Mini Vacation Great For The Mentally Drained


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We could all use a break from time to time. The daily grind of our lives can leave us tired and mentally drained. A vacation gives us a chance to rest and rejuvenate ourselves. But due to the current economic situation, not all of us can afford to go on a grand vacation for a week. Those are typically fairly expensive, costing several hundred dollars minimum.

So what are you to do if you can not afford a normal vacation? Are you suppose to just suffer through it and not go on one? I do not agree with that idea. Even if you can not afford a “proper” vacation, there are a lot of alternatives such as a Mini vacation.

Going on a sort of miniature vacation allows you to clear your mind for a couple of days and recharge yourself for the hectic days to come. What I mean by this little vacations is that, instead of spending a week in Florida and going to Disney world, you do something on a much smaller scale.

Depending on where you live, you could be fairly close to a major city. A lot of major cities offer a variety of entertainment options that are all new and exciting to people from the suburbs. Simply spending a long weekend in a major city and taking in the sights can be a great Mini vacation. It gives you plenty of entertainment, does not take that much time, and above all it can be really cheap.

Another great idea for a small break is to go on a camping trip. This is easily the cheapest vacation you can get. Just grab your friends and family, a tent or two and go out and rough it for a few days. This can be a lot of fun for the more adventurous individual.

You can go to a camping ground, which may or may not cost you a little money but it also provides some facilities like showers. Or you can go all out and pitch your tent out in the wilds, living off nature (and whatever you brought of course) for a weekend.

If camping is not your thing and you do not really want to go o a major city, you could always look up local theme parks and water parks. Simply spending a day at a place like this can be exhausting, but mentally rewarding. They can be a little pricey but they are still significantly cheaper then going on a full fledged vacation.

If you have some money to spare and a little more time to use on your Mini vacation, then you could bundle a day at the amusement park with a stay at a hotel or resort. This idea will still cost a fair bit of money, but if it is only for a couple days it should be doable for a lot of people.

Going on a vacation does not have to be some extravagant, lengthy, and costly endeavor. You can enjoy yourself for a few days to change things up, and you can do so with only a little money.

Lose Belly Fat – Stability Ball Exercises To Shed The Pounds


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Obesity is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a growing epidemic in many parts of the world. What may surprise you is that you may be at more risk for certain diseases if you have extra fat around your tummy. That “spare tire” may be killing you, so doing what you can to lose belly fat is a good idea. As you will see, investing in a stability ball will help you to shed the pounds.

You can get a stability ball at most stores that have a fitness section, but you may want to go to a store that specializes in sporting goods, and that will allow you to try out a ball before buying it. You can also buy stability balls online. Be sure to check the weight limit on the ball, just to be sure that you will be able to use it.

Your body will constantly be trying to balance itself when you’re using the ball. Chances are you won’t even notice a lot of these movements, but you can be sure that the ball is working. While there is still more research to be done, at least one group of researchers has found that using a stability ball during certain exercises can nearly double the number of muscle fibers in the targeted area.

Muscle is important, but it may not help you to actually lose weight, at least not according to your scale; it all depends on how well you lose belly fat, and how much muscle tissue you build up. The reason for this is that muscle weighs more than the same volume of fat. Don’t let that frighten you away from the stability ball, though. This is actually a good thing! Whether you want to look better or reduce your risk for certain diseases, what you are really trying to do is be healthier. Muscle tissue will not only make you look better, but it will also burn some calories while you are at rest.

Here are a few stability ball exercises to help you lose belly fat.

1. Sit straight up on the ball and pull your stomach in, trying not to hold onto the ball. Now alternate between lifting your left and right foot in a marching motion. You may not be able to lift them too high at first, but over time, make a goal to lift them higher and higher. Once you are comfortable with that, you can try adding a bouncing motion to the ball when you are “marching”.

2. Use the same position as you did for the seated march. This time, instead of using a marching motion, you are going to lift one foot off the floor and then hold it in the air for 5 to 10 seconds before switching to the other foot.

3. Sit on the ball and use your hands for balance. Slowly roll your hips in a small circle, do this 20 times in one direction, then 20 more in the other. Increase the size of the circles as you get better at the exercise.

These exercises may sound simple, but when done on a stability ball, they will quickly help you to lose belly fat.

