early Christian church, did her work well, and shrewdly. By her outreach to her peers, she kept her worldwide colleagues in the loop, giving them no grounds for criticism. She shared what she had…. and in the process covered herself, too, in case later analysis yielded doubts not present now. Should such a day ever dawn, Professor King would not be the only one with egg on her face. It would be generously shared with every poobah in the field.

Is the text accurate?

Thus King cleverly dispensed with the lesser query, getting comfortable shared responsibility while ensuring her name would be forever linked to this epochal matter. Now she must go to a far more difficult and controversial place, for the truly essential question is: “Is the message history, true, or merely tittle-tattle in the Coptic language?” And here, to date, there is not only no agreement in general, but little desire to stray beyond the verities of papyrus and pen. And so it’s time for this fool to rush in…

Fate? Accident of history? Conspiracy?

Why is there so much hubbub in the world, both amongst theologians and historians and people on the street concerned about their immortal souls and the Good News that is Jesus, regarding this text specifically and the subject generally? It is because for hundreds of years all manner of people have speculated on the man called Jesus and every aspect of his world-altering career.

Every aspect of his known life matters to us, and so both believers and non-believers alike have made it a point to study and master “The Greatest Story Ever Told”… a story that rivets our attention not least because it so closely touches the matter of our souls and our eternal place in the firmament.

Thus in studying the story of Jesus, we study, too, what may happen to us, individually and species. And because the matter is so significant, we must approach each new development as the greatest of lawyers would have done… with minute scrutiny, wariness, doubt and dubitation; the matter is too significant for us all to warrant any other approach.

Advocates for Jesus’ marriage must ask and answer such piercing questions as these:

1) Is it likely that such a crucial event as his marriage would be found and solely communicated to us in just one document, and that unclearly written in an ungrammatical and uneducated hand?

2) Is it likely that the marriage of Our Saviour would be treated as silently and unheralded as to appear in but one text?

3) Why are the Prophets predicting the advent of Jesus universally quiet on the matter of the help-mate who would partly share his life and lighten his excruciating load?

4) Given the fact that such a spouse presumably out lived Jesus, why is there no document proved and incontrovertible that mentions her in any of the stringent activities and customs of her Jewish widowhood?

5) Why is there no document, authenticated or not, that mentions seeing, visiting, embracing or listening to this spouse, even being given by her any of Jesus’ effects, each of which would have immediately become the holiest of artifacts?

6) And what of the Pharisees and of the Romans? They had each been apprehensive of Jesus when alive and so might well have monitored his widow and any cult of her husband, which she might well have been expected to bolster and grow.

Why is none of this and the thousand related queries not mentioned in the texts and documents which constitute the Bible and related texts? A good sleuth must be forced to conclude they are not there because there was no wife, no help-mate, no spouse, thereby proving yet again how much the Son of Man forfeited for us. And yet….

Where the definitive answer probably resides and three dates.

There has been, so far, a huge h*** in the debate, and I suspect that within this h*** is the solution to the married Jesus conundrum. This h*** is the most lavish, ostentatious, and palatial library ever created, suitable for the men on whom God built his Church. This place is the Vatican Library and it is here, amongst its 75,000 codices and over 1.1 million printed works, that the likely answer is to be found. Yet neither Karen King nor any of the many publications and media sources following this story have even mentioned this absolutely vital resource and its importance for elucidating the matter at hand.

Did Professor King seek to get access to either the general collection or the all-important Secret Archives? If so, why has she not said so, reporting what she may have seen or was not allowed to see? Or did she fail to ask for admission, thereby leaving an enormous gap in her research? For make no mistake about it: the most likely place to find what will solve the matter is amidst the documents of those who have the greatest vested interest. All roads lead to Rome as they have from the days of the Caesars, and to the Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana.

476, 1202,1475.

