“Quoth the Raven ‘NEVERMORE’”

Edgar_Poe_with_raven“Quoth the Raven ‘NEVERMORE’”

Our good friend Edgar Allen Poe dropped by today… He was
in the gloomiest mood yet, and he’s famous for his gloomies.
They are dark and impenetrable… no fun at all.

The reason he’s depressed today is because he wants to invite
for dinner and study a Raven who lives in the neighborhood. His
objective is to characterize him absolutely right in his next Really Big
Poem; the kind it takes a lifetime to write… and lives forever.

Unfortunately this Raven, obnoxious smart like all Ravens, is just not
cooperating. Instead he keeps taunting Poe, laughing raucous;
obnoxious and infuriating. Now what? www.writerssecrets.com is

Edgar signed up at www.writerssecrets.com and in no time learned
how to work with Ravens, even on midnights dreary, while he ponders weak
and weary.

Then one pitch-black night, he was ready when the Raven came cawing, cawing,
tapping, rapping on Poe’s chamber door. Here how it went… The  deep sable Raven
make his presence known and at that moment Poe, well advised, well practised
dropped his pants and showed the Raven The Moon. This arresting scene caused
the Raven to wince and shriek “Nevermore!” Then “Nevermore” again… and again.
Forever after Edgar kept everything needed to perpetrate the splendid Moon readily
at hand! And the Raven found he could mind his manners after all.

Just think, old Poe learned it all at www.writerssecrets.com Oh, My!

A George Quacker Production
Jeffrey Lant Associates, Inc.

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