Hospitals And Health Care In Foreign Lands


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People travel all across the world for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for vacation or business or family matters. A lot of people will have left their home country at least once in their lives. Whenever you go to a foreign country, there are always a lot of things you have to keep in mind. But there is one thing that gets overlooked a lot of the time.

That would be your health. The last thing you want is to get sick or need medical care while on a trip. But what can be even worse is requiring these things when you are in a completely foreign land. Finding the best Hospitals and Health Care in Foreign Lands is an important part of any travel plan.

While finding the best facilities and the best health care plans are important, there are also some other things you should do to protect yourself. The best thing you can do is just make sure you do not need any medical aid in a foreign land. The best way to do this is to take care of yourself before you even leave.

Make sure you get plenty of rest before a trip and keep yourself healthy. You want to face your trip to another country in the best health possible, not only to avoid the hassle of dealing with foreign health care, but simply to enjoy your trip that much more.

Another thing you can do to avoid having to deal with Hospitals and Health Care in Foreign Lands is to get a checkup right before you leave on your trip. Visiting your doctor and making sure you are in your best shape can save you a lot of hassle down the road, especially if there is something there.

Going off that, if you do find yourself coming down with something or sick already, try to get as much rest as possible and do what you can to get over that before you even leave. It is a lot easier to recover from a cold or something when still at home, rather then traveling around.

If you are sick and can not shake it before going on your trip, make sure to be mindful of others. Most likely you will be traveling by plane, and nobody wants to be cooped up in a plane next to a sick person. So make sure to take adequate precautions so that you do not make other people sick.

While these precautions can help avoid needing Hospitals and Health Care in Foreign Lands, they are by no means foolproof. So to better protect yourself use the internet to search for hospitals in and around the area you will be staying. Also look into getting travelers insurance to cover any medical expenses you might incur on your trip.

There are a lot of things you can do to make sure you do not get sick on your trip. By properly preparing for all eventualities and making sure you are mitigating the risks of getting sick, you can better enjoy your trip without having the flu or a cold drag you down.

Health Tips For You Far Away Vacation


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Vacations are typically times of great fun and entertainment, times where we ignore the problems of our daily lives and just enjoy ourselves. But there always lurks the possibility for something to go wrong and rain on your whole parade. Health problems and injuries are some of the most common problems vacationers face.

When you are out running around and having fun, the likelihood of getting hurt increases significantly. You do not want to have to deal with these problems when far away from home on your vacation. Since these sort of things can happen anywhere, it is best you try to prepare for them as best as possible by using these Health tips for you far away vacation.

1: Memorize the emergency numbers for your area. Depending on where you travel, the numbers for police or medical care may be different then what you are use to. Make sure you verify this and memorize what those numbers are in case you run into trouble. You should also make sure you always have a cellphone handy and make sure you have reception where you are at. This is most important for those vacationing away from civilization, such as camping trips.

2: Make sure to get a checkup and get all your vaccinations before going on a trip, especially one out of the country. These are probably the best Health tips for you far away vacation. There are some nasty bugs out there that your body is not use to facing, and these can make you really sick. So you want to make sure you are prepared for this by getting those vaccine shots.

3: Get travelers insurance that covers medical expenses in foreign countries as well. The last thing you want is a trip to the hospital, especially when you are the one footing the bill. Nothing says ruined vacation like spending all your money on a stay in the hospital. So check into the various traveling insurance plans and make sure to get one that will cover any medical expenses you might run into. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

4: If you are traveling somewhere secluded, again, like a camping trip, make sure to bring a first aid kit. This is not sort important if you are say, going to the beach, but it still can not hurt. But if you are far away from medical attention, you do not want to be left without. So make sure you bring a medkit that has all the essentials you will need. Bandaids, disinfectant and anything else you feel you might need should all be a part of your medical kit.

Vacations are a lot of fun and a great way to refresh yourself, but having unexpected medical emergencies crop up can ruin the whole trip for you. By utilizing the tips above you can help mitigate, or even prevent this from happening. There are a lot of things you need to prepare for when planning a trip, and medical care should be at the top of that list.

Gourmet Coffee Beans And The Magical Flavors To Experience


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If you drink coffee and have ever stopped to look at the different types of gourmet coffee beans, you might want to actually give some a try next time you’re shopping for coffee. Instead of grabbing that huge tube of ground coffee, the same brand you’ve been purchasing and drinking for years, or instead of grabbing that more expensive, smaller tub of ?gourmet? ground coffee, break out of your coffee rut and give beans a try.