Three dates are significant to the work of any Biblical scholar, theologian or historian in hot pursuit of Veritas. 476 is when the Roman empire of the West finally fell. Thereafter the greatest library of the world and repository of Church documents was to be found not in Rome but in the Eastern empire, in Byzantium — until April 13, 1204 when during the Fourth Crusade the Christian crusaders sacked the greatest of Christian cities, dispersing its riches, including the riches of its great library; carrying back to Rome masses of crucial Church history. From this emerged in 1475 the library of the Holy See. And it is likely there, Professor King, you will find the answer to the matter at hand, an answer one way or the other, for as Mildred Bailey at her loveliest sang, “Though I see the danger there/ If there’s a chance for me /Then I don’t care.”

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About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant  of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today. Republished with author’s permission by Howard Martell


Thoughts On Colonoscopy, Homage To One Of The Greatest Researchers, Marie Curie, And The Colossal Mistake The US Federal Government Is Making In Re

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author’s program note. It is 5:27 a.m. here in Cambridge, where the invention of the future via research is our product, our pride, our unmitigated purpose… a place of assiduous effort, often lonely, frequently inconclusive, a place where the glory lies not just in achieving a goal but in knowing this achievement will be overtaken by others who will thereby advance truth and progress by using the fruit of every prior effort and exertion, just as those following them will advance beyond everything and everyone which came before, no matter how celebrated or useful in its time.

“If I have seen farther,” Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) famously said, “it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” In that single phrase lies the reason why Cambridge and all its myriad educational institutions exists and why we must assist and not diminish them, for their work is vital, necessary, where the collective brain power and untiring effort move us appreciably, minute by minute, to the perfection which should always be our chief human objective and unceasing mission.

Research, improved procedures, improved outcomes, the gift of health, even the gift of life itself.

I am about to undergo a medical procedure called colonoscopy. It is the third time in the last 13 years that my colon has been scrutinized, first by sigmoidoscopy, which is a partial procedure done while the patient is fully conscious, thereby able to see the entire matter first hand; twice by a complete colonoscopy, ten years ago for the first; the second taking place at 7 a.m. tomorrow, just 24 hours from now.

I am therefore at work preparing for this procedure, each aspect the result of teams of physicians and medical researchers who have, bit by bit, improved what is done and the medical skills and tools necessary to achieve the desired result: quality and longevity of the most important thing we each have — life itself.

Since this life is so important, the very basis for our existence on Earth, we must encourage, exhort, sustain and venerate those who advance it, in both length and utility, and we must oppose, adamantly, vigorously, energetically, unfailingly, anyone in any situation who does anything to diminish and destroy it. As the great humanitarian Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) said, “Ehrfurcht vor dem leben”, (“Reverence for life”) must be at the heart of who we are and our every endeavor, particularly of the researches we undertake.

Homage to Madame Curie, (1867-1934), “haunted by dreams, invincibly eager”.

This poetic description of Marie Skodowska-Curie comes from the 1943 MGM film starring Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon (as her husband Pierre), a film whose world-famous subjects ensured world-wide interest and acclaim. Consider the date of the film. Madame Curie’s native country, the homeland she loved with all the high ardor and profound devotion found in every Pole, was seething under Hitler’s savage rule, his intent nothing less than erasing her land and every person therein.

Her adopted nation, la belle France, writhed under the Nazis, too; abashed, humiliated, mortified by events, mortified more by the collaborators who stained the glory of France with treachery and abiding ignominy.

In such a situation, the powers at MGM, many themselves emigrants from Europe, lucky to be alive, decided to throw down the gauntlet, to tell a tale that would rekindle hope, pride, and purpose in those dark days when the future was anything but halcyon and joyful.

And so Greer Garson, who had transfixed the world with her characterization of Mrs. Miniver (1942), a lady whose innate decency, courage, and grace reminded us what we could do, might have to do in this world at war to inch towards victory and humanity, was tapped to bring Marie Curie, titanic, brilliant, heroic, enduring, tenacious to life. The Nazis had nothing like this, either in film, or more importantly in fact.

The film, of course, awards galore, did what it was supposed to do, not least enthusing multitudes of young people, including a record number of young women, to enter the hard sciences of chemistry, physics, mathematics and all the others once reckoned the sole prerogative of men. Indeed, it is not too much to say that Marie Curie was the godmother of generations of women scientists who thrilled to her message, her serious intent, and the good work she did, the discoveries she made, the lives she changed for the better, without giving up her femininity, spouse, or family. It was an electrifying message for millions. It remains supremely relevant today and is still by no means universally accepted.

