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The 5 Major Elements of the Worldprofit System that help YOU make money.

1. Associate Sign ups
2. List Building
3. Sales Closing in the Live Business Center
4. Multiple Sources of Income
5. Ongoing Training and Support

Worldprofit offers a free Associate Membership. It doesn’t cost anything to be a Worldprofit Associate.  When someone signs up as a free Associate member under you from a landing page, or one of your promotions, our system will send those people an email with offers and incentives to encourage them to login to their Member area. When they login this is recorded in your Member area in the WHO’S LOGGED IN section and also noted on your Prospect Manager Report.  When your Associate logins our Monitors will greet them make them an offer to upgrade to a paid Silver Membership. When someone  you refers upgrades to Silver Membership you get the commission.

If your Associate does not login right away to their member area, our system will automatically send them an email every few days with offers and incentives encouraging them to login.  This is happening in the background without you having to do anything.

Now you should start to see that as a new member your job is to use the tools and resources we provide to PROMOTE.

The more people you sign up as free Associate members the greater the likelihood of sales as they may go on to buy any number of products or services.

When you sign up Associates you are also building your list so this further increases your power to make sales.

Associates can buy any number of services in their Member area, not just a Silver Membership. They can purchase any of our advertising packages and more, when they do you earn commission on the sales from our referred Associates.

NOTE: You do not receive commission for signing up free Associate members only when a SALE is made.

Remember you have hundreds of products and services you can sell within your Member area to earn commission but EVERYTHING starts by signing up Associate Members.   Once they are an Associate Member under you they can buy other products and services we offer – and when they do YOU get the commission.

The reality is that not everyone will upgrade, so by promoting constantly you will increase your signups and ideally increase your commissions.

Now, to recap. Your # 1 job is to PROMOTE.  if you don’t know how to do this follow the Lesson Plans of the Bootcamp, and also watch the training videos or attend the LIVE weekly training with George Kosch.     Pay special attention to LESSON 3 it is critical to your success.


Yours In Success, Howard Martell Webmaster http://HomeProfitCoach.com I have been marketing online helping others for 25 years Love the automation which i have each day 24-7. Been part of this great community for 7 plus years.

Boost Your Profits With Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a way of using forums to gain traffic to your website. Also when you use a forum to market your site, it will result in more sales of either your product or service. This however will depend on the type of website that you are trying to promote.

When you use forums to market your product, it should be done quietly without raising eyes. More and more forum owners in today?s internet world are keeping an eye out for spammers and if you are caught spamming you will be banned. You need to use just your signature line to promote your product and use the content to answer questions or offer ideas. If you follow this idea, you will have a less chance of your post being deleted or worse like getting banned from that particular forum.

You need to be aware though some forums will require that you make a certain amount of posts before you create a signature line. This will allow you the chance to build your reputation before you start to promote your product. If you are just beginning though you need to avoid these forums because you need to get your name out quickly. But be aware though even if you do have a forum that allows you to create a signature line right away you will still need to build up your reputation before pushing your product. If you carefully execute your forum marketing, it can be an effective marketing tool for you.

Forum marketing is effective because for one reason they usually contain a high volume of users that are interested in the same topic. If your site is related to the topic of the forum, it opens up the doors for you to a network of potential customers. Another reason why they are so effective is that you are able to get information on problems that the community might be having. When you have collected this information, you can use it to create new products to introduce to the forum community.

You need to execute your forum marketing campaign with extreme care. You should post at a minimum of 50 times before you even attempt to promote your product. This is even true if you belong to a forum that allows you to create a signature line with less than 50 posts. You need to establish your reputation as an expert on the subject first otherwise you will have a great chance of failing. Also, you need to make sure all of your posts are of the highest quality. Do not make your posts either too short or too long. Your aim in your posts should also be toward helping other fellow forum users with a certain problem or issue. You should begin your posts with just simple answers to people?s ideas or problems. After you feel comfortable, you can issue your own set of ideas and issues.

When you are creating your signature line it should be interesting and appeal to the reader instead of just being a sales pitch. Try and arouse the reader?s curiosity by stating that there is a secret that can only be revealed on your website. You can also offer a free-book that relates to your business if the visitor clicks on the link. These are great ways to get visitors to your site and when they do they will most likely sign up as a visitor as well.