Some people already own a coffee grinder, or remember when their parents used to purchase beans and grind them at home. Some stores still have a grinder right in the coffee aisle. The beans our parents purchased and ground were usually not gourmet coffee beans, it was simply cheaper to buy the beans and grind them yourself. If you don’t have a grinder at home, coffee grinders aren’t expensive. You’ll enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. While some savor that rich smell when they open a tub or brick or pre-ground coffee, once you’ve inhaled the aroma of freshly ground beans, that tub coffee won’t ever smell quite the same to you.

Some people are who are very choosy when it comes to coffee purchase several different types of beans and combine them in certain combinations to get the coffee taste they want. Most of us probably aren’t going to take the time to do that. We know what we like when we drink coffee, and we know what we don’t like. In that case, gourmet coffee beans can be ideal because they’re already specially chosen and designed to offer up a richer, more complex taste that that bag of coffee beans you can purchase at your local A & P.

You don’t have to purchase the same old beans or ground coffee from your supermarket. You can break out of that habit a little with gourmet coffee beans you can buy online. You’ll find blends of different beans like the almighty Arabica, Jamaican, Columbian and many others, as well as beans that are infused with different flavors. You can find beans that will give your coffee a chocolate flavor, or hint at fruit or vanilla, or almost anything you can imagine.

When you’re looking at gourmet coffee beans, you literally hundreds of choices, and that choice can seem almost overwhelming. Most places that offer this many choices have information about different types of coffee beans, roasting times, flavors and hints of flavor and general coffee information to help you choose which type of coffee beans to purchase.

And don’t forget the people you buy for. Coffee lovers can truly appreciate a thoughtful gift of gourmet coffee beans. If you’re unsure whether they grind their own beans, you can purchase the beans whole and grind them just before gift-giving. While gourmet pre-ground coffee can also be a thoughtful gift, whole beans will give the person on your gift lift the freshest coffee experience possible, and put you at the top of their list.

Free Background Checks Online-It Pays To Pay


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There are many reasons you may be looking for free background checks online to gather important information on another person, for instance, someone you are thinking of hiring to do work for you in your home or someone to watch over your children when you have to go to work.

After some research I have found that if you want detailed information on someone you may have to pay to get exactly what you want. There are many sites out there that tell you you can search for free but when it comes right down to finding specific information you will have to shell out some money.

To get free background checks online you could go to any one of these sites and maybe get a free seven day trial but if you go beyond the seven days then your credit card will be charged.

You can always get a little bit of information on someone at these sites like, who possible relatives are and what other names they have used in the past. Any information you want that goes deeper than that you may have to pay for. They will ask you to pay a fee in order to get an address, phone number, criminal history, and the other information you may need.

If you want totally free information on someone you are basically going to have to do some leg work to find it. So, what type of free information can you find about someone? Online or off there are many ways to get the information you need or want about that person.

You can use the search engines to find information about the person. You can find quite a bit of information about someone just by typing their name in the search engine, but you will not have access to any criminal history about them with the search engines at all.

To get specific results about the person you must make sure you put quotations around their name when you type it in so that the search engine gives you results for that exact name.

Another option to try is to use the social networking sites to help you find out about the person. You may be able to find out a phone number, where they live, or other information from the profile they set up. The only problem is their profile may be restricted from just anyone seeing their personal information.

There are many reasons why you may want to check someone out, but if you need to see if the person you are checking out has a criminal history you may have to pay to get it. If you are only looking for a phone number, address, or a bit of personal information you may be able to find this with a quick Google search or search on the social media sites.

Be careful when performing a free background checks online by making sure that the information you find is for the person you really want and not someone else. It could get quite embarrassing for you if you judge someone on someone else’s information.

Exercise For Stress-Relieve Other Aspects Of Your Health




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There are many people today who are overstressed and on the lookout for ways to rid themselves of some of their daily stresses. There are many ways you can get some relief from your stress. Exercise for stress relief is probably one of the best since not only can you relieve your stress levels you can also improve other aspects of your health and fitness.

We all know that too much stress can cause myriad health issues. Things like heart disease and diabetes are just the tip of the iceberg. We also know that exercise can help prevent many of these same diseases.

