Why working with the Homeprofitcoach INC LLC Consultant and Business Coach will help put a smile on your face and money in your pocket no matter what business you’re in online.

Why working with the Homeprofitcoach INC LLC Consultant and Business Coach will help put a smile on your face and money in your pocket no matter what business you’re in online.


Hello, my name is Howard Martell, AKA HOMEPROFITCOACH IN LLC Consultant and Business Coach.

Today I will be talking to you about success online and what it truly does takes to run a successful venture.  A little about myself been marketing for over 24 years online, and wasn’t until left my first career serving The Great Republic in the US Navy for 20 years as Cyber security professional that really realized what being a professional marketer and coach entailed.

My story is short and sweet hard working eager online marketer who needed assistance with how to properly build a list of solid clients globally and capture resultant sales.

In 2009 December one of my good marketing friends kept telling me about (23 years online) Worldprofit, and eventually signed in as a free associate and that same day joined as Silver Member.

You first need to where you come from, and your upbringing and it’s not about how much education you may have.  Let’s look at the definition of what it means: entrepreneurship

The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses.
In economics, entrepreneurship combined with land, labor, natural resources and capital can produce profit. Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, and is an essential part of a nation’s ability to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.
Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/entrepreneurship.html

If you talk to any home business owner or brick and monitor small business person. The answer will be this you will never get ahead working for a company and climbing up the corporate ladder. All you’re doing is making another company or the owner leverage your God given skills for a paycheck.  The two types of ways to earn money (Meaning: Wage earner Someone who earn wages in return for their labor.

Another way which the Author Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about is starting a home based business. This is the smart way even part time to leverage the resources money that you earn at your W-2 job and keep more of your take home pay to reinvest back into your home business etc.

So did you know by having a home business of some type that you can leverage lets see what the author of Home Business Tax saving Made Easy says:





Home-Business Tax Breaks Passed by Congress

Are NOT ‘Accidental Discoveries’ of Clever Lawyers


Congress didn’t create laws that ended up “unintentionally” decreasing

Federal tax revenues because some clever lawyers found a loophole. No, they

passed these laws for two specific and important reasons.



The first objective was to stimulate the strongest segment of the American

economy – small business. But the biggest objective was to encourage every

taxpayer to have a home-based business, and to continue to run it actively,

because it provides the ideal “safety net” in times of economic downturns and



If you find out tomorrow that you are unemployed, what would you do? You

could go home to look up the address of the unemployment office. But it

would be far better for the economy if, instead, you went home to ramp-up

your part-time home-based business to FULL-time.


That being Congress’ objective, the question they wrestled with was, “How

do we motivate busy people to do something else?” Answer? What’s the

greatest motivator of all time?


Right – money!


Money may not be the most important thing for a lot of people, but it does

tend to rank up there with oxygen for a whole lot of folks! Do you think

money is not important? If so, let me ask you a question – would you hit the

snooze button, or would you get out of bed, for a job if you didn’t get paid? I

rest my case.


So Congress decided they’d PAY taxpayers to start and to run a home-based

business. The method of payment – HUGE TAX REFUNDS.

Their next question was, “What should we require them to do to qualify for

these huge tax breaks?”





Well, the objective was for taxpayers to have a part-time business they could

ramp-up to full-time if the need arose, so the requirements were (and still are)





  1. Have (and be able to prove) a PROFIT-INTENT.

Note the word “intent.” They wanted to incentivize us to start a home

business so the tax breaks begin as soon as we begin honestly trying to

make a profit. (Of course they do expect us to make a profit within a

reasonable amount of time.)

  1. Work your business on a REGULAR and CONSISTENT basis.

Why this requirement? If we started a home-based business, but didn’t

keep working it on a regular basis, we would NOT have a part-time

business that we could ramp-up to full-time without notice.

  1. KEEP RECORDS that substantiate your business deductions.

Treat your small, part-time business just like the big, full-time business

you may want it to become.

Thats it! If you meet those three requirements, you can qualify for a

Boat load of new, additional tax deductions.

Let there be no doubt, the government wants your tax money! But Congress

wants a stable economy even more, and small businesses contribute to that in

a major way

Consider these Census Bureau statistics:

 Small Businesses in the U. S., total approximately

22.9 million (and growing rapidly)

 Of those 22.9 million, 12.1 million (53%) are home-based

 Small businesses make up more than 99.7% of all

employers nationwide

 Small businesses employ about 50% of all private sector


 Small businesses create 75% of new jobs in our national


 2 years after start-up, 70% of all small businesses remain


That set of statistics paints an amazing picture, doesn’t it?

The bottom line is this: Congress has passed a series of tax laws for the

intended purpose of encouraging and rewarding average Americans who will

operate a small or home-based business. Why? Because, as we have said, it’s

good for the national economy.