The music.

It is now time to introduce you to the music for this article, the most apt sound imaginable: the score to “Madame Currie”. Composed by master Herbert Stothart, probably best known for writing “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939, the music that edged out “Tara’s Theme” in “Gone with the Wind”, arguably the best known movie theme ever written, for the Oscar. He had his work cut out for him for he needed a sound that was as beautiful as the science Madame Curie venerated and served, a pristine acolyte at the forge of truth and knowledge. Go to any search engine now and let the soaring sound by a composer of renown lift you… just as science and unending research lift our species… if we will but let them. Sadly, alarmingly these are now very much at risk. The little men and women of the Capitol are seeing to that, to the general desuetude and disillusion.

The fatal axe called “sequestration”, the despair of scientists and researchers, their important work for the Great Republic and every citizen at risk; the risk that comes when the scientific progress we all have the right to expect is curtailed by our own failure to act and so nurture and sustain it.

It is well known that the federal government needs $1 trillion in budget cuts. What is far less well known is the devastation, the destruction, the ruination this will cause the scientific and research communities. Listen then to Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, who called 2013 the “darkest ever” year for the agency, whose budget is at its lowest inflation-adjusted appropriations level in more than a decade with all that means for scientists laid off, scientists (including the vital supply of young researchers) not hired, bold projects unstarted, bold projects left undone, the nation at terrible risk.

Here are remarks by Steven Salzberg, the director of the Center for Computational Biology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, a well respected biomedical researcher. “Less science is getting done,” he said. “That means cures won’t emerge. Five years from now, when your aunt gets cancer and you can’t do anything for her, people won’t stop and think, ‘Jesus, if we only hadn’t had the sequester!'” Does this make any sense at all, or are we so far gone as a nation that we simply cannot be bothered to save the science and research which have the potential to save us all? Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be?

Colyte, all through the night.

While the politicians diddle, dawdle and duck the tough decisions, their irresolution, cowardice and indecision thereby clouding our collective future, life goes on, not perhaps as good as it could be, but definitely better than it will be, if the sciences and their researchers are so dismissed, devalued, disdained. And so I follow the procedural guidelines to the very letter, afraid that any departure will obscure the result, perhaps resulting in the tragedy I most wish to avoid.

The Day Of Your Test.

4-6 hours before your arrival time.

1) Drink one 8-ounce glass of Colyte every 10-15 minutes until the remaining half of the Colyte is gone. You may have to get up in the night to take this dose. You need to do this for a good preparation.

2) Immediately after drink 2 to 3 8 ounce glasses of Gatorade (preferred) or any clear liquid.

3) Continue to drink clear liquids until 3 hours before your scheduled arrive time. Do not eat any solid food.

4) Do not drink anything, including water, for 3 hours before your arrival time.

And then it was time to leave, on a voyage discovering myself, hopeful but understandably nervous notwithstanding. I must have looked pale and wan for when I got out of the car, my driver Aime Joseph hugged me and said “Courage, mon ami,” something he had never done before.

Then, promptly, efficiently, professionally my Endoscopy Center team went to work. Receptionist Louise, perky and soothing at 6:30 a.m. Followed by Jack, the first nurse, friendly, focused, a man of ease putting me at mine. Then nurses Kathryn and Pat, smiling, reassuring, glad they said to have a patient as well prepared as I was, thereby assuring my regard and gratitude; finally, Dr. Lopes, brisk, amicable, explaining all as we went, master of his craft and of practiced patient care; the physician who gave me the news, all good, no cancer, no growth, no troubling polyps, good to go for another decade and a day. That’s good for me, of course, but with the sequester and further cuts, will you get care as good, thorough, and prompt? It matters.

Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world, but it is more common in developed countries. It is estimated that worldwide in 2008, 1.23 million new cases were clinically diagnosed and that it killed at least 608,000 people. Do what’s necessary to make sure you aren’t one of them.


If you are a reader 50 and above, call your physician today and schedule your colonoscopy and while you’re at it, give this article to a friend. It’s an act of love.