So just imagine how much healthier you can be if you exercise and lose weight and stress at the same time! It’s a two for one.

Exercise for stress relief can come in many forms. It is all about getting your body moving and the endorphins flowing. For the most part, it is really just a matter of finding something that you enjoy doing.

There really is not a right or wrong answer when you are trying to decide what type of exercise to do.

Most of us have heard of the so called “runners high”. This occurs when the body releases endorphins, the body’s “feel good” hormone, during exercise. But, you don’t have to be a runner to get this level of stress relief. You can do virtually any type of exercise you want as long as you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

And that brings me to another point; if you have been sedentary for a while, have some health issues or are overweight you need to talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program.

While it is true that exercise can help you improve your health, you may have to make modifications when you are just starting out or if you have other health issues. If you do not modify the exercises, you may make your situation worse, not better, by injuring yourself when you start exercising.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out what type of exercise you should do are your own preferences. Recently I have been hearing a lot about a workout called Zumba. My sister swears by it and has lost several pounds and she loves it.

I was skeptical but I tried a class and I have to admit I’m hooked now, too. Not only do you get a great workout it really is fun. “Fun” is not usually the word people associate with working out.

Other people love to do yoga. This form of exercise can help you stay limber and flexible but it will also help you relieve stress because it is relaxing, and has a flowing nature. You will also learn proper breathing techniques.

And sometimes just hitting something can allow you to blow off steam. If that sounds like something you would like you may want to consider a boxing, kickboxing or martial arts class.

As you can see by this short article, there is no shortage of exercise options for you. If you want to go to the gym and hop on a treadmill and lift some weights then that is what you should do.

There are so many other great options to exercise for stress relief. The important thing is to find the one that you enjoy enough to stick with it.

Doggie Daycamps-The Many Options For Mans Best Friend




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Today, we are used to having more options than ever before. It used to be that many working adults chose not to get a pet since they were gone all day long. Today, though, even busy working adults can have the love and companionship of a dog. To avoid having the dog get lonely (and get in trouble) during the day, there are doggie daycamps popping up all over the country.

This is a great alternative. Your dog can get out and get some exercise during the day as well as being supervised. This can really be a big help if you get a young puppy. Having supervision during the day is a great way to ensure your new family member learns good manners and learns where to (and not to) go to the bathroom.

Of course, before you leave your “little one” alone in the care of someone else, you want to make sure that that person is qualified and will take good care of your little baby.

Here are some things you should know before you choose a particular
doggie daycamps:

1. How many staff do they have in relation to the number of dogs? You don’t want to have too few staff members to watch over the dogs. It’s important for them to have enough well trained staff to keep a close eye on all the dogs as well as give all dogs equal attention and love.

2. What other services, if any, do they offer? If possible it would be nice to have a groomer, a trainer, or even have a facility that provides transportation to and from “school” everyday. The whole point of getting your dog into a day camp is to make sure they are well cared for, loved and to save you some time and work. Finding a day camp that has a lot of added benefits just makes your life that much easier.

3. And of course, you want to find out if this dog care has a good reputation. Checking with your local human society about complaints, as well as the local chapter of the better business bureau is a good idea.

Asking your veterinarian for recommendations is a great place to look too. Also, check with your local pet food store. All of these people may be able to provide you with some recommendations about good quality day camps for your dog.

4. Pricing. It’s not always a good idea to use prices as the main criteria in searching for a good place to keep your dog. You want to make sure that your dog is well taken care of, but you still have to be able to afford it. There could be various packages available too. Some may offer more services than others so that may be one way to cut prices if you need to.

Picking doggie daycamps can be a great way to make your life a little easier. With these tips you should be able to find a great, safe, place for your dog to go during the day while you are busy at work. It can be a win / win for you and your dog.

12 things not to do if you win the $700 million Powerball prize

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Life On A Destroyer


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While the navy’s aircraft carriers get most of the media’s attention, they make up a small portion of America’s surface combatants. Destroyers, the fast, mobile, weapons-packed greyhounds of the fleet are the actual backbone of the nation’s maritime presence, constituting a large percentage of the navy’s warships. Weighing in at around 9000 tons, destroyers are just over 500 feet long and 59 feet across (150 m x 18 m) at their widest point. They are deployed around the world and are one of the most advanced killing machines ever devised.

