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I wrote this book for one reason only: to help you make real money in multi-level or network marketing. Feeling skeptical? I had been the World’s Biggest Skeptic about MLM. For good reason:
•I had talked to literally hundreds of people in network marketing and no one was making money;
•network marketing companies rapidly came and went, all had a vacuum-like ability to suck money out of the pockets of the unsuspecting;
•no network marketing company I knew ever offered a system for making money.
As a result, I stayed away.
But because the concept of network marketing is a solid one, namely recruiting an independent distributor who makes money both for himself and for you while recruiting other independent distributors who make money for himself and for you, I still had an interest. I was waiting for some bright person with a system for making money in MLM to come along but no one did.
I had to take things in hand myself… and either prove definitely that MLM was a gigantic hoax in which virtually no one could make anything… or a viable means of making increasing amounts of income.
I joined a network marketing company, Personal Wealth Systems, Inc.I had been familiar with PWS for some time thanks to the fact that it ran lead-generating cards in my card-deck. Intelligently, its president understood that people needed leads and he decided to profit from this by paying me for leads… and reselling them to his members — at prices I found ridiculously high! Other marketing systems were, however, missing.
•The marketing communications offered by PWS were flaccid. They talked about the glories of the company rather than the benefits to be derived by the independent distributors;
•They didn’t provide step-by-step guidelines to new distributors about what they had to do, when they had to do it, etc. they had to figure it out on their own.
•Their lead-generating mechanisms were scarce and overpriced, and
•they offered no telemarketing assistance of any kind.
This was the norm in the industry. What they deemed important was:
•Selling you high-priced and unproductive sales “literature”
•Selling you a wide variety of over-priced “sales aids”
•Selling you overpriced leads
•Selling you overpriced “welcome kits” with product samples
But giving you tried-and-true, solid, substantial, profit-making step-by-step guidelines for profiting was of no interest. They were fleecing their members!
I got into network marketing and in this book I have published my findings, describing what I had learned about the process and how people can make money in it. If you’re going to make money you’re going to have to follow a system.
In each chapter of this book I’ll be showing you how to establish a money machine; how to take a systematic approach to wealth building through network marketing. I’ll share with you insights and precise directions for what works… and what doesn’t.
This book is not some kind of panacea. It’s not some lusty “get rich quick” pitch. It doesn’t claim that success came effortlessly… or without constant thought and tinkering. It’s claim to fame rests on one thing only: a systematic approach to network marketing wealth; that you can achieve wealth in network marketing if you are willing to follow a step-by-step system that flies in the face of the conventional industry-wide approach that has ensured failure for so many for so long.
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I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.