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Health Tips For You Far Away Vacation

Vacations are typically times of great fun and entertainment, times where we ignore the problems of our daily lives and just enjoy ourselves. But there always lurks the possibility for something to go wrong and rain on your whole parade. Health problems and injuries are some of the most common problems vacationers face. When you are out running around and having fun, the likelihood of getting hurt increases significantly. You do not want to have to deal with these problems when far away from home on your vacation. Since these sort of things can happen anywhere, it is best you try to prepare for them as best as possible by using these Health tips for you far away vacation.

1: Memorize the emergency numbers for your area. Depending on where you travel, the numbers for police or medical care may be different then what you are use to. Make sure you verify this and memorize what those numbers are in case you run into trouble. You should also make sure you always have a cellphone handy and make sure you have reception where you are at. This is most important for those vacationing away from civilization, such as camping trips.

2: Make sure to get a checkup and get all your vaccinations before going on a trip, especially one out of the country. These are probably the best Health tips for you far away vacation. There are some nasty bugs out there that your body is not used to facing, and these can make you really sick. So you want to make sure you are prepared for this by getting those vaccine shots.

3: Get travelers insurance that covers medical expenses in foreign countries as well. The last thing you want is a trip to the hospital, especially when you are the one footing the bill. Nothing says ruined vacation like spending all your money on a stay in the hospital. So check into the various traveling insurance plans and make sure to get one that will cover any medical expenses you might run into. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

4: If you are traveling somewhere secluded, again, like a camping trip, make sure to bring a first aid kit. This is not sorted important if you say, going to the beach, but it still can not hurt. But if you are far away from medical attention, you do not want to be left without. So make sure you bring a medkit that has all the essentials you will need. Bandaids, disinfectant and anything else you feel you might need should all be a part of your medical kit. Vacations are a lot of fun and a great way to refresh yourself, but having unexpected medical emergencies crop up can ruin the whole trip for you. By utilizing the tips above you can help mitigate, or even prevent this from happening. There are a lot of things you need to prepare for when planning a trip, and medical care should be at the top of that list.

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Gourmet Coffee Beans And The Magical Flavors To Experience

If you drink coffee and have ever stopped to look at the different types of gourmet coffee beans, you might want to actually give some a try next time you’re shopping for coffee. Instead of grabbing that huge tube of ground coffee, the same brand you’ve been purchasing and drinking for years, or instead of grabbing that more expensive, smaller tub of ?gourmet? ground coffee, break out of your coffee rut and give beans a try. Some people already own a coffee grinder, or remember when their parents used to purchase beans and grind them at home. Some stores still have a grinder right in the coffee aisle.

The beans our parents purchased and ground were usually not gourmet coffee beans, it was simply cheaper to buy the beans and grind them yourself. If you don’t have a grinder at home, coffee grinders aren’t expensive. You’ll enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. While some savor that rich smell when they open a tub or brick or pre-ground coffee, once you’ve inhaled the aroma of freshly ground beans, that tub coffee won’t ever smell quite the same to you. Some people are who are very choosy when it comes to coffee purchase several different types of beans and combine them in certain combinations to get the coffee taste they want. Most of us probably aren’t going to take the time to do that. We know what we like when we drink coffee, and we know what we don’t like. In that case, gourmet coffee beans can be ideal because they’re already specially chosen and designed to offer up a richer, more complex taste that that bag of coffee beans you can purchase at your local A & P. Y

ou don’t have to purchase the same old beans or ground coffee from your supermarket. You can break out of that habit a little with gourmet coffee beans you can buy online. You’ll find blends of different beans like the almighty Arabica, Jamaican, Columbian and many others, as well as beans that are infused with different flavors. You can find beans that will give your coffee a chocolate flavor, or hint at fruit or vanilla, or almost anything you can imagine. When you’re looking at gourmet coffee beans, you literally hundreds of choices, and that choice can seem almost overwhelming. Most places that offer this many choices have information about different types of coffee beans, roasting times, flavors and hints of flavor and general coffee information to help you choose which type of coffee beans to purchase. And don’t forget the people you buy for. Coffee lovers can truly appreciate a thoughtful gift of gourmet coffee beans. If you’re unsure whether they grind their own beans, you can purchase the beans whole and grind them just before gift-giving. While gourmet pre-ground coffee can also be a thoughtful gift, whole beans will give the person on your gift lift the freshest coffee experience possible, and put you at the top of their list.