Serving aboard a destroyer is considered in naval circles as serving in the “real navy.” With a crew of over 300 confined within the small dimensions of the ship, life can be entertaining, amazing, and frightening at the same time. Short clips of destroyers in film, television, and recruiting videos paint a pretty rosy life aboard the small but robust vessels, but they leave out some vital details. Here are ten facts of life aboard a destroyer (or any small surface combatant) revealed after peeling back the Hollywood veneer.

10You Will Get Seasick

The good news is that you will eventually become accustomed to the rocking and rolling of the ship’s movements, and it might even help you sleep better at night. But no matter how well you can stomach the carnival rides, once the ship leaves the harbor it will be in constant motion, and you will get sick.[1] It will pitch, roll, and yaw: sometimes violently. In heavy seas, the entire bow of the ship can disappear under water, and rolls side-to-side of 45 degrees are not unheard of. Seas can be so rough that it can be dangerous to cook, leaving cold cut sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The disheartening news is that, after you get your sea legs and can hold down breakfast, you will eventually hit a storm. The seas will get so rough that you have to experience the entire ordeal again. The only saving grace will be that even the crustiest of crewmembers will be hugging the toilet next to you. No matter how long a sailor has been at sea, the roughest of waters will reintroduce the queasiness you felt on your first days on the ocean.

9You Won’t Get Much Sleep

Studies indicate that workers need at least seven hours of sleep per day to function effectively, but only about a third of sailors have work schedules that accommodate that amount of rest.[2] That is navy wide and includes larger ships where crew size allows for more division of responsibility.

After a full work day of eight hours or more, expect to stand some sort of watch. That could include staring through a pair of binoculars, at a radar scope, or instrument gauges. It could also entail steering the ship or plotting navigation. Everyone has to stand after hours watch occasionally, some more than others. Then there are “special evolutions” like refueling from a tanker ship at sea, getting supplies from a helicopter, drills, and exercises . . . all of which the navy likes to conduct after hours.

The sailor’s worst enemy? A holiday at sea where you get to do nothing. The weekly schedule remains the same, only now the ship tries to pack seven days of drills and evolutions into six. Consider any day where you get four or five hours of continuous shut-eye a good day.

8Your Poop Will Be Everywhere

When you get 300+ people together, they eventually all have to go. And in the small space of a destroyer, the capacity to treat that amount of waste is minimal. The ships do have holding tanks, making it similar in some ways to a big RV at sea. Only RV owners have the opportunity to dump their sewage tanks at certified RV dump stations. Destroyers, that spend months on station, not so much.

Naval ships have a system known as Collection, Holding, and Transfer or CHT.[3] It takes the holding of the ship’s sewage tanks and grinds it into a putrid puree. In port, hoses are hooked up to the output valves and transferred to normal infrastructure sewage lines. At sea, as long as the ship is three miles (5 km) from the coast, it goes into the ocean, spewing your DNA all over the raging main. Think about that the next time you want to go for an open ocean swim.

7Your Accommodations Will Suck

If you watch many military movies, you would think that everyone is an officer and at worst shares a stateroom. It is true that officers do have staterooms, albeit far from as luxurious as you see in most Hollywood productions. Unfortunately for you, only about 20 percent of people in the navy are officers.[4] You, my friend, will be sleeping in the ship’s berthing compartments.

Think of the ship’s berthing as one big bunk room, with bunks (called racks in the navy) stacked three high. Then imagine these stacks of three packed tightly into a room that is probably 30 percent too small. All packed with 40 or 50 snoring, sleep talking, hygiene-challenged shipmates, all of who you will see naked within a few days of being on the ship. Then remember that either above you, below you, or to one side will be a fuel tank, an ammunition magazine, or the ocean; or all three. Sleep tight.

6You Will Have NO Privacy

Prisoners in cells are required to have 25 square feet of space; you will have less.[5] In addition to the previously mentioned sardine like conditions in your berthing compartment, the same sleeping area has rows of minuscule lockers to pack uniforms and whatever personal items you can shoehorn into the same. The space in your living area will make a jail cell seem spacious.

Leave your sleeping quarters for breakfast, and the mess decks, as they are called, will be packed with other sailors eating scrambled eggs. You start your day with a formation, standing close to others in your division. Then off to your work center with less, but still many, other sailors in your specialty rating. The closest you will have to any privacy will be the thin metal wall between you and the toilet stall next to you.