You have the chance to have great website traffic when you advertise through forums if they are done correctly. It can add to more sales, newsletters, and sign ups among others which is something that you cannot get from any other site without spending a lot in advertising dollars.

Craigslist.com; The Latest Revolution in Internet Searching

When it comes to research on the internet, there is no doubt that the most popular search engine is Google. We all use Google on a daily basis, whether it’s to look up someone, find the best restaurant in town, or find driving directions. But one problem with Google is that you have to narrow your search to find what you’re specifically looking for – for example, you would need to enter the city and search criteria of the topic you’re researching. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can be a waste of valuable time and energy. Thus, the birth of Craigslist. Craigslist is a new revolution that provides nearly everything you would want to know about a specific area. Created by Craig Newmark in 1995, Craigslist.com was originally developed to serve the San Francisco Bay area. By the year 2000 it had spread to four cities, and by 2006 it covered over 450 cities, domestic and foreign.

If you’ve never heard of Craigslist before, then you have yet to discover the world of information available at your fingertips. Once you try it out, you will probably never go back to any other search engine on the internet. It is very easy to get started on craigslist and can be used by anyone of any computer skill level. Not only is it an amazing search engine, but it’s a very useful way of connecting to the people and services of your area as well as many other locations of the world. Craigslist offers valuable information on nearly every major city in the United States. If you’re looking for information outside the country, Craigslist has you covered.

You can find the same great information on over 100 foreign countries and cities. You will discover a wide range of topics, including anything from vehicles for sale in your area to the latest real estate listings, as well as local job vacancies and discussion forums. Craigslist provides a place to meet for several different professions, such as politicians, healthcare workers, and stay at home moms. You can also find discussion groups for singles, religion, and even 1099 and other tax related issues. Chances are if you’re looking for a discussion group on a topic you can’t find anywhere else, you can find it on craigslist. Craigslist is a resourceful outlet for anyone relocating to a new area or just to find a specific item for sale or topic to discuss.

Craigslist is totally free to use and requires no registration. In fact, craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster issued a statement that the site has little interest in earning a profit, but that their main objective is to help the users find the information they are looking for. To explore the endless possibilities, simply visit www.craigslist.com and click on the city and state of interest. You can even post your own information at no charge. With all of the things you can accomplish by using craigslist, you will find every minute spent on this site to be useful and beneficial.

Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy For Offline Business Development

Have you ever thought about corporate internet marketing strategy? With the attention that ?offline gold? and ?cash cow? kinds of techniques have received lately, it is worth thinking about the differences between what an internet marketer who is selling ebooks and affiliate products does and what a bricks and mortar business needs on the internet. Hence, this article on corporate internet marketing strategy.

When you are selling an ebook, you may be hiding behind a pen name. You will rarely meet the people who you sell the products to in person. The anonymity of the internet is one of the reasons that many marketers get into this business.

A bricks and mortar business, on the other hand, needs a sophisticated corporate internet marketing strategy. They actually provide the services or products to their customers. They may even know their customers by name. The things we as internet marketers do to generate sales don?t always work offline.

For instance, we have heard over and over things like ?it doesn?t have to be perfect, just get it up there,? and ?you?re 10th grade English teacher doesn?t have to approve the article, just get it done.? With businesses, though, these things do matter. You may even have to sacrifice SEO best practices to help the company preserve their corporate image.

Speaking of corporate image, corporate internet marketing strategy demands that we think about how ?pretty? a web page is. As online marketers, we know that some things distract from the sales process. Often ?ugly? pages are the most effective. But, because businesses worry about both branding and Return on Investment, there is a balance to be considered with offline businesses.

Finally, most offline businesspeople have to work in their businesses and they don?t have time to learn about all of this ?internet marketing stuff.? When you suggest to them that they add an ?autoresponder,? they?ll look at you with a blank face. You have to explain things quickly and in language they can understand. Many of these business owners will have rarely surfed the internet themselves and have no idea what can and cannot be done. They?ve been told that they have to have a website in today?s economy, so they hire you. They don?t know what Search Engine Optimization is, and if you try to explain it, they still won?t get it. To some extent, you have to ask them to trust you to make the decisions as to what corporate internet marketing strategy to pursue.