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Doggie Daycamps-The Many Options For Mans Best Friend

Today, we are used to having more options than ever before. It used to be that many working adults chose not to get a pet since they were gone all day long. Today, though, even busy working adults can have the love and companionship of a dog. To avoid having the dog get lonely (and get in trouble) during the day, there are doggie day camps popping up all over the country. This is a great alternative. Your dog can get out and get some exercise during the day as well as being supervised. This can really be a big help if you get a young puppy.

Having supervision during the day is a great way to ensure your new family member learns good manners and learns where to (and not to) go to the bathroom. Of course, before you leave your "little one" alone in the care of someone else, you want to make sure that that person is qualified and will take good care of your little baby. Here are some things you should know before you choose a particular doggie day camps:

1. How many staff do they have in relation to the number of dogs? You don’t want to have too few staff members to watch over the dogs. It’s important for them to have enough well trained staff to keep a close eye on all the dogs as well as give all dogs equal attention and love.

2. What other services, if any, do they offer? If possible it would be nice to have a groomer, a trainer, or even have a facility that provides transportation to and from "school" everyday. The whole point of getting your dog into a day camp is to make sure they are well cared for, loved and to save you some time and work. Finding a day camp that has a lot of added benefits just makes your life that much easier.

3. And of course, you want to find out if this dog care has a good reputation. Checking with your local human society about complaints, as well as the local chapter of the better business bureau is a good idea. Asking your veterinarian for recommendations is a great place to look too. Also, check with your local pet food store. All of these people may be able to provide you with some recommendations about good quality day camps for your dog.

4. Pricing. It’s not always a good idea to use prices as the main criteria in searching for a good place to keep your dog. You want to make sure that your dog is well taken care of, but you still have to be able to afford it. There could be various packages available too. Some may offer more services than others so that may be one way to cut prices if you need to. Picking doggie day camps can be a great way to make your life a little easier. With these tips you should be able to find a great, safe, place for your dog to go during the day while you are busy at work. It can be a win / win for you and your dog.

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Debt Reduction Advice That Really Works

Locating good debt reduction advice may end up being somewhat confusing for you if you want to lower how much personal debt you have. Too much of the available info makes it seem like it’s nearly impossible. Then you have those places who pretend their advice will help you get out of debt, but it’s actually designed to make stay in debt longer.

There are also those who expect you to live on practically nothing. While most of them mean well, the truth is that they may not be good options for your current situation. That being said, the following advice will be able to help you get out of debt, regardless of which specific method you end up using.

The first thing you need to do is find out exactly where you stand financially. Start a spreadsheet or get a sheet of paper and write down all of your debts. Include every company and person you owe money to, including car payments, mortgage, personal loans, credit card balances, student loans and any bills that are past due. Next to each creditor, write down the total amount you owe, the minimum monthly payment, and the interest rate you are being charged.

Once the list is done, add up the totals in all but the interest rate column. You will now see the total amount of debt you currently owe, as well as the total minimum monthly payments you’re expected to make. The totals will probably shock you, but it’s important debt reduction advice because it shows you a realistic picture of how much debt you have.

The next step is to figure out how much money you have coming in and how much you are spending. Make a list of all of the income you have coming in on a regular basis, as well as any money you could easily get your hands on if you had to (but don’t touch any retirement savings). This gives you a better idea of how much you will be able to apply toward your debt, but there’s one more step… You need to also write down all of your expenses. Don’t leave anything out.

The more honest and accurate you are, the better. Once you see where all the money is going, you can start to see areas where you should be able to cut expenses. The final bit of debt reduction advice is to put all of this data together to start reducing your debt. Free up as much money as you can and apply as much of it as you can toward the debt with the smallest balance (while paying the minimum amount on all others). With luck, you may even be able to pay it off right away. Each time you move on to the next debt, roll over the amount you were paying on the previous one. Keep doing this and you will be out of debt faster than you can imagine.

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