5Hunting Submarines Is Difficult

Destroyers are multi-warfare platforms. They can shoot down missiles and aircraft in the sky, sink other vessels on the surface, and submarines under the sea. The catch is that of all these warfare areas, destroying a sub is the hardest. Unlike the movies where ships go running about pinging their sonar attempting to get a sound echo off of the hull of the sub, it is more about listening.

Firstly, pinging the active sonar will broadcast your position to any submarine for miles around. Secondly, sound waves bend depending on the temperature and salinity of the water. Chances are you won’t find anything blaring out sound waves into the sea. Sonar operators rely on highly sensitive hydrophones to detect and analyze the noise a sub makes, and then motion analysis is used to determine its position. The navy’s passive sonar systems are state of the art and getting better all the time. The problem is that subs are getting quieter all the time. The acronym for Anti-Sub Warfare is ASW, but ask any sailor involved, and they will tell you it means Awfully Slow Warfare. Hunting subs is tedious, takes hours, and you often come up empty-handed. Just hope the enemy sub is having a hard time as well.[6]

4Shooting down Missiles Is Terrifying

While sub hunting is long and boring, Anti-Air Warfare is a fast and furious few minutes that can be mind numbingly terrifying. Sensors can detect aircraft flying at altitude hundreds of miles away. But most anti-ship cruise missiles hug the surface of the ocean, often screaming in at less than 100 feet (30 m) above the water. The curvature of the earth makes detection via radar limited to around 30 miles (48 km).[7] The most probable first clue that a missile is coming to put you on the bottom of the sea is the sound of the anti-ship cruise missile alarm.

With many types of anti-ship missiles flying in excess of twice the speed of sound, you will get about a minute to detect, track, and launch your missiles against the threat. It is the exact opposite of hunting submarines. Missile to missile engagements are over in minutes; minutes filled with stark terror.

3You Will Be “That Sailor”

Most youngsters join the navy with good intentions. They intend to be the nation’s best ambassador while visiting foreign ports, enjoying local cuisine, culture, and sights. No one thinks he or she will be the “drunken sailor” that everyone who has lived in a coastal port has stories about and causes mothers to keep their daughters locked inside. That would never be you, would it?

Now imagine that for well over a month you have been trapped on a 500-foot (150 m) long piece of steel with over 300 people. Eating crappy food, getting little sleep, and denied any sort of alcohol or the company of the opposite gender (while warships have mixed crews today, fraternization of any sort is strictly forbidden). Now your destroyer pulls into an exotic port for four days. One of those days you are on the duty roster and cannot leave the ship. You now have three days to blow off a month’s worth of steam. Now factor in that the average age of US Navy sailors is 20.[8] Many are younger. At some point during your tour, you will be “that sailor.”

2The Food Is Better Than You Think, but It Still Sucks

Navy chow has come a long way in the past decades. Previously, those that cook the meals were aptly called Mess Management Specialists (because cafeterias on ships are called mess decks), and the navy ran its own schools. After over a century of sailors complaining about shipboard food, the navy and other services joined forces and now operate a joint culinary school.[9]Mess Specialists even changed their name to Culinary Specialist. It worked. Shipboard food improved greatly.

Despite a marked increase in skills, the ship’s cooks can only work with what they have. Freezer and refrigerator space is limited, as is the ability to replenish supplies. Understandably, the navy often opts for canned or non-perishable goods over fresh. Fresh fruit and vegetables become in short supply after about a week at sea. As does real milk. You will quickly discover breakfast is the best meal of the day. It’s hard to screw up eggs, even powdered ones.

1Everyone Is a Firefighter

When your house is on fire it can be a harrowing experience. If the fire gets out of control, you will have to run outside and watch your home burn to the ground. On a destroyer at sea, if your house is on fire you have no place to run. Either you fight the fire and win, or you end up adrift in the ocean, in a lifeboat if you are lucky.

It is those circumstances that require all hands, from the captain to the lowest seaman, to become trained firefighters. Everyone stationed aboard a ship attends mandatory shipboard firefighting school where they learn how to use the ship’s damage control equipment.[10] Remembering that the entire ship is full of fuel and ammunition provides an extra incentive to pay attention in class.