In sum, you should know that building an online business and making a business of building websites for businesses are somewhat different animals. As such, there are specific things you have to learn about corporate internet marketing strategy.

Company Internet Marketing Will Build Your Company

If you?re a small business owner and want to build your company, internet marketing may be the answer. This may be obvious to you if your company is in some kind of tech area, like selling website design. What may not be obvious is how, if you have, say, a pipe company, internet marketing can help.

The truth is that when you get down to the most basic level, all businesses are in the same business, selling a product to a customer. The product might be a service or an actual physical object, and customers may vary from individuals to corporation, but the basic idea is the same.

For any company, internet marketing can help in two main areas; customer creation and customer retention. Customer creation is what most businesses focus on, and they tend to do a it badly, operating under the Field of Dreams theory of internet marketing; if you build it, they will come.

The truth is they won?t. There might have been a time in the good old days of the internet, the mind nineties, when just having a website was enough to bring people to your website, and a plain vanilla website would be enough to turn those visitors into customers.

Those days are gone. There are more websites than people, by a huge margin, and everyone?s attention is constantly being crowded. These days, having a website isn?t anywhere near enough. If all you have is website for your company, internet marketing is something you need to learn about.

Now you need to be working to actively bring in visitors, and you need to be building a relationship with them. This means you need to focus on search engine optimization and building a website that makes people want to do business with, and then capturing those people?s emails so that you can sell to them later. This is one of the best things you can do for your company, internet marketing used at its best.

The other big area where internet marketing can help your business is customer retention. Keeping customers always, always costs less than creating new customers, and customer retention should be a key part of any business plan. One of the easiest ways to do this is to build an email list.

A list of people who have already bought from you is one of the most valuable assets you can build. You can use this list to send customers special offers they can get nowhere else, get feed back, and generally build customer loyalty.

Mailing list services are cheap, easy to use, and notoriously unexploited. Your business has a very good chance of being the only one in your area using the technology, so this is a built in competitive advantage for your company. Keep those customers and profits will soar.

No matter what your business, no matter what your company, internet marketing can help you get customers, and it can help you keep customers. All you need to do is get started, and get started now.

Choose Poor Keywords – Get Poor Adsense Conversion

If you choose poor keywords you are going to get poor Adsense conversion. It is as simple as that. If you are tired of getting a penny per click, then look into what keywords you are using. If you want to have higher Adsense conversion rates it is going to help for you to find those keywords that are going to bring you higher Adsense revenue per click. You can make money with Adsense but how much depends on how well you use it.

What makes Google Adsense and Adwords so beneficial you aren’t just shooting an advert to millions who aren’t going to be interested in what you are trying to advertise or aren’t likely to buy. You are able to customize an ad just for them based on where they are going on the ad and what they are interested in. That is what brings the high Adsense conversion rates.

Google is able to know exactly what a person is interested in based on the content of the websites, the frequent use of the keywords and allows you to capitalize on that. Google looks out for certain keywords and phrases and chooses for them the images or ads that they will be interested in. Used in the right way this can be more effective and efficient than the biggest, flashiest commercials on television.

The most expensive clicks are not necessarily the best. You will find some keywords that have a very high pay out per click, over $40-50 per click, but what good do those do you if those are rarely clicked. It doesn’t matter how good you are at optimizing them, they just won’t help you make money online all that well. Find words that people click a lot. It doesn’t matter if they are under $20 or maybe even less than $10 per click. If you have thousands of clicks on those keywords, that is going to make you thousands more a day than those high pay out clicks that no one is really interested in. Use Google Trends or the Google Adwords Keywords tool to find words or phrases that are popular.

You also need to find Adsense keywords that are specific to get the highest adsense conversion. There are millions of users trying to find things on the Internet and all of them are going to have different ways of trying to find information. They are going to have very specific needs and will phrase their search in unique ways based on a number of different factors.

It could be due to them being in different demographic groups, geographical areas, or cultures. Research different groups and find ways that they might be searching for things, look for tendencies they have and exploit it. If you are trying to cater to a certain geographical region then tailor your keyword to match it. If you want to reach people in New York looking for a bookstore with a coffee shop then instead of just using ‘bookstore coffee shop’ use ‘New York bookstore coffee shop’.

