Of Fairy Tales. Create Your Own…

We all probably have our favorite fairy tales, a bit of a fantasy with amazing characters, and of course the wicked villain.

They may include elements of magic, include a journey, perhaps a journey of self discovery. There will be good deeds and the wicked deeds, perhaps a prophecy or  revolution and usually a moral at the end of the story.

We love them. We loved them as a child and share them with our children. Well how about writing your own?

Lets get started…

First we need to start developing our tale. What characters will be in your story?

Where does the story take place? Let your imagination take over and build it up so you can take your readers there and make it real for them.

Start the momentum and figure out what sort of scenario will come about.

Write out your plot with a beginning, middle and end. You want it strong in the beginning. Strong in the middle and strong at the end.

Have a strong beginning that will draw your readers in. Again look to your favorite fairy tales for examples.

Let the action begin. Remember fairy tales are are usually fairly short.

Let your creation flow not worrying about the editing part until you’ve got your story down. Make as many drafts as you need until your fairy tale is complete with correct  spelling and all.

Turn it into a readable format, create a cover and share it with your friends, family or even get it published.

I’d love to hear your Fairy Tale ideas! Just post them in the comment box below.

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