The research to identify and document the information in this book took about

12 months, followed by a six month dedicated effort to translate the legal-ese,

IRS-ese, and government-ese into into Plain English. The result is this easyto-

read, easy-to-use, step-by-step guide you now have in your hands.

I strongly believe we should each willingly pay Uncle Sam every

penny required by law. But the law does NOT require

ANY of us to OVER-pay!

When you learn in this Guide about some deductions that intrigue you, and

then you go ask your own tax preparer about them, he or she just may say,

“I don’t think that’s allowed.”

Why would they say that? BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW!

Why don’t they know? As stated earlier, they have never learned the

narrow, but crucial, area of taxes called

“home-business tax law.”

But you shouldn’t have to fight with your

tax preparer about the legality of these

deductions, so here are some options to


OPTION 1. When your tax advisor says

that one of these deductions is not legal, point them to the source cited right

here in this book. When he or she consults the sources we cite for you, they

can arrive at only one conclusion – the deductions described here are 100%

legal, ethical, safe, proper and honest. How do I know that?




Did you hear that correctly Congress is offering us additional tax deductions for us starting a home business part time with a legit company doesn’t matter who it is online.

You see where I am going with this every serious American today should have a home business of some type since it makes sense. Each day work my home business at Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC like putting 100.00 dollar Bills in my pocket from my W-2 job. Employee doesn’t receive this taxable savings up front plus earn residual income.  Most companies to start a home business of some type isn’t significant investment of money anywhere for 100.00 to 300.00 to get most started up and running.

Let’s define residual income

A residual income stream will earn you money even when you’re not on the clock. Owning rental units, collecting royalties or investing in a savings and investment program are examples of such passive income.




Residual Income: What Is it and How Does It Work?

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money while not working? That money is called residual, or recurring, income. It’s what can happen after you put a lot of time, effort and sometimes money into a job to continue to get paid for the work months or years after it’s done. (Salary jobs are part of linear income. This income is directly related to the number of hours you work. If you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours of work.) Once you set up your business to earn residual income, you continue to make money while doing other things – maybe even starting a new business to generate more residual income!

Types of Residual Income

Some examples of residual income sources include:

  • Royalties from intellectual property, such as books and patents
  • Subscriptions, advertisements, donations or affiliate links from your blog or website
  • Transferring the rights to a song you recorded, a book you wrote, a software program you created or a gadget you invented to a company agreeing to pay you a percentage of each copy of your work sold
  • Purchasing an office or apartment building and leasing or renting out the properties
  • A savings and investment program that earns interest
  • E-book sales
  • Stock photography royalties

Does the Money Just Keep Rolling In?

The ideal residual income stream will produce money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you don’t have to personally market or interact with the business in any way. All you have to do is watch your bank account grow.

But that’s more like a fairytale. You’ll have to put in some effort to continue receiving residual income on the business you started. Talking to your managers and representatives will help them be more productive and run your business better. Marketing your online sales through social media and your network will help earn you more money. But you just won’t have to work at it as your full time job. Think of it as a part time job that can potentially bring in full time pay.

Advantages to Residual Income

  • You do have the potential to be financially independent if your residual income produces enough money.
  • Having residual income allows you to do more important things with your time. Whether that’s a hobby or another job, making money from your residual income stream won’t be the primary focus of your life.
  • No matter what, you will have a constant flow of income (however large or small it may be). This is critical if you get injured or sick, can’t work because of another emergency, or if you just want to take an extended vacation.
  • You will make money no matter where you live, unlike a linear income which ties you down to your position.

Of course, before the money starts rolling in you will probably have to put a lot of time, effort and money into the business or project. You’ll need a lot of patience and determination to see the residual income in the future. Instant gratification is not possible when it comes to residual income.



Do you truly see the value of adding some type of home business to your investments? I did many years ago while serving in the military one of my co-workers helped introduce me to it and then got that bug. I did direct selling, you name it tried and failed many times but made some money. But, guess what still followed the steps in Ron’s Book and 24 years later continue to be rewarded for my efforts with tax savings while striving to run a profitable online corporation now. My tools of my trade are my Worldprofit Dealer Members area where all the magic starts. My weekly Recorded or Live Home Business Bootcamp and proven list building training. The thing love about what I do with my company is able to still have a successful career in Cyber Security which pays me well. Remember this “ The more you make the more the Government Shall Taketh” So by having a home business owner get to keep more of my take home pay from my JOB (Just over Broke) because of taxes we employee’s pay. Did you hear me if your employee and not a home business owner of some type your being led to the slaughter by over paying your fair share of taxes.

In closing, think carefully where your hard earned money is going is it going to taxes or is it being leveraged to help you and your family be a better steward of what God has provided us to watch over.


God Bless,

See you at the Top,

Howard Martell Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC  7 years plus with my Worldprofit Family of tools and education sources.

Virginia Beach Va


Office: 757-647-2886

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I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.