Strive to find keywords that have a good balance between the quality of the keyword as far as having a decent payout per click and a high possibility of people actually clicking on it. If you are able to optimize this and then your Adsense conversion rates and the success of your Adwords campaign will go through the roof instead of dropping through the floor.

Advertising on a budget Frequency, frequency, frequency

I’m illustrating the marketing challenges of a small business.

If you don’t remember anything else about marketing, remember this: Frequency is king.

The more often you can get your name in front of your potential and current customers, the more likely you will make a sale.

Depending on what study you look at, people need to see your message anywhere from three to 27 times before they act upon it.

And, if you want to brand your business, then you need to get it in front of your customers as often as possible.

How do you think Ivory Soap, Campbell Soup and Tide all built their brands so deeply into our minds? Through years and years of repeatedly advertising. That’s why those brands pop into our head when we think about soap, soup or laundry detergent.

So if you want to build your brand, then you need to advertise frequently.

There’s another benefit to advertising frequently. It also helps your current customers.

People like to know they made the right decision after they purchased something. How much reassurance they need depends on how much they spend, but everyone needs some confirmation they made the right decision. Your advertising can help.

Studies have shown that people are more aware of car ads after they purchased a car — specifically car ads of the model they bought. And they’re more likely to both believe and approve of the message. Again, because they want to know they made the right decision.

So there are many good reasons to advertise frequently. Does that mean you have to spend a fortune? Not necessarily. There are a few tricks you can use to get the frequency you need at a low cost. (These are print tricks — other advertising outlets, such as radio and online, we’ll talk about in future issues.)

1. Make your ad as small as possible. Small ads cost less.

2. It’s better to schedule your ads to run all at once than spread them out. People will never remember when they don’t see your ad, only when they do. If they see your ad a lot in one week, they’re going to be under the impression you advertise all the time because they won’t remember NOT seeing your ad other weeks.

3. Take advantage of any frequency programs your newspaper offers. And definitely sign a contract — don’t run ads under the open rate.

Here’s how it worked for PWC.

The newspaper had a program called “3 For Free.” If you ran an ad three days in a row, you got the next three days for free (the paper was published six days a week).

We designed a tiny ad — a one by two inch ad — and we ran it six days in a row. Then we skipped the next three weeks and did the same thing again the next month.

After a year of doing this, PWC had people coming up to her telling her they saw her ad “all the time.” Business owners wanted to advertise on PWC because they could see the commitment PWC had to advertising. Brides and grooms were visiting PWC on a regular basis because they were being “reminded” monthly.

What did all this cost? About $100 a month.

But, a word of caution. It takes time to build a business and a brand. It won’t happen overnight. But it will happen, especially if you remember to keep getting your name in front of your customers and potential customers as often as you possibly can.

9 Simple Steps That Can Cut Taxes and Pain

With the end of the year fast approaching, you’re probably wondering what you might do to cut your taxes. If you wait until April to start thinking about this, it’s just too late. Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction now.

  1. Pay state income taxes before December 31.

Many people wait until April 15 to pay their state income taxes, since that’s when they file their state tax returns. However, if you pay your state income taxes in 2018, you can’t claim the deduction for those taxes until you file your 2018 income tax return in 2019. Thus, you have to wait an entire year before getting the tax benefit of the expense. By paying your state taxes now, you get a deduction for those taxes in 2017, one year sooner than you’d otherwise realize.

  1. Review your wage withholding or estimated payments.

Eighty-five percent of all taxpayers get a tax refund when they file their tax returns. The average refund is about $3,000. If you get a tax refund, it doesn’t mean the government got religion and decided to give you free money. It means you paid more than you owe. If you got a refund in 2017, you need to examine your withholding situation going into 2018 to make sure you don’t overpay.

Whether you’re an employee or a self-employed person, sit down now and do some preliminary calculations on your tax liability. Figure out if you’ve overpaid. If so, you need to adjust Form W-4 (for wage earners) or your estimated payments (for self-employed people).

Keep in mind that no law requires you to pay more taxes than you owe. For withholding purposes, you avoid under-withholding penalties if you pay either 100 of last year’s tax (2016) or 90 percent of this year’s tax (2017), whichever is less. Use that yardstick to guide you in adjusting your withholding for 2018.

