Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy For Offline Business Development

Have you ever thought about corporate internet marketing strategy? With the attention that ?offline gold? and ?cash cow? kinds of techniques have received lately, it is worth thinking about the differences between what an internet marketer who is selling ebooks and affiliate products does and what a bricks and mortar business needs on the internet. Hence, this article on corporate internet marketing strategy.

When you are selling an ebook, you may be hiding behind a pen name. You will rarely meet the people who you sell the products to in person. The anonymity of the internet is one of the reasons that many marketers get into this business.

A bricks and mortar business, on the other hand, needs a sophisticated corporate internet marketing strategy. They actually provide the services or products to their customers. They may even know their customers by name. The things we as internet marketers do to generate sales don?t always work offline.

For instance, we have heard over and over things like ?it doesn?t have to be perfect, just get it up there,? and ?you?re 10th grade English teacher doesn?t have to approve the article, just get it done.? With businesses, though, these things do matter. You may even have to sacrifice SEO best practices to help the company preserve their corporate image.

Speaking of corporate image, corporate internet marketing strategy demands that we think about how ?pretty? a web page is. As online marketers, we know that some things distract from the sales process. Often ?ugly? pages are the most effective. But, because businesses worry about both branding and Return on Investment, there is a balance to be considered with offline businesses.

Finally, most offline businesspeople have to work in their businesses and they don?t have time to learn about all of this ?internet marketing stuff.? When you suggest to them that they add an ?autoresponder,? they?ll look at you with a blank face. You have to explain things quickly and in language they can understand. Many of these business owners will have rarely surfed the internet themselves and have no idea what can and cannot be done. They?ve been told that they have to have a website in today?s economy, so they hire you. They don?t know what Search Engine Optimization is, and if you try to explain it, they still won?t get it. To some extent, you have to ask them to trust you to make the decisions as to what corporate internet marketing strategy to pursue.

In sum, you should know that building an online business and making a business of building websites for businesses are somewhat different animals. As such, there are specific things you have to learn about corporate internet marketing strategy.


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