Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Profiting From Freebie Seekers?


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The goal of email marketing is to build a mailing list comprised of the most responsive buyers.  Unfortunately, this is rarely a reality.  Most lists are largely comprised of freebie seekers who, if they are not utilized correctly, can cost you time and money.  The key is understanding how you can still make money from a list that is full of freebie seekers.

Many experts will tell you that over time, you can build a relationship with your list subscribers and turn almost every freebie seeker into a buyer. And the experts are right. Your long term aim should be to develop a relationship based on trust and recognition with every single name on your mailing list.

Nevertheless, that should not stop you from profiting in the short term. You see, freebie seekers are one thing: predictable.  If you offer them something for free, they are likely to take it.  The key to profitable email marketing campaign is to find ways to profit from their freebie seeking nature.

1.    Send Them to the Right Place

If your list is full of freebie seekers, why not send them to a page that is monetized correctly.  Instead of posting all of your content inside your email, post just enough content to wet their appetite.  Then include a link to a page that has adsense ads.  If you don’t want to clutter your page with adsense or other PPC publisher alternatives, then you can sell ad space.  Your page will have a lot viewers from your list and you can monetize that by selling ad space.  In short, send the freebie seekers to a place where you can make some money from them, even without them making a purchase.

Additionally, since they have followed a link away from your email, they can no longer unsubscribe so you can send them a follow up email. Also the fact that they clicked the link suggests that they have found your email message worth reading and useful. Again, they will be less likely to unsubscribe when they receive your email follow up.

2.    Lead Generation

There are many other list owners or other lead generation options that can make your email marketing campaign profitable.  In this case, you can introduce your freebie seekers to a promotion that is offering something for free.  When your freebie seekers sign up, you get paid for every lead that you create.  While you will often get only a few dollars per lead, this can quickly add up.

3.    Domain Flipping

This is a tactic that is rarely used, but can be quite successful.  One of the keys to domain or website flipping is having a domain that has a good source of traffic.  You can set up a website that offers a free ebook, it can even be a free ebook that you were going to give to your list anyways.  By doing this several times over the period of a month or two, your website traffic can skyrocket.  You can then sell your domain for a higher price.  Most domain/website auction sites require 30, 60, or 90 days of traffic history, so plan accordingly.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, even with a list full of freebie seekers.  The key is to utilize the predictability of freebie seekers to profit from them.  Once you have done this, your email marketing campaign can be much more successful and profitable.


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