  1. Count your money now.

Each year, millions of people are blindsided come April 15 with surprise tax liabilities they can’t pay. Don’t wait until March or April to start figuring your tax, especially if 2017 was a particularly good year.

It is important to sit down now and examine your 2017 financial situation. If there were substantial changes to your economic condition, that may increase your tax burden. If you don’t have the money to cover the tax, you’ll wind up as one of the millions facing enforced tax collection.

Get a good handle on what you’re going to owe. If you figure it out now, you have four and a half months to put a plan together to pay the tax. If you don’t, you could be hit over the head in April. In my experience, it’s that kind of shock that causes people to start making critical mistakes in how they handle their tax burdens. Often, it leads to years of hassle and harassment from the IRS.

  1. Review your financial portfolio.

One of the biggest problems with our tax system is the unfair treatment it affords to investment gains and losses. If you win with your investment, the IRS stands next to you with its hand out to get its “share” of your success. If you lose, you are, for the most part, on your own.

The reason is that capital gains are subject to tax in their entirety in the year realized. However, capital losses are subject to a $3,000 cap in a given year. For example, if you lose $15,000 in an investment, you can only deduct $3,000 at time. At that, it takes five years to fully write off your loss.

This is true unless you have both capital gains and capital losses in the same year. In that case, you offset your gains against your losses, plus you can take an extra $3,000 of loss. Suppose you have $10,000 of capital gains and $12,000 of losses. The first $10,000 of losses are offset against the gains. Then, you get the additional $2,000 of losses as a deduction that can offset other income.

In order to best utilize this rule, you should consider selling investments that are down in 2017 so that you can offset the loss against any investments that made money during 2017. This allows you to effectively increase the allowable capital loss deduction, thereby recovering your losses much faster than you otherwise would. Talk to your investment advisor about the merits of this strategy in your case.

  1. Consider making equipment purchases.

If you own a small business, now is the time to consider purchasing any equipment you might need. A special tax code section creates an advantage for such investments.

Code §179 allows you to claim a full deduction for the cost of business tools and equipment placed in service in the year purchased. Ordinarily, such cost must be depreciated over its useful life. For example, if you purchase a copier for $5,000, you would have to depreciate it over three years. In that case, you get a deduction of $1,667 for each of three years. But under §179, you can fully expense up to $510,000 of equipment in 2017.

Now is the time to take advantage of this deduction, especially if your income was unusually high in 2017. The best way to offset that income for tax purposes but still get the benefit of the money is buy equipment you need for your business.

  1. Fund a Health Savings Account.

One of the best-kept secrets in tax planning is the Health Savings Account. This allows you to set aside money earmarked to pay medical expenses not covered by insurance (other than the insurance policy itself). By placing the money in a specially designated savings account, the contribution to the account is tax deductible, up to certain limits.

It works much like an IRA or 401(k), except that you don’t have to pay taxes on the money when it’s distributed, provided you use it for medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. You can fund this account right up to December 31, 2017, and get a deduction for the money you put in, even if it’s not used for medical expenses in 2017. What’s more, any amounts left in the account at the end of the year carryover to 2018 and remain in your account, under your control. You don’t lose the money. It’s always available to you.

  1. Fund a retirement account.

An IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account can be funded anytime during 2017, and you get a deduction for the contribution (within limits) in 2017. In fact, for most retirement accounts, you have up to April 15 of the following year to contribute. You can get a deduction for the prior year simply by designating the contribution to apply to the prior year. That means a contribution made in 2018 can still apply to and be deductible in 2017.

  1. Consider restructuring your business.

There are millions of people operating small businesses in the form of sole proprietorships. And while this is probably the best way to start a new business, it may not be the best way to continue an existing business. Various forms of business entities are available, including a small business corporation or partnership. Depending on the nature of your business and non-tax considerations, one or more of the available entities might be a better idea than continuing as a sole proprietorship. January 1 is generally the most convenient time to change the structure of an existing business.

  1. Catch up on your charitable contributions.

If you make it a practice to give generously, make another contribution before December 31. This gives you further opportunity to cut taxable income and help those in need at the same time.

Note that you must have a contemporaneous acknowledgement from the donee organization for contributions of $250 or more. This applies to one-time contributions, not a total of contributions to a given organization over the year. If you don’t have the proper acknowledgement in hand by the time you file your tax return, the deduction is not allowed, even if you have your canceled check and even you get the statement later. That’s why they call it a “contemporaneous acknowledgement.”

