Get The Most From Google Adwords!

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Since the past decade the Internet has become a very important medium for marketing products and services. There are loads of ways to market a product online such as via search engine marketing, article marketing, social media networking and so on. While all of these  options are excellent marketing strategies that can be done with little or no marketing budget, they do require time and effort before they can start yielding results.

A far more effective marketing strategy for an online businesses in a hurry to get off the ground is by using Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a program started by Google to help clients draw traffic to their websites while charging them for each visitor. To put it in a nutshell – A client pays Google for the exposure the ad gets on Google’s search engine.

However, to ensure that the investment made in using Google Adwords does not go to waste, you need to effectively utilize all the tools available to optimize Google Adwords as per your needs.

So where do you start?

The first step in setting up an Adwords marketing strategy is finding and listing relevant keywords. We all know that Google works on the concept of keywords and the same is true for Google Adwords.

So let’s suppose you’ve got a website that sells exotic teas, the most relevant keyword would be “tea”. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Tea being such a popular keyword gets bid on by a lot of other competitors which can increase the cost per click. So, choosing a niche keyword would be a better idea.

To start with it would reduce the overall cost of the marketing campaign. Subsequently, you would be able to drive some niche and good quality traffic to your website.

Creating a list of keywords  may require a lot of brainstorming but keep going until you have around 100 or so various keyword options.

Once you have drawn up a list of keywords , the next step is to figure out what exactly you’re looking for, to get out of Google Adwords. For instance, if you’re focusing on direct sales, you need to have a secure e-commerce system in place, including good quality content on your website. Without giving the content on your website the due attention it needs, you can never hope to succeed with Google Adwords.

Signing up with Google Adwords require specifying the daily budget, the language and various other facets related to it. Once you’ve signed up with Google Adwords, you need to make use of the conversion tracking resources to keep a check on the success ratio of your campaigns.

Conversion rate measures the number leads generated with the help of using Google Adwords against ones which actually bring in some revenue. You’ll have to go through the Google Adwords documentation campaign to understand the ins and outs of conversion rate.

Another great tool for checking the progress of your Google Adwords program is the Google analytics tool. It lets you gauge user-response to a website and the list of keywords which attract the maximum traffic. In addition to these tools, you may constantly need to review and upgrade the ad copy in order to reap richer benefits.

So, using Google Adwords does require some effort on your part, like those other methods of marketing I mentioned at the beginning of this article… But if you pay attention to all these nuances related to using Google Adwords, you will be able to generate a lot of precisely targeted traffic to your website in a much shorter space of time.


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