From Jet Pilot to CEO George Kosch and his Journey

Hello Worldprofit Home Business Community Members!

It’s exciting times!

Since we officially announced George Kosch, as the CEO of Worldprofit, congratulations have been pouring in from all over the world.

George Kosch is a Graduate of the distinguished Royal Military College, Canada’s West Point. During his time serving the Canadian Air Force, George advanced to the rank of Captain as a jet instructor pilot specializing in training future Top Gun pilots. In 1993, after carefully studying the Internet and its likely future influence, he took early retirement from the Canadian Military and in 1994, with his co-founder Sandi Hunter established, one of the very first online companies and to this day, one of the longest enduring dot-com companies.

Over the last 23 years, George has invented and coded over 100 unique technical applications for business people, entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide. He is also the Instructor, for Worldprofit’s popular Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Training series, drawing on his own hands-on experience of building an Internet business.

George provides LIVE training every week for Worldprofit Members. These sessions are interactive, and he answers questions, does demonstrations and teaches Members what they need to know and do to earn consistent online income from a number of trusted sources. He’s also developed the 125+ online lessons many with videos that Members can learn from to understand all assets of online marketing and business growth. Training topics include traffic generation, lead tools, SEO tactics, eBook creation, article marketing, social media campaigns, target marketing, list building and more – skills and practices that can be used to grow any online business.

After all these years Worldprofit remains the #1 home business training company and has now grown to over 2 million members.

Real people helping real people. No hype – just Help. That’s been our promise at Worldprofit and continues to be our daily focus as we teach people all over the world how to grow their own successful online business.

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Sandi Hunter, President and Co-Founder
George Kosch, CEO, Co-Founder
Edmonton, AB. CANADA.


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.