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Gold is your ticket to Wealth!

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We specialize in small Gold bars and unique items in Gold bullion. See our fantastic Gold items like the one below.

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I know a lot of Marketers and Affiliates spend significant time online and the struggles can go up and down.

Ultimately, you want to be sure that when everything is said and done, you’ll have an important and permanent investment at the end of the journey.

Karatbars can help with that. When you invest in cash gold, it’s there to stay and accumulate as you continue to invest.

Some marketers can spend a tremendous amount on affiliate marketing, or a small online business, and have a very little left when they decide to leave the Industry.

But Cashgold will stay in your account, called a back-office, and the asset will not inflate or lose value…you can add monthly, like a savings account, and it will only grow and appreciate.

Recall, Cashgold comes in small units of gold affixed to a personalized card. Normally the small units are in grams.

The card is identified with unique “DNA” marks that can’t be digitally reproduced or forged.
Covered with a safety laminate, it is provided with a black light authenticity, another counterfeit-proof safety enhancement

I hope to goodness marketers are able to succeed and make a significant profit or monthly income.
Many times, however, they don’t make it and can leave the Industry with very little.

You want to make sure that you have invested, or much better word- savings, that’ll accrue and never lose value after you call it a day.

Karatbars will help with that, an affiliate’s perspective, which works like an MLM, in which you bring in members.

Or an investor’s perspective, in which you accumulate small units of Cashgold, just like a normal investor.

An investor is a misnomer, investing involves risk, there is never any risk with savings in small units of gold, as you are simply trading fiat currency for small units of gold.

You become a saver, not an investor and the 24 karats (999.9% pure gold never loses its value.
Meanwhile, fiat currency diminishes in value.

Remember you’re not paying fees into a fund or to a financial advisor.
You are never paying a monthly fee for the “privilege” of being an affiliate.

If you purchase any profit package you become an affiliate for life.

So your savings are in Cashgold…an important savings or retirement account.  OR an important adjunct to your portfolio.

Receive 100 Euro coupon code for free when joining Karatbars.
Start your own Karatbar Biz, go part-time, or add an opportunity to your other gigs.

There is never a monthly fee.

You can also start saving the inflation-proof currency…. gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency.

This is a no-brainer.

Howard Martell

Karatbars International is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany and has a fantastic five year track record

Karatbars International is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany and has a fantastic five-year track record. Karatbars International has attracted over 250,000 customers and affiliates in over 120 countries and has a target market of 194 countries.

If you are interested in finding out more about Karatbars USA please see the registration information below. If you are not in the USA lease click HERE to register.

karatbars usa karatbars international America


My name is Brian McGinty and I run a global support desk for over 5000 Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. The USA, America is where most of our customers come from as the US people know how precarious the dollar is in the world markets.

Karatbars has been growing across the USA from New York to Washington and I am proud to have many great business partners across the entire United States Of America.

karatbars usa karatbars international America


If you would like to become a Karatbars USA customer or business partner just look for your state below and click the link where you can open a completely free customer or affiliate account.

Once you have done that you will be given the contact details for your 24/7 support desk and information pack. We even give you a USA toll free support number as well as Viber, Skype, Whatsapp so your support channels are always covered.

Registration is completely free and without obligation so there is no logical reason not to register and check out the amazing Karatbars product range.

Karatbars USA – Karatbars International America


Karatbars USA, Karatbars International is about supplying gold bullion to the masses in small affordable weights.

If someone can afford to buy gold by the ounce or kilo they can get a better per gram price than with Karatbars. This is completely true. You can afford to buy a tanker of oil from shell you can also get a better price than buying from your local supplier. Karatbars is not about supplying gold to the people who have thousands of dollars to spend.

Karatbars USA, Karatbars International America is about giving the 99% of the population the opportunity to take physical ownership of their own 999.9 gold bullion. It gives the 99% of the population the opportunity to buy gold as and when they can afford to from just $55.

Karatbars also gets better than that. Karatbars sell 1gram, 2.5gram and 5gram weights and as you buy the bigger weight the price actually comes down. Bought with discount and commissions factored in you can buy a 5gram card and it will work out at around $45 per gram.


You can see a short video on Karatbars Prices HERE


Cost Per Gram -3% Up to -6%
1 GRAM €55 €55 €53.35 €50.14
2.5 GRAM €126 €50.04 €48.53 €45.61
5 GRAM €234 €46.80 €45.40 €42.67



karatbars usa - karatbars International America



Once registered please watch the following presentation which will bring you up to date on Karatbars USA, Karatbars International America. Learn about the company, the entire Karatbars product range and how you can become a Karatbars Business Partner.