Articles On Internet Marketing Are They Proven

A quick online search reveals what seems like thousands of articles on internet marketing. You have to wonder if all those people who claim to be experts offering their knowledge in these articles really have any idea what they?re talking about. How do you determine which articles contain good, valid information and which are written by wannabees who are just repeating what they?ve read everywhere else, and may be hoping to make a sale in one of their affiliate programs?

The first thing you can do is search for other articles and information by the author. That, probably above all other ways, is the best way to judge the quality of information you?ll likely find in their articles on internet marketing. If every article or bit of info you find hawks some different way to strike it rich online, then maybe they?re not the best source for information. If all of the information they offer, however, follows along the same lines, with one article just building on the information they offer in another, they show some promise.

It?s important to remember that all articles on internet marketing won?t focus on generic ways to market money-making programs. Internet marketing is something anyone with anything to sell online can benefit from, whether they have an online rare stamp store, or they sell foot massagers. But there seems to be a great wealth of ?experts? telling you how to start a business just like theirs?selling information about how to get rich online?if only you?ll buy their system. Consider whether they?ve made their money using principles of marketing, or whether they make their money by selling other people a ?how to make money? kit.

Another important judge of whether articles on internet marketing really contain useful information is the point of the articles. Most good internet marketers are going to have a link in that article leading you to more of their information, and eventually you?ll find the sales pitch. This is just the author using good marketing principles by giving you information and enticing you to buy his product. This alone should not put you off. But if the article really doesn?t contain anything but explanations about how badly you need to buy their product, then it?s just a disguised sales pitch, not really an article.

When you?re looking for information, read as many articles on internet marketing as you can find, and you?ll soon be able to spot the difference between someone with real information to offer (both freely in the article, and for sale) and those who?ve slapped up an affiliate sales page or a sales pitch. Usually, even the poorly done articles can benefit you in this way; by showing you what to avoid.

You?ll tend to find the same information presented in different ways by different authors. This just shows that they?re good ideas. If you see certain authors? names frequently, that?s good. It shows they?re successfully using what they write about in their articles on internet marketing.

A Surefire Internet Marketing Solution

Big businesses and small businesses alike are looking for an internet marketing solution to bring them the best targeted traffic that can be most easily converted into sales. With all of the options out there for marketing your business, it?s hard sometimes to see the best methods for getting traffic and enticing that traffic to buy your product or service. But savvy marketers have a great internet marketing solution to keep consumers thinking about your company in a good way, and make it much more likely that someone will buy from you.

The best internet marketing solution for almost every type of business is to start at least one opt-in mailing list. Years ago, direct marketers purchased mailing lists from companies that gathered the information. These lists were just names and addresses of people culled from a variety of sources. Business owners would then send a piece of mail to each person on the list in the hopes that some would want the product or service offered enough pay for it. Spam is a similar type of thing, only done through email. People send out the same message to hundreds or thousands of people, just hoping a few will bite.

This is a highly inefficient and undesirable way to email people about your business. Not only can it get your account shut down, it?s not like to do anything but alienate the people you?re trying to sell to. But if you had a list of people who were already interested in your product or service and all of those people said it was perfectly okay to send them emails that advertise your company, wouldn?t that be an internet marketing solution that would solve some problems?

If you set up your own email list that people have to agree to join, then you have that targeted list of people who have given you permission to contact them. You can email them as rarely or as often as you want (you don?t want to hound people, but you don?t want them to forget you, either). And you can advertise whatever you want in these emails, without worry of being tagged for spamming people, since they all agreed to get emails from you when they signed up for the mailing list.

An opt-in mailing list is an internet marketing solution that prevents you from having to do the scatter shot mailing list marketing of the pre-Internet marketing era. The trick is to get people to sign up for your list. Unless they?ve already purchased from you and are considering purchasing from you again, you?re not likely to attract many people by asking them to join a list so you can send them ads.

Offer your visitors something for signing up for your list. It can be a discount on something you offer, or better yet, give them good information, they kind they were looking for when they searched and found your site. The age-old lure of the freebie is the internet marketing solution for building a mailing list.