Sales Leader in Worldprofit shares his experienced over the past 7 plus years on success online!!

I was challenged by someone, “You keep talking about Worldprofit. You keep saying it is the best internet marketing training on the planet. I see the extensive list of benefits, blah blah blah, but my question is, do you use it, and how do YOU use it?

My response:
Well, I will tell you that WITHOUT WORLDPROFIT, I would have to DRASTICALLY change the way I do things.

  • I would have to come up with replacements for traffic sources, tools, cloaking and ad tracking.
  • I would not have the massive article directory, ebook creator, ebook cover creator
  • I would not have the massive library of done-for-you email swipes, promo tools, offer builders.
  • I would not have the massive library of PLR, training courses, autoresponder scripts, Clickbank Promo Kit
  • It would take HOURS to recreate the Clickbank Marketplace and Amazon Stores on my websites.
  • I would not have the CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT and tips and techniques I get from THE MASTER, George Kosch, and the great Daily Checklist I get from Sandi Hunter.
  • I would not have the great library of landing page templates that I use all the time.
  • In one year, for EACH of the FIVE web addresses, banners, and solo ads in EACH of the THREE Rotators I have received over 10,000 VIEWS EACH, and HUNDREDS of CLICKS – incredible passive traffic resources

I use these tools and resources EVERY DAY. I have at least one or more tabs of my browser open toWorldProfit ALL THE TIME. I USE THESE TOOLS!

I am a Platinum VIP member, what I spend for Worldprofit every month would easily cost me 3-4 times that to be without these items I have gotten so used to using, and that I feel are necessary for me to function EVERY DAY.

I went on to give him a list of the things I DO use EVERY DAY. I did a “day in the life” walkthrough for him. We have joined forces on many other projects, and are always taking jabs at each other, but I actually left him speechless (so uncharacteristic). I finally wore him out. This in itself is a testimonial.

I’m still letting that sink in for several days… at least my answer shut him down from his daily “pokes” about “Worldprofit This, Worldprofit That”. I’m still working on him, but it won’t take too much more to make him a convert… I’m retired. I’ve got nothing BUT time…

One of the traits that most marketers overlook, since everything is URGENT, and DO IT NOW, and DON’T MISS OUT, is patience. It takes on average 7-11 exposures for someone to “get it”. Some people more… And, as I learned when teaching, people learn in different ways: some visual, some audible, and others are hands on… I just need to find the right combination…

So, here’s where YOU must take action…

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