Hello, My name is Howard Martell AKA HOMEPROFITCOACH IN LLC Consultant and Business Coach.

I want to share some important information with you today in reference on how to properly leverage IBOTOOLBOX for maximize traffic exposure.

A little about myself been marketing for over 24 years online, and wasn’t until left my first career serving The Great Republic in the US Navy for 20 years as Cyber security professional that really realized what being a professional marketer and coach entailed.

My story is short and sweet hard working eager online marketer who needed assistance with how to properly build a list of solid clients globally and capture resultant sales.

In 2009 December one of my good marketing friends kept telling me about Worldprofit, and eventually signed in as a free associate and that same day joined as Silver Member.

After watching the live video presentation and got a power packed offer to join was sold. Within 3 days starting making money online as was following my mentor and trainer George Kosch with his weekly Bootcamp Training lessons. What learned along this journey is the Money is in the list and this is our business as marketers to build it daily or we will never succeed online. 7 years later one of the leaders in our Company and feel part of online business family.

Enough about me rambling about myself and my story.

I am serious about what sharing with you today, IBOTOOLBOX is untapped source for so much traffic, sales, and personnel branding period. I consider it one of my best sources to find like-minded business owners who are dealing with serious people online globally who want to help one another.

The simple game plan for IBO SUCCESS here it is:


  1. Everyday lay out your plan for success connect with new associates welcome them to the community. The results for me has been very positive as the serious marketers appreciate this approach. The wrong thing to do is blandly send a total strangers your URL links without permission.
  1. (People need to know how much you care first before they will ever consider investing into your products and services).
  1. Each day add value to the community by posting unique Press releases. This will get you global exposure for free, and brand yourself as someone who knows about what ever specific niche market or service. Pros: You will get targeted unique content exposure over the Internet outside of IBOTOOLBOX, people will recognize you as a leader and you gain 200 credits each day you post this content.
  1. Each day you wake up and start off with unique offers I have a text file with unique business offers which have been built only using the advanced landing pages or company provided ones. Pros: Personal branding of whatever your trying to promote, key aspects is to capture customers information and bring them to your list. (How I do it is simple every 2 minutes or whenever I can send out my posts by adding to the IBOWALL.) This could be a famous quote etc.. Or marketing message, my pages are unique whether use my 5 star Partners and longtime mentors site Marvin Drobes, and his professional staff who creates Hollywood style testimonial videos from my paid members. For more information included a link to his services. (Highly recommended) Example is as follows: simple concept
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  1. My unique landing pages that my company provides me and the ability to create my own and embed videos either personal or ones on utube. (My pages either give items away like traffic or eBooks to help fellow marketers with their list building needs, or finally sell unique traffic packages for any need.


For further guidance on what leaders inside IBOTOOLBOX do just ask I would be glad to share the wealth.

Success can be determined by building relationships one person at a time not by spamming or sending offers to your associates without prior permission.


God Bless,

See you at the Top,

Howard Martell


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I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.