A Connoisseur in Action

red_room_panoramicDr. Lant’s glorious red room which houses his marvelous collection as told about in his memoirs “A Connoisseur’s Journey: Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck, and joy”

A multi-awards winning, gloriously written and unique memoir by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

First Place in category at The GREAT SOUTHEAST BOOK FESTIVAL


WINNER: A Connisseur’s Journey – Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Great Southwest Book Festival, March, 2016

Sole winner in the category


WINNER: A Connoisseur’s Journey – Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Great Northwest Book Festival, March, 2016


WINNER: Tesserae: A Memoir of Two Summers – Mathias B. Freese

RUNNER-UP: A Connoisseur’s Journey – Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Awarded FIRST in Class at Southern California Book Festival.

SECOND in Class at the Great Midwest Book Festival.

THIRD in Class at the London (England) Book Festival.

THIRD in Class at the New England Book Fare.

Dr. Lant also was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award with a focus on “A Connoisseur’s Journey” with this citation.

“Dr. Jeffrey Lant. On behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I congratulate you on the release of your Memoir, ‘A Connoisseur’s Journey’. Your work is a groundbreaking experiment into the use of musical citations in literature, adding depth and nuance to the reading experience.”

(signed) Charles D. Baker, Governor and Karyn E.Polito, Lieutenant Governor

Preface of “A Connoisseur’s Journey” by Dr. Jeffrey Lant –

This is my twentieth book, but only the first of my memoirs. Over the course of my long connection with books, the discovery, the reading, the writing, the rewriting and rereading I have come across many volumes of memoirs, some glorious and gloriously written, some so forgettable that you cannot remember the author even a moment after putting the dreary pages down, vowing to avoid him like the plague forever after. However I, dear reader, shall give you what you want in a memoir… humor, indiscretion, secrets, stories of the rich and famous, stories about places and situations you’ve longed to visit and enjoy. You will learn much in theleast demanding of ways… and feel more and more intelligent as you read.


You will be in the hands of a man of learning, privilege, and audacity, who has been there, done that, and lived to write the tale. There is nothing fair or objective in what you’re about to read. Nor should there be. For a memoir is all about you, your life, your point of view, your unique journey wherever on Earth and in whatever way you choose to make it. And if some — even you! — cavil or object to even a single word or sentiment, why then write your own memoirs, for the genre is open to all.

Get your copy here: http://writerssecrets.com/memoir-creation-2/

 Watch for Extensions coming to “A Connoisseur’s Journey” soon
In the meantime dive into Dr. Lant’s new series

“Treasures From The Lant Collection: Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Founder.”

Find the whole series at  Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Author Page at Author Central with all his latest books, events and blog posts.

Go to: http://www.amazon.com/author/jeffreylant/

Dr._Lant_and_Kip_Combined_framedTune in for two connoisseurs in ebullient conversation about life, money, collecting, and the joy of MORE! F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The very rich are different from you and me”… Come see for yourself. Recorded live at Writers Secrets Live Center: http://www.TheLiveBusinessCenter.com/?id=27538

Recording at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2hy57hl45xd8nm/Dr.%20Lant%27s%20interview%20with%20Christopher%20Forbes.mp4?dl=0

when your host Dr. Jeffrey Lant,  internationally known authorand commentator, goes toe-to-toe with plutocratic, billionaire Christopher (“Kip”) Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing company, whose appearance reminds us “living well is the best revenge.”.

Every Collector who ever lived would KILL to be part of THIS Epic Event!

Tune in for Dr. Lant, the art connoisseur – see this connoisseur in action as he is unpacking and viewing his newly restored art-pieces for the very first time, the latest additions to his collection.


Go to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycf1ljc3zzldk72/Dr.%20Lant%27s%20latest%20aquisitions%20of%20art%20and%20artifacts.mp4?dl=0

See Snippets Caught of “A Connoisseur’s Journey – Being the Artful Memoirs of a Man of Wit, Discernment, Pluck and Joy” in the Making

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